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Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 41.958333, Longitude: -70.667778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Asenath  1750Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57509 Churchill 
2 Elizabeth  1766Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57640 Churchill 
3 Adams, James A.  1849Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137408 Churchill 
4 Adams, John L.  1855Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137409 Churchill 
5 Adams, Sophia L.  1853Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86790 Churchill 
6 Allen, Susan Harvey  1807Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I702 Churchill 
7 Atwood, Abigail  18 Apr 1745Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2534 Churchill 
8 Atwood, Adoniram J.  27 Mar 1837Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17522 Churchill 
9 Atwood, Charles  Abt 1841Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89098 Churchill 
10 Atwood, Daughter  20 Aug 1849Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89102 Churchill 
11 Atwood, Deborah  Abt 1772Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17510 Churchill 
12 Atwood, Edward Winslow  22 Dec 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89071 Churchill 
13 Atwood, Eldon Russell  12 Apr 1855Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89105 Churchill 
14 Atwood, Elijah  20 Jul 1743Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2533 Churchill 
15 Atwood, Elizabeth  1753Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I65 Churchill 
16 Atwood, Emeline  19 Dec 1815Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126650 Churchill 
17 Atwood, Emma F.  17 Oct 1857Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89106 Churchill 
18 Atwood, George  2 Sep 1741Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2532 Churchill 
19 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  Oct 1830Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89069 Churchill 
20 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  27 Mar 1839Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17523 Churchill 
21 Atwood, Harriet Elizabeth  22 Feb 1839Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89072 Churchill 
22 Atwood, Helen C.  10 Sep 1859Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89067 Churchill 
23 Atwood, James Morton  26 Feb 1841Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89073 Churchill 
24 Atwood, John  10 Feb 1713Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2514 Churchill 
25 Atwood, John  11 Aug 1739Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2531 Churchill 
26 Atwood, John  30 Sep 1778Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1959 Churchill 
27 Atwood, John  9 Oct 1804Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1960 Churchill 
28 Atwood, John Murray  Dec 1832Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126637 Churchill 
29 Atwood, John Murray  4 Jun 1835Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Churchill 
30 Atwood, Laura Ann  28 May 1853Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89103 Churchill 
31 Atwood, Martha B.  1 Mar 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89107 Churchill 
32 Atwood, Mary  Abt 1755Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2538 Churchill 
33 Atwood, Mary E.  Mar 1845Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89100 Churchill 
34 Atwood, Mary E.  25 Jun 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89101 Churchill 
35 Atwood, Mary Wait  Abt 1805Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89398 Churchill 
36 Atwood, Micah  14 Apr 1747Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2535 Churchill 
37 Atwood, Miranda B.  1841Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17520 Churchill 
38 Atwood, Morton Field  1 Jun 1901Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89078 Churchill 
39 Atwood, Nancy  25 Oct 1804Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126649 Churchill 
40 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  12 Feb 1829Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Churchill 
41 Atwood, Paulina W.  21 Mar 1845Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17521 Churchill 
42 Atwood, Rebecca  22 Jun 1737Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2530 Churchill 
43 Atwood, Robert W.  28 May 1853Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89104 Churchill 
44 Atwood, Sarah  6 Apr 1751Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2537 Churchill 
45 Atwood, Sarah  Abt 1774Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17511 Churchill 
46 Atwood, Thomas Churchill  22 Apr 1815Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89092 Churchill 
47 Atwood, William  19 Feb 1749Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2536 Churchill 
48 Atwood, William  Abt 1806Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89088 Churchill 
49 Atwood, William  7 Apr 1811Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Churchill 
50 Atwood, William Franklin  26 Jul 1867Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89075 Churchill 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Churchill, Amaziah  20 Aug 1728Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2087 Churchill 
2 Churchill, Benjamin  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1991 Churchill 
3 Churchill, Elkanah  20 Aug 1728Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2089 Churchill 
4 Churchill, Ephraim  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I112 Churchill 
5 Churchill, Mariah  20 Aug 1728Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2088 Churchill 
6 Churchill, Nathaniel  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1988 Churchill 
7 Churchill, Nathaniel  9 Apr 1748Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I143748 Churchill 
8 Churchill, Sarah  1 Sep 1728Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2078 Churchill 
9 Churchill, Stephen  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1974 Churchill 
10 Churchill, Thomas  7 Jun 1730Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2068 Churchill 
11 Churchill, Zacheus  11 Sep 1726Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1990 Churchill 
12 Drew, Desire  22 Sep 1776Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I484 Churchill 
13 Drew, Elizabeth  27 Jun 1773Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I328 Churchill 
14 Drew, George  24 Aug 1777Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I330 Churchill 
15 Drew, Isaac Joseph  22 Aug 1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I335 Churchill 
16 Drew, James  5 Sep 1773Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I576 Churchill 
17 Drew, James  28 Jan 1781Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I590 Churchill 
18 Drew, Joseph  17 Nov 1783Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I918 Churchill 
19 Drew, Lemuel  1 Jul 1770Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I326 Churchill 
20 Drew, Lewis  25 Jun 1758Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I757 Churchill 
21 Drew, Lydia  13 Nov 1771Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I384 Churchill 
22 Drew, Margaret James  8 Oct 1775Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I329 Churchill 
23 Drew, Mary  4 Dec 1774Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I380 Churchill 
24 Drew, Priscilla  13 Nov 1771Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I383 Churchill 
25 Drew, Rebecca  6 Jun 1731Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I293 Churchill 
26 Drew, Sarah  13 Nov 1771Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I382 Churchill 
27 Drew, Seth  16 Jul 1771Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I327 Churchill 
28 Drew, William  13 Nov 1773Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I381 Churchill 
29 Drew, William  26 Sep 1779Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I331 Churchill 
30 Harlow, Rebecca  10 Feb 1757Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I878060 Churchill 
31 Harlow, Susannah  2 May 1756Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I878059 Churchill 
32 Merrifield, Child  6 Jun 1742Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25687 Churchill 
33 Merrifield, Margaret  6 Jun 1742Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I25688 Churchill 
34 Tribble, Mary Holmes  16 Jul 1837Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I43616 Churchill 
35 Tribble, Winslow M.  Dec 1810Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I43600 Churchill 
36 White, Anna  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I736 Churchill 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Asenath  4 May 1788Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57509 Churchill 
2 Elizabeth  20 Oct 1811Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57640 Churchill 
3 Atwood, Elijah  19 Sep 1743Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2533 Churchill 
4 Atwood, Elizabeth  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I65 Churchill 
5 Atwood, Emeline  16 Jan 1819Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126650 Churchill 
6 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  4 Sep 1832Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89069 Churchill 
7 Atwood, Harriet Elizabeth  29 Jun 1842Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89072 Churchill 
8 Atwood, John  9 Sep 1772Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2514 Churchill 
9 Atwood, John  1 Feb 1886Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1960 Churchill 
10 Atwood, John Murray  13 Apr 1834Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126637 Churchill 
11 Atwood, Mary E.  28 Mar 1846Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89100 Churchill 
12 Atwood, Morton Field  27 Feb 1903Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89078 Churchill 
13 Atwood, Nancy  7 Sep 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1964 Churchill 
14 Atwood, Nancy  21 Aug 1809Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126649 Churchill 
15 Atwood, Paulina W.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17521 Churchill 
16 Atwood, Paulina W.  18 Aug 1844Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95249 Churchill 
17 Atwood, Robert W.  20 Sep 1853Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89104 Churchill 
18 Atwood, Thomas Churchill  22 Dec 1883Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89092 Churchill 
19 Atwood, William  1 Oct 1807Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89088 Churchill 
20 Atwood, William  11 Mar 1821Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89086 Churchill 
21 Atwood, William  11 Jul 1887Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Churchill 
22 Atwood, William W.  28 Sep 1848Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I44820 Churchill 
23 Barnes, Charles C.  6 Mar 1901Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134193 Churchill 
24 Barnes, Hannah  25 Aug 1731Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I313 Churchill 
25 Barnes, Hannah  12 Jun 1793Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1975 Churchill 
26 Barnes, Hannah Ellis  11 Aug 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98115 Churchill 
27 Barnes, Joseph  28 Jan 1839Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3164 Churchill 
28 Barnes, Nancy Paty  17 Oct 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95610 Churchill 
29 Bartlett, Abigail Washburn  10 Oct 1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101451 Churchill 
30 Bartlett, Hannah  19 Sep 1757Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2081 Churchill 
31 Bartlett, Mary  16 Jul 1785Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144874 Churchill 
32 Bartlett, Sarah  21 Sep 1781Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I38864 Churchill 
33 Bartlett, Son  Abt Jul 1756Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144889 Churchill 
34 Bartlett, Sophia  2 May 1859Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I492 Churchill 
35 Bartlett, Thomas  30 Dec 1849Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144886 Churchill 
36 Bartlett, William  19 Apr 1807Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70410 Churchill 
37 Bates, Charles C.  12 Jan 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95618 Churchill 
38 Bates, Sarah  26 Oct 1832Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95619 Churchill 
39 Billington, Marcy (Mercy) Sukey  8 Aug 1758Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I81 Churchill 
40 Billington, Sarah  27 Dec 1748Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I5803 Churchill 
41 Bradford, Elizabeth Betsey  24 Apr 1846Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I43507 Churchill 
42 Bradford, Emma Francis  13 Mar 1849Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61036 Churchill 
43 Bradford, Mary Winslow  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61038 Churchill 
44 Bradford, Nathaniel Barnes  31 Jul 1831Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61037 Churchill 
45 Bradford, Nathaniel Barnes  31 Jul 1831Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61076 Churchill 
46 Bryant, Mary  11 Dec 1715Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2010 Churchill 
47 Burbank, Lucy  5 Dec 1821Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I67 Churchill 
48 Burgess, Anna Tribble  9 Feb 1852Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17 Churchill 
49 Burgess, Charles W.  30 Aug 1844Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86793 Churchill 
50 Burgess, Deborah  12 Dec 1907Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95640 Churchill 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ella C.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126638 Churchill 
2 Lucy H.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126001 Churchill 
3 Atwood, Edward Winslow  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89071 Churchill 
4 Atwood, Emeline  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126650 Churchill 
5 Atwood, Hannah Tufts  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89069 Churchill 
6 Atwood, James Morton  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89073 Churchill 
7 Atwood, John  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1959 Churchill 
8 Atwood, John  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1960 Churchill 
9 Atwood, John Murray  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Churchill 
10 Atwood, John Murray  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126637 Churchill 
11 Atwood, Nancy  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126649 Churchill 
12 Atwood, Nancy  Sep 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1964 Churchill 
13 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Churchill 
14 Atwood, William  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1961 Churchill 
15 Atwood, William Bradford  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89079 Churchill 
16 Atwood, William Franklin  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89075 Churchill 
17 Barnes, Hannah  Jun 1793Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1975 Churchill 
18 Bartlett, Sophia  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I492 Churchill 
19 Bates, Charles C.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95618 Churchill 
20 Bates, Sarah  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95619 Churchill 
21 Borden, Charles R. C. M. D.  1939Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126651 Churchill 
22 Bradford, Mary  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I716 Churchill 
23 Bryant, Mary  Dec 1715Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2010 Churchill 
24 Bugbee, Aurina  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17525 Churchill 
25 Burgess, Anna Tribble  Feb 1852Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17 Churchill 
26 Burgess, Charles Davis  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101508 Churchill 
27 Burgess, Deborah  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95640 Churchill 
28 Burgess, Georgiana  Oct 1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86904 Churchill 
29 Burgess, Henry  Jun 1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86858 Churchill 
30 Burgess, Jabez  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2243 Churchill 
31 Burgess, John  May 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I34 Churchill 
32 Burgess, John  May 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2231 Churchill 
33 Burgess, John Allyne  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95605 Churchill 
34 Burgess, Joseph William  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95603 Churchill 
35 Burgess, Louis Bartlett  21 Jan 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I66472 Churchill 
36 Burgess, Nathan  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2239 Churchill 
37 Burgess, Nathan  31 Jul 1915Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I66474 Churchill 
38 Burgess, Norman W.  18 Jul 1914Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I322520 Churchill 
39 Burgess, Susan  Sep 1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2249 Churchill 
40 Burgess, Thaxter Fenelon  09 Apr 1909Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101500 Churchill 
41 Burgess, William Wallace  07 Oct 1914Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I125999 Churchill 
42 Burgess, Winslow  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86819 Churchill 
43 Churchill, Daniel  Mar 1855Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1920 Churchill 
44 Churchill, Eleanor  Oct 1792Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1925 Churchill 
45 Churchill, Eliezer  Mar 1716Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2009 Churchill 
46 Churchill, Elizabeth  Mar 1848Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I275 Churchill 
47 Churchill, Nancy  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1924 Churchill 
48 Churchill, Stephen  Sep 1751Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1974 Churchill 
49 Churchill, Temperance  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89087 Churchill 
50 Covington, Betsey  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I61055 Churchill 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lucy H.  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I126001 Churchill 
2 Adams, Benjamin Nye  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86788 Churchill 
3 Adams, James A.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137408 Churchill 
4 Adams, John L.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137409 Churchill 
5 Adams, Sophia L.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86790 Churchill 
6 Atwood, Adoniram J.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17522 Churchill 
7 Atwood, Charles  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89098 Churchill 
8 Atwood, Eldon Russell  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89105 Churchill 
9 Atwood, Elizabeth  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I65 Churchill 
10 Atwood, Elizabeth  1800Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I65 Churchill 
11 Atwood, Emma F.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89106 Churchill 
12 Atwood, Helen C.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89067 Churchill 
13 Atwood, John  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1960 Churchill 
14 Atwood, John Murray  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17519 Churchill 
15 Atwood, Laura Ann  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89103 Churchill 
16 Atwood, Mary E.  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89101 Churchill 
17 Atwood, Mary E.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89101 Churchill 
18 Atwood, Miranda B.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17520 Churchill 
19 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Churchill 
20 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Churchill 
21 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Churchill 
22 Atwood, Nancy Churchill  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17518 Churchill 
23 Atwood, Paulina W.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17521 Churchill 
24 Atwood, Robert W.  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89104 Churchill 
25 Atwood, Thomas Churchill  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89092 Churchill 
26 Atwood, Thomas Churchill  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89092 Churchill 
27 Atwood, William T.  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89099 Churchill 
28 Atwood, William T.  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89099 Churchill 
29 Baker, Amy L.  1910Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I146550 Churchill 
30 Baker, Clinton W.  1910Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I146549 Churchill 
31 Baker, Granville E.  1910Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I146534 Churchill 
32 Barnes, Hannah Ellis  1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98115 Churchill 
33 Barnes, Hannah Ellis  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98115 Churchill 
34 Barnes, Helen  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17529 Churchill 
35 Barnes, Jane Emily  1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98119 Churchill 
36 Barnes, Jane Emily  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98119 Churchill 
37 Barnes, Jane Emily  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98119 Churchill 
38 Barnes, Jane Emily  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98119 Churchill 
39 Bartlett, Abigail Washburn  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101451 Churchill 
40 Bartlett, Abigail Washburn  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101451 Churchill 
41 Bartlett, Abigail Washburn  1870Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101451 Churchill 
42 Bartlett, Abigail Washburn  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101451 Churchill 
43 Bartlett, Ansel  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I66468 Churchill 
44 Bartlett, Mary E.  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144554 Churchill 
45 Bartlett, Sophia  1830Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I492 Churchill 
46 Bartlett, Sophia  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I492 Churchill 
47 Bates, Ozin  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I95612 Churchill 
48 Bates, Ruby  1840Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I905 Churchill 
49 Bates, Ruby  1850Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I905 Churchill 
50 Bates, Ruby  1860Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I905 Churchill 

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drew, Harold Washburn  5 Jun 1917Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I144822 Churchill 
2 Drew, Ralph Lincoln  5 Jun 1917Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I44058 Churchill 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drew, Austin Russell  1860-1877Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I218 Churchill 
2 Drew, David  1830-1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16 Churchill 
3 Drew, Ellis  1880Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I231 Churchill 
4 Drew, Harrison Warren  1855-1908Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I216 Churchill 
5 Drew, Thomas Bradford D.D.S.  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I625 Churchill 
6 Harlow, Samuel H.  1890 - 93Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I137407 Churchill 
7 Soule, George Frederick  1900Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I229 Churchill 

World War 1 Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War 1 Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Osborne J.  12 Sep 1918Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts I299393 Churchill 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Drew  9 Feb 1769Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F404 Churchill 
2 Allen / Drew  13 Sep 1836Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F314 Churchill 
3 Atwood / Bartlett  9 Jun 1763Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1357 Churchill 
4 Atwood / Bugbee  23 Dec 1866Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7824 Churchill 
5 Atwood / Burgess  19 Sep 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33022 Churchill 
6 Atwood / Churchill  3 Nov 1799Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1049 Churchill 
7 Atwood / Churchill  Abt 1804Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33016 Churchill 
8 Atwood / Doten  7 Apr 1771Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1053 Churchill 
9 Atwood / Drew  26 Apr 1735Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F78 Churchill 
10 Atwood / Field  28 Jun 1865Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33012 Churchill 
11 Atwood / Thomas  3 Nov 1859Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33011 Churchill 
12 Atwood / Tribble  31 Oct 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F17758 Churchill 
13 Ayer / Drew  1837Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F576 Churchill 
14 Baker / Drew  Abt 1882Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F53467 Churchill 
15 Barnes / Atwood  1 May 1755Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1355 Churchill 
16 Barnes / Brewster  7 May 1808Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F26354 Churchill 
17 Barnes / Carver  1790Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48425 Churchill 
18 Barnes / Churchill  27 Aug 1821Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36196 Churchill 
19 Barnes / Howland  6 Jul 1866Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48510 Churchill 
20 Barnes / Lemote  26 Apr 1755Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F11107 Churchill 
21 Barnes / Tribble  1794Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F17757 Churchill 
22 Barrow / Drew  1729Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F302 Churchill 
23 Bartlett / Bartlett  28 Jul 1752Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52833 Churchill 
24 Bartlett / Churchill  19 Aug 1725Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1109 Churchill 
25 Bartlett / Drew  27 Nov 1766Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F403 Churchill 
26 Bartlett / Drew  23 Oct 1794Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F288 Churchill 
27 Bartlett / Drew  22 Mar 1798Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F338 Churchill 
28 Bartlett / Drew  22 Nov 1798Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F628 Churchill 
29 Bartlett / Drew  22 Nov 1838Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F445 Churchill 
30 Bartlett / Drew  1852Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F483 Churchill 
31 Bates / Barnes  Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F572 Churchill 
32 Bates / Burgess  26 Sep 1824Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32184 Churchill 
33 Bates / Goodwin  19 Dec 1847Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36334 Churchill 
34 Battles / Atwood  10 Apr 1792Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7822 Churchill 
35 Bennett / Bennett  5 Sep 1802Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32158 Churchill 
36 Bennett / Drew  24 Aug 1732Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F304 Churchill 
37 Bennett / Peterson  13 Jan 1757Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F11716 Churchill 
38 Bent / Billington  17 Oct 1728Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F4720 Churchill 
39 Bent / Waterman  1759Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36700 Churchill 
40 Billington / Churchill  17 May 1702-1703Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F90 Churchill 
41 Bradeen / Drew  1834Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F328 Churchill 
42 Bradford / Dillard  2 Dec 1827Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F24045 Churchill 
43 Bradford / Drew  Mar 1797Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F594 Churchill 
44 Bradford / Gibbs  27 Sep 1817Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52399 Churchill 
45 Bramhall / Atwood  Abt 1823Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F33120 Churchill 
46 Brewster / Drew  23 Apr 1786Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F421 Churchill 
47 Brewster / Drew  1796Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F534 Churchill 
48 Brewster / Drew  24 Nov 1837Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F461 Churchill 
49 Bullard / Drew  20 Nov 1823Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F669 Churchill 
50 Burbank / Bradford  23 Jul 1823Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52401 Churchill 

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