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Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 41.880862, Longitude: -70.881531


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Lucy  12 Nov 1821Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130816 Churchill 
2 Bennett, Isaac  7 Jan 1703Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I368 Churchill 
3 Bennett, Isaac  16 May 1733Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I27814 Churchill 
4 Bennett, Isaac  1759Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86023 Churchill 
5 Bennett, Jedediah  5 May 1745Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I85977 Churchill 
6 Bennett, Joseph  31 Jan 1740Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I85975 Churchill 
7 Bennett, Mary  6 Jan 1748Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I85978 Churchill 
8 Bennett, Nathan  14 Jun 1742Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I85976 Churchill 
9 Bennett, Susanna  10 Jul 1707Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I30790 Churchill 
10 Bennett, Susanna  22 Mar 1735Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I85974 Churchill 
11 Bent, Abiah  Abt 1778Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99244 Churchill 
12 Bent, Alice  16 Jan 1734Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25681 Churchill 
13 Bent, Bethia  19 Feb 1797Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99565 Churchill 
14 Bent, Caroline Janet  30 Apr 1854Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99589 Churchill 
15 Bent, Ebenezer  10 Oct 1809Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99572 Churchill 
16 Bent, Eunice  13 Nov 1810Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99584 Churchill 
17 Bent, Everett  3 Dec 1807Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99571 Churchill 
18 Bent, Experience  Abt 1764Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99525 Churchill 
19 Bent, Experience  28 May 1803Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99569 Churchill 
20 Bent, Fannie Augusta  1 Oct 1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99590 Churchill 
21 Bent, Francis  10 Mar 1754Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25678 Churchill 
22 Bent, Hannah  Abt 1758Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25677 Churchill 
23 Bent, Jemima  17 Jan 1781Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99245 Churchill 
24 Bent, John  27 Feb 1732Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25680 Churchill 
25 Bent, John  Feb 1763Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99486 Churchill 
26 Bent, John  30 May 1799Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99567 Churchill 
27 Bent, Joseph  6 Jan 1736Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25682 Churchill 
28 Bent, Lucy Morse  25 Dec 1813Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99583 Churchill 
29 Bent, Luther  7 Jan 1812Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99573 Churchill 
30 Bent, Lydia  27 Mar 1798Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99566 Churchill 
31 Bent, Mary Sampson  23 Apr 1849Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99588 Churchill 
32 Bent, Mercy  16 Feb 1775Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99243 Churchill 
33 Bent, Nancy  24 Jan 1795Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99564 Churchill 
34 Bent, Otis  12 May 1815Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99574 Churchill 
35 Bent, Otis  May 1816Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99575 Churchill 
36 Bent, Otis Winslow  5 Aug 1846Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99587 Churchill 
37 Bent, Salome  9 Mar 1801Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99568 Churchill 
38 Bent, Salome Maria  8 Jul 1843Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99586 Churchill 
39 Bent, Samuel  2 Apr 1791Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99563 Churchill 
40 Bent, William  1742Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25683 Churchill 
41 Bent, Winslow  19 Jul 1805Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99570 Churchill 
42 Bent, Zenas  Abt 1771Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99529 Churchill 
43 Bent, Zenas  28 Apr 1815Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99596 Churchill 
44 Churchill, Perez  15 Oct 1722Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2130 Churchill 
45 Drew, Abigail  1715Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I370 Churchill 
46 Drew, Cornelius  16 Oct 1791Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I145860 Churchill 
47 Drew, Elmer O.  1874Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130976 Churchill 
48 Drew, Jerusha  26 Aug 1778Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I145857 Churchill 
49 Drew, Jesse  17 Jul 1784Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I145859 Churchill 
50 Drew, Lawrence F.  1878Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130977 Churchill 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drew, John  2 Feb 1724Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I361 Churchill 
2 Drew, Thomas  2 Feb 1724Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I362 Churchill 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bent, Experience  6 Oct 1825Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99569 Churchill 
2 Bent, Jemima  30 Jul 1856Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99245 Churchill 
3 Bent, John  1806Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25680 Churchill 
4 Bent, John  14 Sep 1853Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99486 Churchill 
5 Bent, Joseph  13 Jan 1782Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25676 Churchill 
6 Bent, Otis  6 Sep 1815Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99574 Churchill 
7 Bent, Otis  1892Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99575 Churchill 
8 Bent, Otis Winslow  12 Feb 1858Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99587 Churchill 
9 Bent, William  11 Apr 1831Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25683 Churchill 
10 Covington, Sally  6 Feb 1853Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61050 Churchill 
11 Delano, Sarah  Aft 15 May 1746Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I303 Churchill 
12 Drew, Abigail  26 May 1726Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I370 Churchill 
13 Drew, John Elliot  Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I132618 Churchill 
14 Drew, Mary  2 Apr 1785Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I369 Churchill 
15 Ellis, Joel  21 Jun 1763Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9991 Churchill 
16 McMahon, James E.  15 Dec 1909Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98997 Churchill 
17 McMahon, William  2 Aug 1865Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101225 Churchill 
18 Morse, Charles Stevens  22 Jul 1814Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101215 Churchill 
19 Morse, Elijah  6 Nov 1831Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101216 Churchill 
20 Morse, Joseph  19 Apr 1853Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101187 Churchill 
21 Morse, Louisa  1 Mar 1804Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101191 Churchill 
22 Morse, Louisa  26 Mar 1832Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101214 Churchill 
23 Morse, Samuel  26 Oct 1836Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101209 Churchill 
24 Nickerson, Jane Howard  Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I146557 Churchill 
25 Sampson, Sarah  2 Dec 1829Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99239 Churchill 
26 Thomas, Louisa  15 Nov 1873Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99585 Churchill 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Covington, Thomas  Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61049 Churchill 
2 Drew, Abigail  Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I370 Churchill 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bryant, Jerusha  1790Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I277 Churchill 
2 Burt, Charity S.  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I43923 Churchill 
3 Drew, Adelia  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I881 Churchill 
4 Drew, Atwood Carver  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I454 Churchill 
5 Drew, Bathsheba  1790Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1278 Churchill 
6 Drew, Charlotte Rebecca  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I42875 Churchill 
7 Drew, Charlotte Rebecca  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I42875 Churchill 
8 Drew, Cornelius  1900Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144823 Churchill 
9 Drew, Edwin Ora  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I461 Churchill 
10 Drew, Elizabeth H.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130975 Churchill 
11 Drew, Elmer O.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130976 Churchill 
12 Drew, Frank E.  1900Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144835 Churchill 
13 Drew, Harold Washburn  1900Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144822 Churchill 
14 Drew, Lawrence F.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130977 Churchill 
15 Drew, Lewis G.  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I147598 Churchill 
16 Drew, Lothr C.  1900Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144834 Churchill 
17 Drew, Mrs. Hannah S.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130973 Churchill 
18 Drew, Mrs. Mary F.  1900Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144827 Churchill 
19 Drew, Sally Ann  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I217 Churchill 
20 Drew, Stephen  1790Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I271 Churchill 
21 Drew, Stephen  1790Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1336 Churchill 
22 Drew, Stephen A.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130974 Churchill 
23 Drew, Stephen D.  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I413 Churchill 
24 Drew, Stephen D.  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I880 Churchill 
25 Drew, Stephen D.  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I413 Churchill 
26 Drew, Stephen D.  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I880 Churchill 
27 Drew, Stephen D.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I413 Churchill 
28 Drew, Stephen D.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I880 Churchill 
29 Drew, Stephen D.  1900Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I880 Churchill 
30 Drew, Stephen D.  1910Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I880 Churchill 
31 McMahon, James E.  1900Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98997 Churchill 
32 Perkins, Almira A.  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130819 Churchill 
33 Perkins, Almira A.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130819 Churchill 
34 Perkins, David C.  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67351 Churchill 
35 Perkins, David C.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67351 Churchill 
36 Perkins, Edward G.  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67352 Churchill 
37 Perkins, Edward G.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67352 Churchill 
38 Perkins, Eliza Atwood  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130806 Churchill 
39 Perkins, Elnathan W.  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67348 Churchill 
40 Perkins, Elnathan W.  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67348 Churchill 
41 Perkins, Elnathan W.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67348 Churchill 
42 Perkins, Emily F.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130821 Churchill 
43 Perkins, Gilbert L.  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67347 Churchill 
44 Perkins, Joseph L.  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67349 Churchill 
45 Perkins, Joseph L.  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67349 Churchill 
46 Perkins, Lloyd  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130820 Churchill 
47 Perkins, Lloyd  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130820 Churchill 
48 Perkins, Lloyd  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130820 Churchill 
49 Tribbon, Fannie  1870Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I884 Churchill 
50 Tribbon, Fannie  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I884 Churchill 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Morse  Abt 3 Nov 1834Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37185 Churchill 
2 Bent / Morse  16 May 1753Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F11114 Churchill 
3 Bent / Thomas  30 Oct 1842Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36693 Churchill 
4 Burgess / Thomas  13 Oct 1839Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32388 Churchill 
5 Drew / Bennett  25 Jan 1728Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F299 Churchill 
6 Drew / Bryant  27 Nov 1777Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F251 Churchill 
7 Howland / Drew  2 May 1765Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32144 Churchill 
8 Kay / Morse  Abt 11 Aug 1827Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37184 Churchill 
9 McMahon / Pratt  16 May 1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36504 Churchill 
10 McMahon / Sampson  25 Dec 1894Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36503 Churchill 
11 Morse / Bent  Abt 12 Sep 1801Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37183 Churchill 
12 Morse / Perry  Abt 28 May 1825Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37179 Churchill 
13 Morse / Pratt  Abt 23 Oct 1842Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37189 Churchill 
14 Morse / Pratt  Abt 10 Dec 1843Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37188 Churchill 
15 Pierce / Morse  Abt 7 Jul 1833Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37181 Churchill 
16 Powers / Drew  20 Mar 1760Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32141 Churchill 
17 Pratt / Morse  14 Nov 1839Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37190 Churchill 
18 Sampson / Drew  15 Feb 1759Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32143 Churchill 
19 Sampson / Leonard  11 Nov 1852Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36479 Churchill 
20 Taber / Morse  Abt 5 Feb 1843Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F37182 Churchill 
21 Wright / Bent  23 Apr 1825Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36585 Churchill