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Union, Butler, Ohio


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 39.904823, Longitude: -84.306123


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Skinner, Pennie  16 Jun 1872Union, Butler, Ohio I94157447 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Elizabeth Melissa  1900Union, Butler, Ohio I3539 7_families 
2 Bennett, Elizabeth Melissa  1910Union, Butler, Ohio I3539 7_families 
3 Bennett, Elizabeth Melissa  1920Union, Butler, Ohio I3539 7_families 
4 Gray, Anna M.  1880Union, Butler, Ohio I14275 7_families 
5 Nunner, Anna May  1910Union, Butler, Ohio I94182017 7_families 
6 Nunner, Anna May  1920Union, Butler, Ohio I94182017 7_families 
7 Nunner, Anna May  1930Union, Butler, Ohio I94182017 7_families 
8 Nunner, Anna May  1940Union, Butler, Ohio I94182017 7_families 
9 Skinner, Albert G.  1910Union, Butler, Ohio I94182021 7_families 
10 Skinner, Albert G.  1920Union, Butler, Ohio I94182021 7_families 
11 Skinner, Albert G.  1930Union, Butler, Ohio I94182021 7_families 
12 Skinner, Arthur R.  1910Union, Butler, Ohio I94182020 7_families 
13 Skinner, Arthur R.  1920Union, Butler, Ohio I94182020 7_families 
14 Skinner, Arthur R.  1930Union, Butler, Ohio I94182020 7_families 
15 Skinner, Carey E  1900Union, Butler, Ohio I94182023 7_families 
16 Skinner, Carey E  1910Union, Butler, Ohio I94182023 7_families 
17 Skinner, Carey E  1920Union, Butler, Ohio I94182023 7_families 
18 Skinner, Carey E  1930Union, Butler, Ohio I94182023 7_families 
19 Skinner, Daniel  1900Union, Butler, Ohio I94157396 7_families 
20 Skinner, Daniel  1910Union, Butler, Ohio I94157396 7_families 
21 Skinner, Delinor  1900Union, Butler, Ohio I94182024 7_families 
22 Skinner, John C.  1900Union, Butler, Ohio I94157446 7_families 
23 Skinner, John C.  1910Union, Butler, Ohio I94157446 7_families 
24 Skinner, John C.  1920Union, Butler, Ohio I94157446 7_families 
25 Skinner, John C.  1930Union, Butler, Ohio I94157446 7_families 
26 Skinner, Walter Ray  1900Union, Butler, Ohio I94157448 7_families 
27 Skinner, Walter Ray  1910Union, Butler, Ohio I94157448 7_families 
28 Skinner, Walter Ray  1920Union, Butler, Ohio I94157448 7_families 
29 Skinner, Walter Ray  1930Union, Butler, Ohio I94157448 7_families 
30 Skinner, Walter Ray  1940Union, Butler, Ohio I94157448 7_families 
31 Skinner, William J.  1910Union, Butler, Ohio I94182022 7_families 
32 Skinner, William J.  1920Union, Butler, Ohio I94182022 7_families 
33 Skinner, William J.  1930Union, Butler, Ohio I94182022 7_families