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Portland, Multnomah, Oregon


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 45.51181, Longitude: -122.67568


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Madden, Dorothy  1917Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663490 7_families 
2 Madden, Thomas L.  23 Dec 1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663491 7_families 
3 McGrew, Frederic Emmett  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840739 7_families 
4 Rogers, Edris E.  1914Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I46154123 7_families 
5 Rogers, Ernest Henry  13 Jun 1922Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I40495263 7_families 
6 Thorne, Delmer Dee  10 Jan 1935Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I8265833 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Emma S.  18 Dec 1940Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840738 7_families 
2 Mary J.  15 Mar 1956Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663465 7_families 
3 Albin, Abraham Peter  22 Apr 1863Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I16122345 7_families 
4 Albin, Edward Millbone  19 Sep 1952Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I16122362 7_families 
5 Bennett, Henry Omer  24 Apr 1953Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I6680 7_families 
6 Byrd, Samuel Louis "Jack"  3 Oct 1988Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I65311 7_families 
7 Drew, Charles Hepburn  13 Mar 2009Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I32375168 7_families 
8 Ernstrom, Henry Louis  18 Oct 1957Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I25439199 7_families 
9 Featherstone, Thomas Maurice  10 Nov 1960Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I9224 7_families 
10 Franklin, Lovina  Jan 1954Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I124353 7_families 
11 Hilton, Elizabeth Ann  16 Sep 1895Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I75030687 7_families 
12 Hindley, Mona  21 Aug 1983Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I58651 7_families 
13 Kirkham, Rae Mona  26 Feb 1991Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I133705 7_families 
14 Kirkham, Raymond Lee  2 Sep 1979Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I132657 7_families 
15 Lamont, Lucy Pearl  17 Oct 1960Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I18892 7_families 
16 Madden, Walter  30 Jan 1940Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42569333 7_families 
17 McGrew, George Andrew Robert  22 Jul 1928Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42746597 7_families 
18 Mead, Walter Herschel  Feb 1985Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I104542 7_families 
19 Moffitt, Lulu Ellen  Feb 1969Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I69636 7_families 
20 Patten, Mabel Beatrice  1965Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I40495262 7_families 
21 Walker, Edward Romanus  24 Apr 1964Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I78541720 7_families 
22 Webb, Elmer George  10 Apr 1963Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I24785755 7_families 
23 Williams, Irene L.  1 Nov 1959Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I24785761 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bacon, Orville H.  May 1987Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I8183549 7_families 
2 Bennett, Henry Omer  Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I6680 7_families 
3 Mead, Walter Herschel  Feb 1985Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I104542 7_families 
4 Rogers, Harley Ernest  Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I40495260 7_families 
5 Walker, Edward Romanus  28 Apr 1964Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I78541720 7_families 
6 Walker, Richard Raymond  19 Aug 1985Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I78541721 7_families 
7 Webb, Elmer George  15 Apr 1963Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I24785755 7_families 
8 Webb, Elmo William  6 May 1963Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I24785754 7_families 
9 Williams, Irene L.  5 Nov 1959Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I24785761 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Emma S.  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840738 7_families 
2 Francella  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840737 7_families 
3 Katie M.  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663467 7_families 
4 Katie M.  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663467 7_families 
5 Mary J.  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663465 7_families 
6 Mary J.  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663465 7_families 
7 Franklin, Lovina  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I124353 7_families 
8 Franklin, Lovina  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I124353 7_families 
9 Franklin, Saloma Jane  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I124352 7_families 
10 Madden, Dorothy  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663490 7_families 
11 Madden, Dorothy  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663490 7_families 
12 Madden, Ernest J.  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663461 7_families 
13 Madden, Ernest J.  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663461 7_families 
14 Madden, Estella M.  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663459 7_families 
15 Madden, Inez C.  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663463 7_families 
16 Madden, Inez C.  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663463 7_families 
17 Madden, Lawrence Walter  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663460 7_families 
18 Madden, Lawrence Walter  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663460 7_families 
19 Madden, Lawrence Walter  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663460 7_families 
20 Madden, Margaret Luvinia  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663464 7_families 
21 Madden, Thomas L.  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663491 7_families 
22 Madden, Walter  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42569333 7_families 
23 Madden, Walter J.  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663462 7_families 
24 Madden, Walter J.  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663462 7_families 
25 Madden, Walter J.  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663462 7_families 
26 McGrew, Frederic Emmett  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840739 7_families 
27 McGrew, Frederick Emmett  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840731 7_families 
28 McGrew, Frederick Emmett  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840731 7_families 
29 McGrew, George Andrew Robert  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42746597 7_families 
30 McGrew, George Andrew Robert  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42746597 7_families 
31 McGrew, George Andrew Robert  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840734 7_families 
32 McGrew, George Andrew Robert  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840734 7_families 
33 McGrew, LeRoy A.  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840733 7_families 
34 McGrew, Raymond Lewis  1910Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840732 7_families 
35 McGrew, Raymond Lewis  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840732 7_families 
36 McGrew, Raymond Lewis  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840732 7_families 
37 Whittlesey, Virginia Ruth  1920Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840735 7_families 
38 Whittlesey, Virginia Ruth  1930Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840735 7_families 

World War 1 Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War 1 Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Madden, Ernest J.  5 Jun 1918Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663461 7_families 
2 Madden, Lawrence Walter  12 Sep 1918Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42663460 7_families 
3 McGrew, Raymond Lewis  5 Jun 1918Portland, Multnomah, Oregon I42840732 7_families 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ernstrom / Huntsman  1934Portland, Multnomah, Oregon F8222864 7_families 
2 McGrew / Whittlesey  16 May 1918Portland, Multnomah, Oregon F14232356 7_families 
3 Rogers / Patten  23 Sep 1911Portland, Multnomah, Oregon F13462739 7_families