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Oakdale, Stanislaus, California


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 37.76839, Longitude: -120.84822


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axelrod, Eleanor Jeannette  10 Jun 1914Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10271424 7_families 
2 Cathie, Ruth  27 Mar 1914Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I84663294 7_families 
3 Gray, Alice May  4 Aug 1909Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98409 7_families 
4 Gray, Charles Newton  19 Oct 1895Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98405 7_families 
5 Gray, Newton Booth  9 Jun 1871Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98404 7_families 
6 Martin, Helen Mary  31 Jul 1915Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33874179 7_families 
7 McCormick, Daisy M.  19 Jan 1882Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10381 7_families 
8 McCormick, Lottie  26 Jul 1884Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10383 7_families 
9 McCormick, Scott Dibert  24 Jun 1883Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10382 7_families 
10 Rodden, Ada Viola  29 Sep 1890Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I123391 7_families 
11 Rodden, Charles Edward  May 1893Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I125950 7_families 
12 Rodden, James Drew  23 May 1908Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98403 7_families 
13 Rodden, Mary Louise  12 Jun 1892Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I125948 7_families 
14 Rodden, William Lindsay  18 Jun 1889Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98402 7_families 
15 Warfield, Lila Myrtle  25 Mar 1885Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33873711 7_families 
16 Warfield, Mary Bernice  2 Dec 1887Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33873712 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axelrod, Eleanor Jeannette  24 Sep 1979Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10271424 7_families 
2 Batson, Gordon Allen  14 Feb 1997Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I13428042 7_families 
3 Burger, Emma Louisa  17 Aug 1933Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I222 7_families 
4 Drew, Ada May  25 May 1951Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I224 7_families 
5 Martin, Fredrick James DDS  22 Sep 1954Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33873713 7_families 
6 Middleton, Nancy  25 Apr 1909Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I412145 7_families 
7 Rodden, Ada Viola  5 Dec 1975Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I123391 7_families 
8 Rodden, Jeffrey Edward  16 Jun 2005Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10117991 7_families 
9 Rodden, Sally Margaret  10 Oct 2001Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I13420766 7_families 
10 Sawyer, Verne Duncan  2 May 1985Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98410 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axelrod, Eleanor Jeannette  Sep 1979Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10271424 7_families 
2 Ditto, Elizabeth  Jul 1919Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33689891 7_families 
3 Drew, Ada May  May 1951Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I224 7_families 
4 Drew, Maud Alice  Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I226 7_families 
5 Farrar, Julia Elizabeth  Nov 1893Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I1651 7_families 
6 Gray, Alice May  Nov 2003Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98409 7_families 
7 Gray, Newton Booth  Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98404 7_families 
8 Middleton, Nancy  Apr 1909Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I412145 7_families 
9 Murtha, Daughter  Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I34003196 7_families 
10 Murtha, Richard Eugene  Nov 1914Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33699666 7_families 
11 Ornbaun, Cecil Muriel  Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I34177239 7_families 
12 Rodden, Ada Viola  8 Dec 1975Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I123391 7_families 
13 Rodden, Edward  5 Oct 1934Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I21432 7_families 
14 Rodden, Elizabeth  Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33695201 7_families 
15 Rodden, Gabriel Lindsay  Jul 1911Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33689890 7_families 
16 Rodden, Jeffrey Edward  Jun 2005Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10117991 7_families 
17 Rodden, Vernon Alfred  Jun 1987Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I34127739 7_families 
18 Rodden, William L.  Feb 1931Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33695197 7_families 
19 Sawyer, Verne Duncan  May 1985Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98410 7_families 
20 Woods, Dorothy M.  Nov 1925Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33695198 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Axelrod, Eleanor Jeannette  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10271424 7_families 
2 Axelrod, Eleanor Jeannette  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I10271424 7_families 
3 Bishop, Emily Dilman  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I125951 7_families 
4 Burger, Emma Louisa  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I222 7_families 
5 Ditto, Elizabeth  1900Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33689891 7_families 
6 Ditto, Elizabeth  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33689891 7_families 
7 Drew, Ada May  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I224 7_families 
8 Drew, Ada May  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I224 7_families 
9 Drew, Ada May  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I224 7_families 
10 Drew, Maud Alice  1900Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I226 7_families 
11 Drew, Maud Alice  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I226 7_families 
12 Drew, Maud Alice  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I226 7_families 
13 Drew, Maud Alice  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I226 7_families 
14 Gray, Alice May  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98409 7_families 
15 Gray, Charles Newton  1900Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98405 7_families 
16 Gray, Charles Newton  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98405 7_families 
17 Gray, Charles Newton  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98405 7_families 
18 Gray, Charles Newton  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98405 7_families 
19 Gray, Newton Booth  1900Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98404 7_families 
20 Gray, Newton Booth  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98404 7_families 
21 Gray, Newton Booth  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98404 7_families 
22 Gray, Newton Booth  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98404 7_families 
23 Martin, Fredrick James DDS  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33873713 7_families 
24 Martin, Fredrick James DDS  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33873713 7_families 
25 Martin, Fredrick James DDS  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33873713 7_families 
26 Martin, Helen Mary  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33874179 7_families 
27 Martin, Helen Mary  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33874179 7_families 
28 Martin, Jack Warfield  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33874182 7_families 
29 Martin, Jack Warfield  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33874182 7_families 
30 Ornbaun, Cecil Muriel  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I34177239 7_families 
31 Rodden, Ada Viola  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I123391 7_families 
32 Rodden, Ada Viola  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I123391 7_families 
33 Rodden, Ada Viola  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I123391 7_families 
34 Rodden, Charles Edward  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I125950 7_families 
35 Rodden, Edward  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I21432 7_families 
36 Rodden, Edward  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I21432 7_families 
37 Rodden, Edward  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I21432 7_families 
38 Rodden, Elizabeth  1900Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33695201 7_families 
39 Rodden, Gabriel Lindsay  1900Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33689890 7_families 
40 Rodden, Gabriel Lindsay  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33689890 7_families 
41 Rodden, James Drew  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98403 7_families 
42 Rodden, James Drew  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98403 7_families 
43 Rodden, James Drew  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98403 7_families 
44 Rodden, Mary Corum  1900Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33824210 7_families 
45 Rodden, Mary Corum  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33824210 7_families 
46 Rodden, Mary Corum  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I33824210 7_families 
47 Rodden, Mary Louise  1910Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I125948 7_families 
48 Rodden, Robert Ditto  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I124365 7_families 
49 Rodden, Robert Ditto  1930Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I124365 7_families 
50 Rodden, Vernon Alfred  1920Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I34127739 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rodden, Edward  1904Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I21432 7_families 
2 Sawyer, Verne Duncan  Oakdale, Stanislaus, California I98410 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Martin / Warfield  25 Nov 1909Oakdale, Stanislaus, California F11164947 7_families 
2 Warfield / Rodden  5 Jan 1881Oakdale, Stanislaus, California F11146708 7_families