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Swan, Smith, Kansas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Mary Avis  1900Swan, Smith, Kansas I6582 7_families 
2 Bennett, Mary Avis  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I6582 7_families 
3 Bennett, Rosella  1900Swan, Smith, Kansas I6588 7_families 
4 Hall, Alta Pearl  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I6634 7_families 
5 Hall, Crystal  1850Swan, Smith, Kansas I6638 7_families 
6 Hall, George L.  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I42484 7_families 
7 Hall, Harry Bertram  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I6633 7_families 
8 Hall, Ralph B.  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I42486 7_families 
9 Hardesty, Cecil Don  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I6641 7_families 
10 Hardesty, Cecil Don  1920Swan, Smith, Kansas I6641 7_families 
11 Hardesty, Claud Henry  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I6642 7_families 
12 Hardesty, Claud Henry  1920Swan, Smith, Kansas I6642 7_families 
13 Hardesty, Don Schuyler  1900Swan, Smith, Kansas I6622 7_families 
14 Hardesty, Don Schuyler  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I6622 7_families 
15 Hardesty, Don Schuyler  1920Swan, Smith, Kansas I6622 7_families 
16 Hardesty, Elmer Lloyd  1920Swan, Smith, Kansas I42485 7_families 
17 Hardesty, Pearl Clyde  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I6621 7_families 
18 Kersey, Charles Robert  1930Swan, Smith, Kansas I6715 7_families 
19 Kersey, Charles T.  1900Swan, Smith, Kansas I6702 7_families 
20 Kersey, Clark C.  1930Swan, Smith, Kansas I42890 7_families 
21 Kersey, George Innes  1900Swan, Smith, Kansas I6704 7_families 
22 Kersey, Goldie Grace  1900Swan, Smith, Kansas I6706 7_families 
23 Kersey, John Calvin  1900Swan, Smith, Kansas I6703 7_families 
24 Kersey, Neva Olline  1930Swan, Smith, Kansas I6714 7_families 
25 Kersey, Paul Clifford  1900Swan, Smith, Kansas I6705 7_families 
26 Kersey, Paul Clifford  1930Swan, Smith, Kansas I6705 7_families 
27 May, Viola  1910Swan, Smith, Kansas I6640 7_families 
28 May, Viola  1920Swan, Smith, Kansas I6640 7_families 
29 Strong, Carrie Elizabeth  1930Swan, Smith, Kansas I6712 7_families