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Salem, Essex, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.51117, Longitude: -70.90942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Anne A.  2 Sep 1860Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I40119000 7_families 
2 Atwood, Mrs. Mercy E.  Aug 1852Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I40120268 7_families 
3 Bartoll, Margaret  11 Feb 1682Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596964 7_families 
4 Beauvais, Armand Joseph  24 May 1918Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I59783 7_families 
5 Bradford, Annah  22 Nov 1831Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75032755 7_families 
6 Bradford, Benjamin  8 Aug 1826Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75032753 7_families 
7 Conkling, Benjamin  1638Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I63165 7_families 
8 Conkling, Cornelius  1636Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813150 7_families 
9 Conkling, Elizabeth  18 May 1649Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813154 7_families 
10 Conkling, Hester  1651Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813155 7_families 
11 Conkling, Hester  1651Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I63169 7_families 
12 Conkling, Jeremiah  1634Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I810712 7_families 
13 Conkling, John  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813156 7_families 
14 Corwin, Penelope  7 Aug 1670Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513818 7_families 
15 Corwin, Susanna  10 Dec 1672Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513819 7_families 
16 Darling, Rebecca  Abt 1673Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I595961 7_families 
17 French, Jessie Ruth  20 Apr 1919Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I82303 7_families 
18 Graves, Elizabeth  6 Aug 1645Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000871 7_families 
19 Gray, Hannah  30 Nov 1674Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5999621 7_families 
20 Hadlock, James  1655Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5844768 7_families 
21 Harvey, Sarah  11 Oct 1678Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6168626 7_families 
22 Haskell, John  1648Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I3789029 7_families 
23 Herbert, Abigail  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000883 7_families 
24 Herbert, Abigail  6 May 1653Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000899 7_families 
25 Herbert, Bridget  11 May 1687Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000872 7_families 
26 Herbert, Elizabeth  6 May 1653Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000898 7_families 
27 Herbert, Elizabeth  1678Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000879 7_families 
28 Herbert, Jeremiah  9 Aug 1683Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000881 7_families 
29 Herbert, Joanna  23 Feb 1651Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000896 7_families 
30 Herbert, Joanna  1676Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000878 7_families 
31 Herbert, John  24 Jan 1642Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000891 7_families 
32 Herbert, Joseph  7 May 1648Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000870 7_families 
33 Herbert, Joseph (Twin)  13 Jul 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000884 7_families 
34 Herbert, Marie  27 Nov 1641Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000889 7_families 
35 Herbert, Mary  Abt 1672Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000876 7_families 
36 Herbert, Rebecca (Twin)  13 Jul 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000874 7_families 
37 Herbert, Robert  7 May 1648Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000894 7_families 
38 Herbert, Samuel  20 Jun 1658Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000901 7_families 
39 Herbert, Sarah  26 Sep 1644Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000893 7_families 
40 Herbert, Sarah  Abt 1680Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000886 7_families 
41 Hutchinson, John  May 1643Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166790 7_families 
42 Kelliher, Nellie  5 May 1867Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17215 7_families 
43 Kempton, Elizabeth  1 Aug 1687Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596957 7_families 
44 Kempton, Ephraim  14 Nov 1674Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596195 7_families 
45 Kempton, John  1676Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596953 7_families 
46 Kempton, Manasseh  1684Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596955 7_families 
47 Kempton, Ruth  1686Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596956 7_families 
48 Kempton, Samuel  4 Mar 1681Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I593894 7_families 
49 Kempton, Stephen  1 Feb 1676Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596194 7_families 
50 Kempton, Thomas  1682Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596954 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Conkling, Cornelius  2 Jul 1637Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813150 7_families 
2 Conkling, Hester  1640-1641Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813155 7_families 
3 Conkling, Jacob  18 May 1649Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813153 7_families 
4 Conkling, Lewis  30 Apr 1643Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813152 7_families 
5 Herbert, Joseph  7 May 1648Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000870 7_families 
6 Hutchinson, Abigail  25 Dec 1636Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166788 7_families 
7 Hutchinson, Hannah  20 Jan 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166817 7_families 
8 Hutchinson, John  May 1643Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166790 7_families 
9 Maury, Jonathan  2 Apr 1637Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I599459 7_families 
10 Moore, Benjamin  25 Aug 1668Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6182532 7_families 
11 Page, Rebecca  16 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5993819 7_families 
12 Page, Samuel  16 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6037987 7_families 
13 Page, Thomas  1 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5993820 7_families 
14 Page, Thomas  1 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6037989 7_families 
15 Towne, Joseph  3 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17981748 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bell, Jane Cook  25 Jul 1995Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I38510814 7_families 
2 Bosworth, Alice  26 Nov 1694Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166783 7_families 
3 Bradford, Benjamin  26 Aug 1829Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75032753 7_families 
4 Cloutman, Hannah  26 Aug 1849Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75032752 7_families 
5 Conkling, Cornelius  21 Mar 1668Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813150 7_families 
6 Corwin, George  3 Jan 1685Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513817 7_families 
7 Corwin, Penelope  28 Dec 1690Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513818 7_families 
8 Corwin, Susanna  Bef 22 Oct 1696Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513819 7_families 
9 Darling, George  Bef 9 Oct 1693Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I645267 7_families 
10 Hadlock, James  3 Dec 1687Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166808 7_families 
11 Holmes, Ephraim  22 Sep 1891Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75026074 7_families 
12 Hutchinson, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1688Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166794 7_families 
13 Hutchinson, Richard  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166780 7_families 
14 Kempton, Ephraim  1712Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596191 7_families 
15 Lauder, Mary  1638-1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813149 7_families 
16 Marston, John  25 Apr 1761Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89485812 7_families 
17 Mattoon, Louise Jerusha  31 Jan 1882Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I7847 7_families 
18 Merrill, Daniel  27 Jun 1717Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596951 7_families 
19 North, Susannah  19 Jul 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5844737 7_families 
20 Peterschen, Martha Emily  1 Jul 1969Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I38510813 7_families 
21 Putnam, Edward  10 Mar 1747Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166679 7_families 
22 Putnam, Nathaniel  23 Jul 1700Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166793 7_families 
23 Reeves, John  Aft 1681Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596762 7_families 
24 Tirrell, Frederick Benton  11 Dec 1903Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I16061 7_families 
25 Tirrell, Maude Westley  4 Sep 1877Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17193 7_families 
26 Tirrell, Nettie M.  5 Apr 1877Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I14832 7_families 
27 Tirrell, Russell Courtney  2 Feb 1955Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17434 7_families 
28 Tirrell, Viola A.  15 Feb 1883Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I14835 7_families 
29 Towne, Mary  22 Sep 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17981717 7_families 
30 Towne, Rebecca  19 Jul 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17981709 7_families 
31 Walcott, Elizabeth  12 Jul 1702Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513849 7_families 
32 Walcott, Josiah  4 Jan 1691Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513850 7_families 
33 Walcott, Josiah  9 Feb 1729Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513848 7_families 
34 Winslow, Elizabeth  20 Sep 1761Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89485766 7_families 
35 Winslow, Kenelem  13 Sep 1672Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I621442 7_families 
36 Young, William  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6163876 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hutchinson, Richard  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166780 7_families 
2 Winslow, Kenelem  Sep 1672Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I621442 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Darling, George  9 Oct 1693Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I645267 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bradford / Cloutman  Abt 1816Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F25442805 7_families 
2 Burbank / Darling  3 Jul 1695Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F215921 7_families 
3 Cloyes / Towne  Abt 1682Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F5860843 7_families 
4 Corwin / Winslow  22 Sep 1669Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F30471899 7_families 
5 Hadlock / Hutchinson  19 May 1652Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F1903883 7_families 
6 Hutchinson / Archer  Oct 1668Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F1908571 7_families 
7 Kempton / Hodges  27 Sep 1782Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F216572 7_families 
8 Lincoln / Lyford  1650Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F7769622 7_families 
9 Lyde / Corwin  29 Nov 1694Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F30471905 7_families 
10 Mulford / Mulford  Abt 1640Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F24847 7_families 
11 Tirrell / Piper  23 Apr 1876Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F7150 7_families 
12 Walcott / Corwin  19 Feb 1685Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F30471904 7_families 
13 Watson / Marston  22 Sep 1756Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F30460107 7_families