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Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland


Tree: 7_families
County/Shire : Latitude: 57.4582362, Longitude: -2.8722306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Merson, John  Nov 1824Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085300 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Merson, John  23 Jun 1833Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085300 7_families 
2 Merson, William  10 Nov 1851Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I52458 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chalmers, Ann Isabella  1901Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085303 7_families 
2 Chalmers, James  1901Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085311 7_families 
3 Chalmers, William  1901Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085314 7_families 
4 Chalmers, Winifred M.  1901Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085313 7_families 
5 Logie, Mary  1851Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I17633 7_families 
6 McDonald, Ann  1891Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085306 7_families 
7 Merson, Jane  1851Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085298 7_families 
8 Merson, Jeannie Alexander  1891Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085301 7_families 
9 Merson, Jeannie Alexander  1901Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085301 7_families 
10 Merson, John  1891Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085309 7_families 
11 Merson, Margaret  1891Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085310 7_families 
12 Merson, William  1851Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085299 7_families 
13 Merson, William  1851Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I52458 7_families 
14 Merson, William  1891Millhill, Gartly, Banffshire, Scotland I53085299 7_families