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Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 44.992969144596394, Longitude: -71.53404235839844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beauchemin, Arthur Edward  24 Jul 1937Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I78738472 7_families 
2 Beauchemin, Charlie Arthur  5 Aug 1934Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I78738470 7_families 
3 Beauchemin, Edna Mae  19 Sep 1935Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I78738471 7_families 
4 Brown, Charles E.  16 Jul 1848Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2223 7_families 
5 Brown, Irving C.  10 Aug 1875Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2224 7_families 
6 Brown, Lulu M.  29 Jul 1879Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2225 7_families 
7 Caswell, Abigail Sarah  22 Nov 1822Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I7270186 7_families 
8 Chandler, George W.  15 Feb 1854Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20744689 7_families 
9 Chandler, John Langol Jefferson  7 Nov 1826Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20445024 7_families 
10 Chandler, Jonathan Franklin  27 Apr 1833Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20546109 7_families 
11 Chase, Sarah  24 Jan 1840Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234313 7_families 
12 Colby, Lloyd Hayzen  29 Aug 1846Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2178 7_families 
13 Covell, Celon E.  28 Jun 1852Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234346 7_families 
14 Covell, Miranda E.  25 Mar 1849Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234344 7_families 
15 Covell, Murcilva E.  26 Jan 1846Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234342 7_families 
16 Dalton, Almeda Augusta  15 Jan 1832Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748807 7_families 
17 Dalton, Althea  10 Nov 1829Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748806 7_families 
18 Dalton, Berengea  10 Jul 1825Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748804 7_families 
19 Dalton, Caleb S.  1844Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748811 7_families 
20 Dalton, Flavius Josephus  Abt 1836Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748809 7_families 
21 Dalton, Florentius  Abt 1838Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748810 7_families 
22 Dalton, Harold  1879Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20884093 7_families 
23 Dalton, Horentia  1840Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20806649 7_families 
24 Dalton, Lucian Rawson  10 Sep 1827Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748805 7_families 
25 Dalton, Ruhamah  Abt 1834Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748808 7_families 
26 Dalton, Son  29 Nov 1886Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20890744 7_families 
27 Davis, Lillian  Abt 1874Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2220 7_families 
28 Davis, Mary  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2221 7_families 
29 Dearth, Emma C.  3 Nov 1872Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2238 7_families 
30 Forrest, Arthur S.  3 Sep 1877Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I78738457 7_families 
31 Forrest, Eva Hellen  20 Apr 1899Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I78738458 7_families 
32 Harriman, Adelaide  31 Oct 1833Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2179 7_families 
33 Harriman, Chloe Susanna  28 Aug 1839Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I14012 7_families 
34 Harriman, Ella  Jan 1871Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I61956 7_families 
35 Harriman, Ellen E.  17 May 1852Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2184 7_families 
36 Harriman, Frank  4 Sep 1879Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I61958 7_families 
37 Harriman, Isabelle  22 Jan 1844Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2181 7_families 
38 Harriman, John  Jan 1800Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1904 7_families 
39 Harriman, Lilla  1878Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I61957 7_families 
40 Harriman, Milton  13 Nov 1835Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2180 7_families 
41 Harriman, Murrilla  5 Jan 1846Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2182 7_families 
42 Harriman, Willis A.  19 Nov 1848Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2183 7_families 
43 Haynes, John H.  2 Jul 1845Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234364 7_families 
44 Holden, Carrie Susan  Jan 1890Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252881 7_families 
45 Holden, Ceylon Covell  16 Nov 1905Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252886 7_families 
46 Holden, Eva A.  5 Jun 1883Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252878 7_families 
47 Holden, Everett  3 Apr 1882Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252877 7_families 
48 Holden, Horace E.  19 May 1885Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252879 7_families 
49 Holden, Iva M.  16 Jun 1887Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252880 7_families 
50 Holden, Leon Rupert  3 Jun 1893Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252884 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brooks, Levi  24 Mar 1950Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I16750 7_families 
2 Brown, Lulu M.  23 Oct 1947Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2225 7_families 
3 Chandler, Abigail Ann  10 Dec 1835Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20546108 7_families 
4 Chandler, Azubah  19 Jan 1891Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
5 Chandler, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1891Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291352 7_families 
6 Chandler, Lucetta  13 Aug 1864Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291362 7_families 
7 Covell, Orrin  18 Dec 1891Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234341 7_families 
8 Crawford, Bertha M.  12 Feb 1946Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252865 7_families 
9 Dalton, Almeda Augusta  28 Jul 1852Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748807 7_families 
10 Dalton, Althea  Jun 1831Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748806 7_families 
11 Dalton, Berengea  1 Aug 1827Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748804 7_families 
12 Dalton, Caleb S.  28 Mar 1844Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291371 7_families 
13 Dalton, Horentia  30 Sep 1841Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20806649 7_families 
14 Dalton, Lucian Rawson  28 Mar 1847Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20748805 7_families 
15 Dearth, Emma C.  2 Mar 1948Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2238 7_families 
16 Fellows, Hannah  9 May 1837Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2284 7_families 
17 Fellows, Susanna  18 Jun 1881Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234310 7_families 
18 Forrest, Eva Hellen  6 Jan 1946Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I78738458 7_families 
19 Fuller, Steven G.  8 May 1893Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I13719 7_families 
20 Harriman, Chloe Susanna  8 Dec 1874Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I14012 7_families 
21 Harriman, John  13 Jul 1863Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1904 7_families 
22 Heath, George W.  8 Apr 1896Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I56434240 7_families 
23 Holden, Everett  30 May 1962Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252877 7_families 
24 Holden, Myron Leeland  12 Nov 1968Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252883 7_families 
25 Holden, Walter Freeman  28 Aug 1925Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252874 7_families 
26 Holden, Wilber E.  8 May 1891Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20252882 7_families 
27 Hulbert, Susanna  11 Jun 1845Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1717 7_families 
28 Kidder, Benjamin Wiggin  17 Mar 1831Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234366 7_families 
29 Kidder, Daniel Heath  16 Oct 1864Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291366 7_families 
30 Kidder, Julia Anne Locke (Twin)  2 Jun 1883Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234340 7_families 
31 Morse, Charles L.  29 Aug 1871Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1664 7_families 
32 Peasley, Susannah  5 Sep 1842Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I7611 7_families 
33 Quincy, Sabra (Sarah) T.  3 Jan 1854Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1722 7_families 
34 Sargent, Abigail F.  5 May 1876Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1724 7_families 
35 Slack, Ormacinda  1 Nov 1848Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1673 7_families 
36 Smith, Roxanna  31 May 1922Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2213 7_families 
37 Stacy, Caroline B.  19 Jan 1897Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I14019 7_families 
38 Thomas, Abigail  Bef 1850Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I5990199 7_families 
39 Tirrell, Dorothy (Dolly)  27 Sep 1863Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2059 7_families 
40 Tirrell, Hannah A.  20 Nov 1862Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2175 7_families 
41 Tirrill, Ada  23 Jan 1865Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2211 7_families 
42 Tirrill, Alfred A. I.  15 Aug 1898Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2240 7_families 
43 Tirrill, Allen A.  8 Mar 1904Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1661 7_families 
44 Tirrill, Alonzo E.  1 May 1882Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1748 7_families 
45 Tirrill, Annette (Annett)  1 Feb 1865Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2212 7_families 
46 Tirrill, Charlotte Christiana Sophia  18 May 1907Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1657 7_families 
47 Tirrill, Edith A.  31 Dec 1863Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1715 7_families 
48 Tirrill, Enoch E.  10 Jul 1842Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1672 7_families 
49 Tirrill, Enoch T.  10 Jan 1892Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2172 7_families 
50 Tirrill, George Washington  28 May 1870Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1660 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chandler, Elizabeth  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291352 7_families 
2 Covell, Celon E.  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234346 7_families 
3 Kelly, Ellen L.  Aug 1919Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1682 7_families 
4 Kidder, Almira J.  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234354 7_families 
5 Kidder, Daniel Heath  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291366 7_families 
6 Kidder, Julia Anne Locke (Twin)  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234340 7_families 
7 Owen, Mary H.  Apr 1905Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2204 7_families 
8 Thomas, Abigail  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I5990199 7_families 
9 Tirrill, Ada  Jan 1865Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2211 7_families 
10 Tirrill, Annette (Annett)  Feb 1865Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2212 7_families 
11 Tirrill, George I.  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1683 7_families 
12 Tirrill, Gideon  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1708 7_families 
13 Tirrill, John D.  Aug 1852Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2208 7_families 
14 Tirrill, John Slack  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1680 7_families 
15 Tirrill, Mary Ann  Nov 1846Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2205 7_families 
16 Tirrill, Mary Ann  Aug 1852Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2207 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abbott, Grace M.  1900Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1697 7_families 
2 Chandler, Abiel  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I5990198 7_families 
3 Chandler, Abiel  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I5990198 7_families 
4 Chandler, Abiel  1840Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I5990198 7_families 
5 Chandler, Abiel Walker  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291363 7_families 
6 Chandler, Asa G.  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20602785 7_families 
7 Chandler, Asa G.  1850Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20602785 7_families 
8 Chandler, Azubah  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
9 Chandler, Azubah  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
10 Chandler, Azubah  1840Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
11 Chandler, Azubah  1850Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
12 Chandler, Azubah  1860Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
13 Chandler, Azubah  1870Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
14 Chandler, Azubah  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2278 7_families 
15 Chandler, Charles Wesley  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20445025 7_families 
16 Chandler, Elizabeth  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291352 7_families 
17 Chandler, Frank  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20445026 7_families 
18 Chandler, George Washington  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291360 7_families 
19 Chandler, George Washington  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291360 7_families 
20 Chandler, Hannah  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20602786 7_families 
21 Chandler, John Langol Jefferson  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20445024 7_families 
22 Chandler, Jonathan  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291359 7_families 
23 Chandler, Jonathan  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291359 7_families 
24 Chandler, Lucetta  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291362 7_families 
25 Chandler, Matilda D.  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1900 7_families 
26 Chandler, Matilda D.  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1900 7_families 
27 Chandler, Matilda D.  1840Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1900 7_families 
28 Chandler, Matilda D.  1860Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1900 7_families 
29 Chandler, Matilda D.  1870Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1900 7_families 
30 Chandler, Tabitha  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291358 7_families 
31 Chandler, Timothy  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291357 7_families 
32 Chase, Ellen Maria  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I14021 7_families 
33 Colby, Hannah  1850Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I104939 7_families 
34 Colby, Lloyd Hayzen  1850Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2178 7_families 
35 Colby, Mary Ann  1850Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I104940 7_families 
36 Colby, Nathan  1840Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1903 7_families 
37 Colby, Nathan  1850Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1903 7_families 
38 Colby, Timothy  1850Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I104938 7_families 
39 Drew, Mary Harriman  1840Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1902 7_families 
40 Fellows, Elizabeth  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1728 7_families 
41 Fellows, Hannah  1810Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2284 7_families 
42 Fellows, Hannah  1820Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2284 7_families 
43 Fellows, Hannah  1830Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2284 7_families 
44 Harriman, Chloe Susanna  1870Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I14012 7_families 
45 Harriman, Chloe Susanna  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I14012 7_families 
46 Haynes, John H.  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234364 7_families 
47 Holden, Mary Ann  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234352 7_families 
48 Kelly, Ellen L.  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I1682 7_families 
49 Kidder, Augusta A.  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234361 7_families 
50 Kidder, Eliza A.  1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I20234363 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tirrill, Whitcomb  4 Aug 1864Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I13717 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Move    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tirrill, William  1808Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2281 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chandler, Jonathan  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291359 7_families 
2 Dalton, Caleb S.  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I6291371 7_families 
3 Tirrell, Abiel Walker  Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2173 7_families 
4 Tirrill, Seth  1856-1860, 1870 - 1872Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire I2267 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beauchemin / Forrest  15 Feb 1928Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F26720036 7_families 
2 Beecher / Tirrill  22 Nov 1881Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F711 7_families 
3 Brooks / Tirrill  19 Nov 1887Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6583 7_families 
4 Brown / Tirrill  29 Dec 1873Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F1012 7_families 
5 Carnes / Tirrell  24 Apr 1878Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F18014632 7_families 
6 Caswell / Chandler  22 Jan 1822Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F1952693 7_families 
7 Chandler / Ladd  7 Apr 1825Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F1952695 7_families 
8 Covell / Kidder  14 Feb 1844Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6620058 7_families 
9 Crawford / Covell  4 Aug 1862Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6620059 7_families 
10 Cummings / Kidder  13 Mar 1837Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6620050 7_families 
11 Dalton / Chandler  27 Aug 1823Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F1952696 7_families 
12 Davis / Tirrill  26 Dec 1873Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F1011 7_families 
13 Forrest / Brown  18 May 1898Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F26720035 7_families 
14 Goodwin / Tirrill  1 Jun 1821Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F49485 7_families 
15 Harriman / Fellows  2 Dec 1870Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F38768 7_families 
16 Harriman / Tirrill  29 Nov 1827Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F750 7_families 
17 Haynes / Kidder  1 Jan 1874Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6620066 7_families 
18 Heath / Tirrill  17 Feb 1880Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F758 7_families 
19 Holden / Crawford  12 Jan 1882Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6626426 7_families 
20 Holden / Crawford  26 Oct 1884Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6626424 7_families 
21 Holden / Heath  24 Nov 1881Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F18884228 7_families 
22 Holden / Young  8 Jul 1905Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6626431 7_families 
23 Keazer / Holden  26 Mar 1899Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6626430 7_families 
24 Kidder / Chase  26 Mar 1861Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6620048 7_families 
25 Kidder / Holden  1 Jan 1848Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6620063 7_families 
26 Knights / Tirrill  25 Aug 1884Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6582 7_families 
27 Luther / Tirrill  8 Apr 1887Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F757 7_families 
28 Morse / Tirrill  Abt 1865Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F843 7_families 
29 Tirrell / Roby  3 Apr 1837Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F3867 7_families 
30 Tirrill / Chandler  10 Nov 1825Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F694 7_families 
31 Tirrill / Chandler  28 Sep 1828Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F747 7_families 
32 Tirrill / Chase  6 Nov 1883Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F997 7_families 
33 Tirrill / Dearth  29 Jun 1890Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F1018 7_families 
34 Tirrill / Drew  10 Jan 1832Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F748 7_families 
35 Tirrill / Fellows  3 Nov 1834Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F741 7_families 
36 Tirrill / Harriman  10 Apr 1862Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F995 7_families 
37 Tirrill / Hulbert  11 Nov 1813Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F742 7_families 
38 Tirrill / Little  10 Dec 1866Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F713 7_families 
39 Tirrill / Lock  14 Oct 1819Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F746 7_families 
40 Tirrill / Owen  28 May 1844Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F771 7_families 
41 Tirrill / Quincy  15 Mar 1846Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F743 7_families 
42 Tirrill / Sargent  7 May 1854Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F744 7_families 
43 Tirrill / Smith  Abt 1863Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F1009 7_families 
44 Tirrill / Stacy  2 May 1875Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F996 7_families 
45 Tirrill / Tirrill  6 Apr 1865Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F712 7_families 
46 Young / Kidder  1870Stewartstown, Coos, New Hampshire F6620065 7_families