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Smithfield, Cache, Utah


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.83762, Longitude: -111.83264


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Buck, Charles Glenn  13 Jan 1919Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107597 7_families 
2 Buck, David Harmon  26 Dec 1908Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107588 7_families 
3 Craghead, Gladys  12 Nov 1900Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107596 7_families 
4 Merrill, Alma Harold  6 Jan 1904Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165102 7_families 
5 Merrill, Eliza Ann  27 Jul 1881Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56265853 7_families 
6 Merrill, Horatio Epaphras  13 Dec 1865Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56287035 7_families 
7 Merrill, Ira Lafayette  27 Jan 1885Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56265863 7_families 
8 Merrill, Ivin Allen  30 Aug 1886Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56265854 7_families 
9 Merrill, Joseph Ernest  27 Dec 1900Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165092 7_families 
10 Merrill, Joseph Harris  10 Mar 1868Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165080 7_families 
11 Merrill, Laura Margaret  13 Oct 1863Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56287036 7_families 
12 Merrill, Leland Hale  19 May 1895Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165085 7_families 
13 Merrill, Leonard Mouritsen  27 Nov 1896Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165087 7_families 
14 Merrill, Margaret  13 Oct 1888Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56265886 7_families 
15 Merrill, Martin Herman  10 Jan 1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165129 7_families 
16 Merrill, Melvin Horatio  14 Jan 1899Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165090 7_families 
17 Merrill, Robert Wilson  4 Jun 1879Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56265856 7_families 
18 Thurston, Harry Lavere  27 Jan 1917Smithfield, Cache, Utah I30701727 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Merrill, Margaret  1888Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56265886 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Craghead, Gladys  15 Jan 1919Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107596 7_families 
2 Harris, Laura Wilder  19 Sep 1883Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165207 7_families 
3 Hatton, Mary Jane  11 May 1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165296 7_families 
4 Hillyard, Mary Elizabeth  5 Jan 1881Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165953 7_families 
5 Job, Mary Davis  28 Sep 1881Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6169094 7_families 
6 Merrill, Austin Shepherd  16 Jan 1874Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165206 7_families 
7 Merrill, Ira Elias  23 Jul 1860Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165249 7_families 
8 Merrill, Martin Herman  10 Jan 1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165129 7_families 
9 Merrill, Sarah Cornelia  21 Aug 1926Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165286 7_families 
10 Miles, Edwin Ruthven  2 Apr 1912Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6166011 7_families 
11 Mouritsen, Johanna Kristine  8 Oct 1946Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165913 7_families 
12 Mouritsen, Lars  1 Feb 1913Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165910 7_families 
13 Mouritsen, Martine  11 Jan 1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165128 7_families 
14 Noble, William Aquilla  12 Dec 1880Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165285 7_families 
15 Sorensen, Maren  16 Feb 1904Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165911 7_families 
16 Webb, Janette  17 Dec 1865Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165130 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benington, Martha Ann  10 Jul 1945Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107576 7_families 
2 Buck, Charles  10 Apr 1954Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107578 7_families 
3 Buck, Clarence Benington  27 Aug 1973Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107586 7_families 
4 Buck, Hannah Favell  28 Dec 1977Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107577 7_families 
5 Buck, Joseph  17 Jan 1944Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107560 7_families 
6 Buck, Sarah Emmeline  6 Sep 1975Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107582 7_families 
7 Christensen, Victoria  14 Oct 1981Smithfield, Cache, Utah I107598 7_families 
8 Clark, Sarah Annie  10 Sep 1918Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6166341 7_families 
9 Hale, Alma Helaman  2 Apr 1908Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6166340 7_families 
10 Hale, Alma Helaman  13 Apr 1938Smithfield, Cache, Utah I89536217 7_families 
11 Hale, Grace Emma  22 Jul 1958Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165081 7_families 
12 Hale, Joseph Alma  1 Nov 1962Smithfield, Cache, Utah I89536221 7_families 
13 Hale, Katie Eliza  Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165083 7_families 
14 Harris, Laura Wilder  Sep 1883Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165207 7_families 
15 Hatton, Mary Jane  15 May 1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165296 7_families 
16 Hendricks, Elizabeth Presinda  1 Dec 1946Smithfield, Cache, Utah I89536218 7_families 
17 Hillyard, Mary Elizabeth  Jan 1881Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165953 7_families 
18 Job, Mary Davis  1 Oct 1881Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6169094 7_families 
19 Merrill, Austin Shepherd  Jan 1874Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165206 7_families 
20 Merrill, Ira Elias  Jul 1860Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165249 7_families 
21 Merrill, Joseph Aroet  Smithfield, Cache, Utah I39512681 7_families 
22 Merrill, Joseph Harris  23 Sep 1961Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165080 7_families 
23 Merrill, Laura Margaret  8 Aug 1934Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56287036 7_families 
24 Merrill, Sarah Cornelia  24 Aug 1926Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165286 7_families 
25 Miles, Edwin Ruthven  5 Apr 1912Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6166011 7_families 
26 Mouritsen, Johanna Kristine  12 Oct 1946Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165913 7_families 
27 Mouritsen, Lars  3 Feb 1913Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165910 7_families 
28 Mouritsen, Martine  Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165128 7_families 
29 Noble, William Aquilla  15 Dec 1880Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165285 7_families 
30 Sorensen, Maren  Feb 1904Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165911 7_families 
31 Weekes, Samuel Charles  3 Oct 1925Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56287054 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Merrill, Horatio Epaphras  1880Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56287035 7_families 
2 Merrill, Horatio Harris  1880Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165127 7_families 
3 Merrill, Joseph Harris  1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165080 7_families 
4 Merrill, Laura Margaret  1880Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56287036 7_families 
5 Merrill, Martin Herman  1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165129 7_families 
6 Merrill, Robert Wilson  1880Smithfield, Cache, Utah I56265856 7_families 
7 Mouritsen, Lars  1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165910 7_families 
8 Smith, Sarah Ann  1880Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165155 7_families 
9 Sorensen, Maren  1870Smithfield, Cache, Utah I6165911 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Noble / Merrill  6 Apr 1862Smithfield, Cache, Utah F1908000 7_families 
2 Watts / Kelly  21 Aug 1939Smithfield, Cache, Utah F20324896 7_families