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Monmouth, Warren, Illinois


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.91194, Longitude: -90.64214


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hatton, Mary Jane  6 Jun 1844Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I6165296 7_families 
2 Parker, Lucy Evilyn  13 Nov 1869Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I92826879 7_families 
3 Schrimp, Clarence Lincoln  30 Aug 1902Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I33874180 7_families 
4 Thornton, Earl  1912Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837124 7_families 
5 Thornton, Florence  1918Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837126 7_families 
6 Thornton, Lionel  3 Dec 1924Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837129 7_families 
7 Thornton, Olis  6 Apr 1926Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837130 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Matheny, Carrie  9 Jun 1939Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I14481191 7_families 
2 Thornton, Alpheus  Jun 1971Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837116 7_families 
3 Thornton, Lionel  11 Mar 2007Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837129 7_families 
4 Thornton, Olis  7 Apr 2006Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837130 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thornton, Adelbert M.  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837095 7_families 
2 Thornton, Adelbert M.  1920Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837095 7_families 
3 Thornton, Alpheus  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837116 7_families 
4 Thornton, Charles Leonard  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837114 7_families 
5 Thornton, Charles Leonard  1920Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837114 7_families 
6 Thornton, Charles Leonard  1930Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837114 7_families 
7 Thornton, Clara  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837122 7_families 
8 Thornton, Clara  1920Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837122 7_families 
9 Thornton, Earl  1920Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837124 7_families 
10 Thornton, Florence  1930Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837126 7_families 
11 Thornton, Fred  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837118 7_families 
12 Thornton, Gladys  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837120 7_families 
13 Thornton, Gladys  1920Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837120 7_families 
14 Thornton, Glen  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837123 7_families 
15 Thornton, Glen  1920Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837123 7_families 
16 Thornton, Harold Irvine  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837119 7_families 
17 Thornton, Harold Irvine  1920Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837119 7_families 
18 Thornton, Herbert  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837121 7_families 
19 Thornton, Herbert  1920Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837121 7_families 
20 Thornton, Lionel  1930Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837129 7_families 
21 Thornton, Mrs. Clara  1910Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837113 7_families 
22 Thornton, Mrs. Clara  1920Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837113 7_families 
23 Thornton, Mrs. Clara  1930Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837125 7_families 
24 Thornton, Olis  1930Monmouth, Warren, Illinois I31837130 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Thompson / Courson  23 Feb 1858Monmouth, Warren, Illinois F4633770 7_families