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Pima, Graham, Arizona


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 32.890855, Longitude: -109.827231


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beal, Mable Mary  16 Oct 1911Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662875 7_families 
2 Cluff, Marie  4 Apr 1897Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816497 7_families 
3 Cole, Christopher Hinson  11 Jun 1910Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662871 7_families 
4 Follett, Alwilde  9 Sep 1896Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816566 7_families 
5 Follett, Francis  15 Jul 1898Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816568 7_families 
6 Follett, Franklin  15 Jul 1899Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816569 7_families 
7 Follett, Harvey Haws  6 Nov 1884Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816559 7_families 
8 Follett, Lavern  27 Jul 1891Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816564 7_families 
9 Follett, Leta  25 Apr 1894Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816565 7_families 
10 Haws, George Gilbert  31 Dec 1882Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816540 7_families 
11 Haws, Lillian Rebecca  18 Oct 1880Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816538 7_families 
12 Holladay, Lawrence Eugene  21 Jan 1894Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662869 7_families 
13 Holladay, Morse L.  15 Sep 1919Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662887 7_families 
14 Lines, Rowena  25 Sep 1898Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662886 7_families 
15 Merrill, Austin Smith  4 Sep 1891Pima, Graham, Arizona I56265891 7_families 
16 Roseberry, Earl Joseph  19 Oct 1919Pima, Graham, Arizona I43386849 7_families 
17 Sims, Albert John  15 Apr 1890Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662878 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cole, Robert  5 Sep 1928Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662872 7_families 
2 Follett, Francis  23 Sep 1898Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816568 7_families 
3 Follett, William Lamoni  4 Feb 1941Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816482 7_families 
4 Holladay, Charles Eugene  29 Aug 1895Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816478 7_families 
5 Merrill, Philemon Christopher  29 Oct 1897Pima, Graham, Arizona I15108213 7_families 
6 Mills, Barbara Belinda  30 Mar 1936Pima, Graham, Arizona I8890665 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beal, Mable Mary  2 Feb 1992Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662875 7_families 
2 Cole, Christopher Hinson  15 Jun 1992Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662871 7_families 
3 Cole, Robert  Sep 1928Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662872 7_families 
4 Haws, Mary Angelina (Ann)  May 1947Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816479 7_families 
5 Holladay, Charles Eugene  Pima, Graham, Arizona I14816478 7_families 
6 Holladay, Ethel Belinda  21 Dec 1960Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662867 7_families 
7 Holladay, Eugene  Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662888 7_families 
8 Holladay, Lawrence Eugene  22 Jan 1993Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662869 7_families 
9 Holladay, Spencer E.  Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662892 7_families 
10 Lines, Rowena  30 Dec 1992Pima, Graham, Arizona I44662886 7_families 
11 Merrill, Eliza Ann  6 Dec 1894Pima, Graham, Arizona I56265853 7_families 
12 Merrill, Horatio Harris  6 Dec 1894Pima, Graham, Arizona I6165127 7_families 
13 Merrill, Philemon Christopher  Oct 1897 ?Pima, Graham, Arizona I15108213 7_families 
14 Mills, Barbara Belinda  1 Apr 1936Pima, Graham, Arizona I8890665 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Sims / Holladay  29 Dec 1910Pima, Graham, Arizona F14830204 7_families