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Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: Burbank
City/Town : Latitude: 41.9584367, Longitude: -70.6672576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Jane Elizabeth  7 Apr 1839Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I10212 Burbank 
2 Atwood, Adoniram J.  27 Mar 1837Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17523 Burbank 
3 Atwood, Edward Winslow  22 Dec 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89072 Burbank 
4 Atwood, Emeline  19 Dec 1815Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126651 Burbank 
5 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  Oct 1830Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89070 Burbank 
6 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  27 Mar 1839Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17524 Burbank 
7 Atwood, Harriet Elizabeth  22 Feb 1839Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89073 Burbank 
8 Atwood, Helen C.  10 Sep 1859Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89068 Burbank 
9 Atwood, James Morton  26 Feb 1841Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89074 Burbank 
10 Atwood, John  30 Sep 1778Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156186 Burbank 
11 Atwood, John  9 Oct 1804Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Burbank 
12 Atwood, John Murray  Dec 1832Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126638 Burbank 
13 Atwood, John Murray  4 Jun 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17520 Burbank 
14 Atwood, Miranda B.  1841Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17521 Burbank 
15 Atwood, Morton Field  1 Jun 1901Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89079 Burbank 
16 Atwood, Nancy  25 Oct 1804Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126650 Burbank 
17 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  12 Feb 1829Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Burbank 
18 Atwood, Paulina W.  21 Mar 1845Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17522 Burbank 
19 Atwood, William  7 Apr 1811Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1962 Burbank 
20 Atwood, William Franklin  26 Jul 1867Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89076 Burbank 
21 Atwood, William W.  19 Sep 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I44821 Burbank 
22 Barnes, Helen  1 Sep 1838Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17530 Burbank 
23 Bradford, Lucy Gibbs  Abt 1818Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178248 Burbank 
24 Bradford, Mary Ann  1842Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178251 Burbank 
25 Bradford, Samuel  27 Sep 1788Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1931 Burbank 
26 Bradford, Samuel  Jun 1824Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178249 Burbank 
27 Bradford, Samuel  Oct 1828Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178250 Burbank 
28 Brewster, Caroline  18 Nov 1820Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67048 Burbank 
29 Brewster, Deborah Ney  7 Jan 1824Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67049 Burbank 
30 Brewster, Eleanor  18 Feb 1818Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67047 Burbank 
31 Brewster, Eveline  30 Mar 1828Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67050 Burbank 
32 Brewster, Martin  19 Oct 1833Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67051 Burbank 
33 Bugbee, Aurina  1833Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17526 Burbank 
34 Burbank, David  1 Apr 1750Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2341 Burbank 
35 Burbank, Ezra  20 Feb 1738Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2337 Burbank 
36 Burbank, Ezra  1764Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2787 Burbank 
37 Burbank, Hannah  21 Oct 1740Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2338 Burbank 
38 Burbank, Isaac  22 Dec 1733Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2335 Burbank 
39 Burbank, Joanna  Aft 1777Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2794 Burbank 
40 Burbank, John  1770Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2790 Burbank 
41 Burbank, Joseph  22 May 1743Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2339 Burbank 
42 Burbank, Lucy  4 May 1745Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I68 Burbank 
43 Burbank, Mary  24 Jul 1730Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1707 Burbank 
44 Burbank, Mary  1772Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2791 Burbank 
45 Burbank, Mercy  17 Mar 1748Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2340 Burbank 
46 Burbank, Nehemiah  1777Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2793 Burbank 
47 Burbank, Priscilla  1766Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2788 Burbank 
48 Burbank, Rebecca  19 Feb 1736Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2336 Burbank 
49 Burbank, Samuel  1774Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2792 Burbank 
50 Burbank, Stephen Mason  11 Mar 1798Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143933 Burbank 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, John  14 Jul 1782Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156186 Burbank 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Edward Winslow  12 Mar 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89072 Burbank 
2 Atwood, Emeline  16 Jan 1819Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126651 Burbank 
3 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  4 Sep 1832Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89070 Burbank 
4 Atwood, Harriet Elizabeth  29 Jun 1842Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89073 Burbank 
5 Atwood, John  6 Feb 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156186 Burbank 
6 Atwood, John  1 Feb 1886Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Burbank 
7 Atwood, John Murray  13 Apr 1834Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126638 Burbank 
8 Atwood, Morton Field  27 Feb 1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89079 Burbank 
9 Atwood, Nancy  7 Sep 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1965 Burbank 
10 Atwood, Nancy  21 Aug 1809Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126650 Burbank 
11 Atwood, Paulina W.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17522 Burbank 
12 Atwood, Paulina W.  18 Aug 1844Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95250 Burbank 
13 Atwood, William  11 Jul 1887Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1962 Burbank 
14 Atwood, William W.  28 Sep 1848Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I44821 Burbank 
15 Bradford, Samuel  13 Sep 1826Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178249 Burbank 
16 Bradford, Samuel  4 Jul 1875Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1931 Burbank 
17 Bradford, Samuel  10 Jan 1913Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178250 Burbank 
18 Brewster, Caroline  30 Mar 1897Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67048 Burbank 
19 Brewster, Deborah Ney  Oct 1848Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67049 Burbank 
20 Brewster, Eleanor  7 Aug 1844Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67047 Burbank 
21 Burbank, Lucy  5 Dec 1821Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I68 Burbank 
22 Burbank, Timothy  13 Oct 1793Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1929 Burbank 
23 Burgess, Anna Tribble  9 Feb 1852Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18 Burbank 
24 Burgess, James  28 Feb 1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131532 Burbank 
25 Burgess, James Curtis  11 Mar 1855Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131614 Burbank 
26 Churchill, Daniel  2 Mar 1855Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1921 Burbank 
27 Churchill, Eleanor  3 Oct 1792Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1926 Burbank 
28 Churchill, Elizabeth  1856Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1928 Burbank 
29 Churchill, Heman  1 Oct 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143853 Burbank 
30 Churchill, Heman  6 arp 1808Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143855 Burbank 
31 Churchill, Heman  22 Nov 1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1920 Burbank 
32 Churchill, Jane  26 Apr 1812Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143856 Burbank 
33 Churchill, Lemuel  1 Oct 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143846 Burbank 
34 Churchill, Lois Collins  14 Aug 1806Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143893 Burbank 
35 Churchill, Nancy  3 Dec 1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1925 Burbank 
36 Churchill, Sally  16 Aug 1801Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143888 Burbank 
37 Churchill, Sally  19 May 1864Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Burbank 
38 Churchill, Captain Stephen  7 Sep 1825Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67 Burbank 
39 Churchill, Winslow Bradford  12 Apr 1820Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143918 Burbank 
40 Collins, Sarah  3 Nov 1836Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1942 Burbank 
41 Cote, Marie Hazel  28 Jun 1993Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I175371 Burbank 
42 Dickson, Calvin Luther  31 Jan 1914Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I175408 Burbank 
43 Dixon, Sarah P.  2 Jun 1889Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I237 Burbank 
44 Drew, Charles Henry  11 Jul 1843Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1281 Burbank 
45 Drew, David  15 Apr 1825Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I33 Burbank 
46 Drew, David  13 Dec 1902Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17 Burbank 
47 Drew, Ellis  4 May 1894Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I232 Burbank 
48 Drew, Florence Mayhew  1930Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I221 Burbank 
49 Drew, Harrison Warren  11 Apr 1908Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I217 Burbank 
50 Drew, Lucinda  29 Jul 1807Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I233 Burbank 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ella C.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126639 Burbank 
2 Lucy H.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126002 Burbank 
3 Atwood, Edward Winslow  14 Mar 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89072 Burbank 
4 Atwood, Emeline  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126651 Burbank 
5 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89070 Burbank 
6 Atwood, James Morton  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89074 Burbank 
7 Atwood, John  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Burbank 
8 Atwood, John  Feb 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156186 Burbank 
9 Atwood, John Murray  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17520 Burbank 
10 Atwood, John Murray  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126638 Burbank 
11 Atwood, Nancy  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126650 Burbank 
12 Atwood, Nancy  Sep 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1965 Burbank 
13 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Burbank 
14 Atwood, William  Jul 1887Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1962 Burbank 
15 Atwood, William Bradford  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89080 Burbank 
16 Atwood, William Franklin  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89076 Burbank 
17 Barnes, Helen  11 Jun 1911Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17530 Burbank 
18 Bugbee, Aurina  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17526 Burbank 
19 Burbank, Timothy  Oct 1793Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1929 Burbank 
20 Burgess, Anna Tribble  Feb 1852Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18 Burbank 
21 Churchill, Daniel  Mar 1855Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1921 Burbank 
22 Churchill, Eleanor  Oct 1792Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1926 Burbank 
23 Churchill, Nancy  Dec 1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1925 Burbank 
24 Churchill, Sally  May 1864Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Burbank 
25 Dixon, Sarah P.  Jun 1889Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I237 Burbank 
26 Drew, Austin Russell  Aug 1877Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I219 Burbank 
27 Drew, Charles Henry  Jul 1843Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1281 Burbank 
28 Drew, David  Apr 1825Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I33 Burbank 
29 Drew, David  Dec 1902Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17 Burbank 
30 Drew, Ellis  May 1894Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I232 Burbank 
31 Drew, Florence Mayhew  1930Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I221 Burbank 
32 Drew, Harrison Warren  Apr 1908Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I217 Burbank 
33 Drew, Lucinda  Jul 1807Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I233 Burbank 
34 Drew, Lucinda Thomas  Dec 1853Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I10245 Burbank 
35 Drew, Lucinda Thomas  Nov 1862Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I10215 Burbank 
36 Drew, Sally Ann  22 Mar 1913Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I218 Burbank 
37 Drew, Sarah  Jan 1869Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I231 Burbank 
38 Drew, Solomon  Apr 1813Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22959 Burbank 
39 Drew, Solomon Augustus  Feb 1821Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I235 Burbank 
40 Drew, William Thomas  Nov 1861Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I234 Burbank 
41 Field, Helen M.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89075 Burbank 
42 Gledhill, Amy Eugenia  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89077 Burbank 
43 Kempton, Mary  Jan 1771Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2342 Burbank 
44 Morton, Harriet  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89071 Burbank 
45 Perry, Lewis  Oct 1876Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I236 Burbank 
46 Soule, George Frederick  1922Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I230 Burbank 
47 Thomas, Georgianna  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89083 Burbank 
48 Tribble, Arthur Lee  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126001 Burbank 
49 Tribble, Caroline  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I863 Burbank 
50 Tribble, Carrie C.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126640 Burbank 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lucy H.  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126002 Burbank 
2 Atwood, Adoniram J.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17523 Burbank 
3 Atwood, Helen C.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89068 Burbank 
4 Atwood, John  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Burbank 
5 Atwood, John  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I156186 Burbank 
6 Atwood, John Murray  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17520 Burbank 
7 Atwood, Miranda B.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17521 Burbank 
8 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Burbank 
9 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Burbank 
10 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Burbank 
11 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Burbank 
12 Atwood, Paulina W.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17522 Burbank 
13 Barnes, Helen  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17530 Burbank 
14 Bradford, Mary Ann  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178251 Burbank 
15 Bradford, Mary Ann  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178251 Burbank 
16 Bradford, Samuel  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1931 Burbank 
17 Bradford, Samuel  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178250 Burbank 
18 Bradford, Samuel  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1931 Burbank 
19 Bradford, Samuel  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178250 Burbank 
20 Bradford, Samuel  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1931 Burbank 
21 Bradford, Samuel  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I178250 Burbank 
22 Burbank, Lucy  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I68 Burbank 
23 Burgess, Anna Tribble  1810Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18 Burbank 
24 Burgess, Anna Tribble  1820Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18 Burbank 
25 Burgess, Anna Tribble  1830Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18 Burbank 
26 Burgess, Anna Tribble  1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18 Burbank 
27 Burgess, Anna Tribble  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18 Burbank 
28 Burgess, Elizabeth James  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131612 Burbank 
29 Burgess, George Augustus  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131613 Burbank 
30 Burgess, George Augustus  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131613 Burbank 
31 Burgess, James  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131532 Burbank 
32 Churchill, Daniel  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1921 Burbank 
33 Churchill, Eleanor  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1926 Burbank 
34 Churchill, Elizabeth  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1928 Burbank 
35 Churchill, Hannah  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1923 Burbank 
36 Churchill, Heman  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1920 Burbank 
37 Churchill, Heman  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143914 Burbank 
38 Churchill, Mariah  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1924 Burbank 
39 Churchill, Nancy  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1925 Burbank 
40 Churchill, Nancy  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1925 Burbank 
41 Churchill, Otis  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1922 Burbank 
42 Churchill, Peleg  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1919 Burbank 
43 Churchill, Polly  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1927 Burbank 
44 Churchill, Sally  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Burbank 
45 Churchill, Sally  1810Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Burbank 
46 Churchill, Sally  1820Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Burbank 
47 Churchill, Sally  1830Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Burbank 
48 Churchill, Sally  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Burbank 
49 Churchill, Sally  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Burbank 
50 Churchill, Captain Stephen  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67 Burbank 

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Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID   Tree 
1 Churchill, Captain Stephen  1774-1781Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67 Burbank 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Churchill, Otis  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143882 Burbank 
2 Churchill, William  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143880 Burbank 
3 Churchill, William  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143880 Burbank 
4 Drew, Austin Russell  1860-1872Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I219 Burbank 
5 Drew, David  1830-1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17 Burbank 
6 Drew, Ellis  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I232 Burbank 
7 Drew, Harrison Warren  1855-1908Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I217 Burbank 
8 Soule, George Frederick  1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I230 Burbank 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drew, David  1840-1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17 Burbank 
2 Drew, Ellis  1890-1893Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I232 Burbank 
3 Drew, Florence Mayhew  Abt 1910 - to her deathPlymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I221 Burbank 
4 Drew, Harrison Warren  1890-1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I217 Burbank 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   1809Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F557 Burbank 
2 / Burbank  16 Mar 1758Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F44883 Burbank 
3 Atwood / Bugbee  23 Dec 1866Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7825 Burbank 
4 Atwood / Churchill  3 Nov 1799Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1050 Burbank 
5 Atwood / Field  28 Jun 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33013 Burbank 
6 Atwood / Morton  Abt 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1056 Burbank 
7 Atwood / Thomas  3 Nov 1859Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33012 Burbank 
8 Bradford / Gibbs  27 Sep 1817Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52400 Burbank 
9 Burbank / Bradford  23 Jul 1823Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52402 Burbank 
10 Burbank / Drew  1792Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F53311 Burbank 
11 Burbank / Holmes  10 Apr 1767Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1269 Burbank 
12 Burbank / Kempton  12 Dec 1728Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F81 Burbank 
13 Burbank / Savory  11 Nov 1762Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1268 Burbank 
14 Burgess / Robbins  11 Nov 1831Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1060 Burbank 
15 Churchill / Burbank  10 Jul 1766Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F44 Burbank 
16 Churchill / Churchill  1 Jan 1795Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1045 Burbank 
17 Churchill / Collins  12 Nov 1797Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1046 Burbank 
18 Cobb / Robbins  18 Oct 1898Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63868 Burbank 
19 Covington / Shaw  18 Mar 1858Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63372 Burbank 
20 Dickson / Churchill  1 Oct 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1051 Burbank 
21 Douglas / Robbins  2 Dec 1897Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63864 Burbank 
22 Drew / Allen  28 Nov 1871Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F221 Burbank 
23 Drew / Burgess  16 Oct 1831Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F14 Burbank 
24 Drew / Churchill  30 Jan 1803Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F23 Burbank 
25 Drew / Dixon  11 May 1828Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F228 Burbank 
26 Drew / Drew  15 Dec 1833Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F229 Burbank 
27 Drew / Tribble  8 Nov 1853Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F22 Burbank 
28 Dunton / Bartlett  1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63879 Burbank 
29 Gallsgher / Robbins  3 Jan 1895Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63863 Burbank 
30 Gorham / Burbank  15 Nov 1760Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F44878 Burbank 
31 Harlow / Churchill  15 Apr 1796Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1048 Burbank 
32 Harris / Atwood  13 Apr 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7826 Burbank 
33 Holmes / Atwood  26 Dec 1830Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1058 Burbank 
34 Holmes / Bradford  13 Aug 1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F65020 Burbank 
35 Leach / Churchill  1830Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F26385 Burbank 
36 Perkins / Manter  3 Dec 1878Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63873 Burbank 
37 Perkins / Robbins  14 Jun 1856Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63871 Burbank 
38 Perry / Drew  24 Oct 1824Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F227 Burbank 
39 Pierce / Atwood  1 May 1842Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1057 Burbank 
40 Randall / Churchill  1819Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52379 Burbank 
41 Robbins / Cote  1929Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63867 Burbank 
42 Robbins / Eddy  2 Feb 1861Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63856 Burbank 
43 Robbins / Holmes  25 Nov 1862Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63855 Burbank 
44 Robbins / Simpson  1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63866 Burbank 
45 Robbins / Turner  23 Oct 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1061 Burbank 
46 Ryder / Churchill  14 Aug 1831Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52392 Burbank 
47 Shaw / Churchill  14 Oct 1798Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1049 Burbank 
48 Shaw / Sampson  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63373 Burbank 
49 Simmons / Atwood  29 Oct 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7827 Burbank 
50 Wall / Wirzburger  9 Jan 1901Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63860 Burbank 

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