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Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland


Tree: 7_families
Location : Latitude: 57.6714903851689, Longitude: -3.106555938720703


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Loggie, James  1772Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I27513 7_families 
2 Loggie, Jean Janet  14 Aug 1706Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I52460 7_families 
3 Loggie, Robert  1763Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I50400 7_families 
4 Loggie, Robert  1776Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I21036 7_families 
5 Logie, Alexander  25 Dec 1817Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59203 7_families 
6 Logie, Andrew  9 Jan 1665Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I11874 7_families 
7 Logie, Andrew  1808Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I52724 7_families 
8 Logie, Elizabeth  25 Mar 1828Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59207 7_families 
9 Logie, Elspet  1 Apr 1832Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59209 7_families 
10 Logie, George  11 Jun 1836Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59210 7_families 
11 Logie, James  10 Oct 1819Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59204 7_families 
12 Logie, Jean (Jane)  21 Apr 1824Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59205 7_families 
13 Logie, John  8 Mar 1830Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59208 7_families 
14 Logie, Robert  13 Nov 1825Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59206 7_families 
15 Logie, William  8 Jun 1816Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59202 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hutchinson, Marjorie  28 Apr 1822Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I53272192 7_families 
2 Loggie, Alexander  17 Oct 1725Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12025 7_families 
3 Loggie, Alexander  3 Mar 1745Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I11826 7_families 
4 Loggie, Alexander  6 Jul 1756Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12023 7_families 
5 Loggie, David  22 Jul 1750Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I11827 7_families 
6 Loggie, James  8 Feb 1741Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12022 7_families 
7 Loggie, Jean  1 Mar 1716Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12018 7_families 
8 Loggie, John  26 May 1720Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12017 7_families 
9 Loggie, John  25 May 1743Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I11872 7_families 
10 Loggie, John  7 Feb 1778Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I11979 7_families 
11 Loggie, John (Loggy)  22 Jul 1689Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12746 7_families 
12 Loggie, Katharine  17 Mar 1754Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12024 7_families 
13 Loggie, Robert  13 Oct 1727Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12026 7_families 
14 Loggie, Robert  30 Sep 1751Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I11825 7_families 
15 Loggie, William  27 Jul 1713Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12785 7_families 
16 Loggie, William  1 Feb 1748Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I11822 7_families 
17 Loggy, James  10 Mar 1664Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I18503 7_families 
18 Logie, Andrew  9 May 1665Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I11874 7_families 
19 Logie, Andrew  20 Nov 1722Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12702 7_families 
20 Logie, Andrew  5 Aug 1742Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12672 7_families 
21 Logie, Andrew  27 Jun 1763Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12019 7_families 
22 Logie, Andrew  21 Jun 1782Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I17660 7_families 
23 Logie, Barbara  13 Mar 1780Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I17659 7_families 
24 Logie, Elizabeth  26 Jul 1785Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I10081 7_families 
25 Logie, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1828Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59207 7_families 
26 Logie, Elspet  26 Jul 1718Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12846 7_families 
27 Logie, Elspet  14 Jul 1739Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12688 7_families 
28 Logie, Elspet  15 Feb 1783Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I17655 7_families 
29 Logie, George  28 Jun 1836Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59210 7_families 
30 Logie, Gordon  26 Mar 1792Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I17634 7_families 
31 Logie, Isabell  15 Feb 1717Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12687 7_families 
32 Logie, James  Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12015 7_families 
33 Logie, James  8 Aug 1731Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12706 7_families 
34 Logie, James  3 Nov 1751Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12674 7_families 
35 Logie, James  16 Aug 1761Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I2270 7_families 
36 Logie, James  24 Jan 1781Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I53237457 7_families 
37 Logie, Janet  7 Jul 1716Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12847 7_families 
38 Logie, Jean  14 Aug 1706Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12016 7_families 
39 Logie, Jean  19 Jun 1765Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I17581 7_families 
40 Logie, Jean (Jane)  6 May 1824Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59205 7_families 
41 Logie, John  20 Nov 1722Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12696 7_families 
42 Logie, John  12 Sep 1744Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12676 7_families 
43 Logie, John  18 Mar 1830Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59208 7_families 
44 Logie, Margaret  30 Jun 1737Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12671 7_families 
45 Logie, Peter  12 Dec 1746Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12675 7_families 
46 Logie, Robert  22 Nov 1728Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12707 7_families 
47 Logie, Robert  3 Nov 1751Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I104842 7_families 
48 Logie, Robert  1 Dec 1825Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I59206 7_families 
49 Logie, William  12 Jul 1689Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12851 7_families 
50 Logie, William  20 Mar 1735Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12689 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Loggie, James  12 Nov 1751Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12022 7_families 
2 Logie, Andrew  3 Dec 1835Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I52724 7_families 
3 Logie, James  28 Mar 1735Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12706 7_families 
4 Logie, Peter  7 May 1787Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12675 7_families 
5 Wiseman, Jean  Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland I12763 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Logie / Barrie  1771Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland F5536 7_families 
2 Logie / Gordon  1779Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland F1209 7_families 
3 Logie / Guthrie  29 Nov 1790Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland F15514441 7_families 
4 Logie / Hay  1 Jan 1727Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland F5858 7_families 
5 Logie / Hutchinson  27 Jun 1845Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland F17822643 7_families 
6 Logie / Reid  1771Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland F5851 7_families 
7 Logie / Robertson  1775Speymouth, Morayshire, Scotland F5850 7_families