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Springfield, Windsor, Vermont


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 43.290778, Longitude: -72.473009


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balous, Walter  17 Jan 1920Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54769989 7_families 
2 Bixby, Abigail  5 Jan 1797Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I7593 7_families 
3 Bixby, Caroline (Breed)  30 Jun 1840Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13636 7_families 
4 Ellis, Lucy D.  7 Nov 1813Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13511 7_families 
5 Feather, David  18 May 1925Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54769981 7_families 
6 Marble, Lavinia  1838Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I16308 7_families 
7 Morse, Edith M.  Jul 1894Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54582559 7_families 
8 Morse, Ethel Christiann Alexander  25 Oct 1902Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54582562 7_families 
9 Morse, Harold I.  Jun 1898Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54582560 7_families 
10 Morse, Jane Elizabeth  2 Jun 1900Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54582561 7_families 
11 Tower, Abraham  9 Mar 1781Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I32412808 7_families 
12 Tyrell, Abner Tenny  10 Sep 1838Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13505 7_families 
13 Tyrell, Albert Hermon  12 Mar 1842Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13507 7_families 
14 Tyrell, Ella Lizzie  22 Sep 1850Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13509 7_families 
15 Tyrell, Emerson Lewis  19 Dec 1844Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13508 7_families 
16 Tyrell, Esther Ann  28 Nov 1833Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13504 7_families 
17 Tyrell, Harlan Page  5 Oct 1839Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13506 7_families 
18 Tyrell, Hiram Harvey  11 Feb 1827Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13501 7_families 
19 Tyrell, John Robinson  29 Dec 1831Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13503 7_families 
20 Tyrell, Lucia Wallace  15 Apr 1829Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13502 7_families 
21 Tyrell, Mary Abby  25 Oct 1825Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13500 7_families 
22 Tyrrell, Cynthia  15 May 1838Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I7599 7_families 
23 Tyrrell, Daughter  3 Mar 1865Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I16168 7_families 
24 Tyrrell, Emily Elvira  16 Sep 1840Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I7600 7_families 
25 Tyrrell, Foster Artemas  1834Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I7597 7_families 
26 Tyrrell, George T.  1829Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I7595 7_families 
27 Tyrrell, Hiram  1823Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I7594 7_families 
28 Tyrrell, Jane M.  5 Mar 1842Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13517 7_families 
29 Tyrrell, Lucy M.  1831Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I7596 7_families 
30 Tyrrell, Mary Elizabeth  16 Mar 1835Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13513 7_families 
31 Tyrrell, Nancy M.  2 Mar 1844Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13518 7_families 
32 Tyrrell, Samuel G.  1836Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I7598 7_families 
33 Tyrrell, Sarah A.  14 Oct 1840Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13516 7_families 
34 Tyrrell, Son  3 Mar 1834Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13512 7_families 
35 Tyrrell, Thomas J.  29 Jul 1836Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13514 7_families 
36 Tyrrell, William E.  28 Jul 1838Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13515 7_families 
37 Wright, Mary N.  1904Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54769995 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Balous, Walter  24 Apr 1981Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54769989 7_families 
2 Burgess, Nathaniel  15 Apr 1839Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I16319763 7_families 
3 Caldwell, Augusta C.  20 Jan 1904Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I16211 7_families 
4 Holt, Almira  7 Oct 1874Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I32412821 7_families 
5 Jackson, Lewis Briggs  8 May 1967Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I57420422 7_families 
6 Scott, Lucretia  1846Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I16364751 7_families 
7 Stryhasz, Zygmont  30 Apr 1971Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54582567 7_families 
8 Tyrell, Ella Lizzie  7 Mar 1866Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13509 7_families 
9 Tyrell, Hiram Harvey  30 May 1843Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13501 7_families 
10 Tyrrell, Charlsetta H.  16 Apr 1863Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I16165 7_families 
11 Tyrrell, Daughter  1865Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I16168 7_families 
12 Tyrrell, Jane M.  May 1842Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13517 7_families 
13 Tyrrell, Son  1834Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13512 7_families 
14 Tyrrell, Thomas J.  Sep 1839Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13514 7_families 
15 Tyrrell, William E.  Sep 1839Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I13515 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Holt, Almira  1850Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I32412821 7_families 
2 Morse, Edith M.  1900Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54582559 7_families 
3 Morse, Edith M.  1910Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54582559 7_families 
4 Morse, Edith M.  1920Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I54582559 7_families 
5 Tower, Abraham  1850Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I32412808 7_families 
6 Tower, Jacob Stoddard  1850Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I32412819 7_families 
7 Tower, Jane M.  1850Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I32412820 7_families 
8 Tower, Sarah  1850Springfield, Windsor, Vermont I32412815 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Feather / Morse  5 May 1920Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F18299424 7_families 
2 Morse / Wright  29 Apr 1926Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F18299431 7_families 
3 Sears / Morse  1 Feb 1912Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F18231025 7_families 
4 Tower / Field  8 Jan 1807Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F10635820 7_families 
5 Tower / Holt  30 Apr 1840Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F10635821 7_families 
6 Tyrell / Philbrick  1860Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F6354 7_families 
7 Tyrell / Tyrrell  1864Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F6355 7_families 
8 Tyrrell / Bixby  11 Feb 1823Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F3552 7_families 
9 Tyrrell / Ellis  6 Dec 1832Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F3821 7_families 
10 Tyrrell / Robinson  30 May 1825Springfield, Windsor, Vermont F3819 7_families