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Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gabbitas, Mary  23 Aug 1784Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I8634 Hoggard 
2 Hall, Florence A.  1878Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I146306 Hoggard 
3 Hoggard, Ann  31 May 1824Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I26345 Hoggard 
4 Hoggard, Annie  Abt 1862Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15333 Hoggard 
5 Hoggard, Catherine Susan  22 Nov 1863Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I48791 Hoggard 
6 Hoggard, Emma  1856Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15332 Hoggard 
7 Hoggard, Emma  May 1856Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15197 Hoggard 
8 Hoggard, Ethel  1881Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15365 Hoggard 
9 Hoggard, Ethel  6 Dec 1882Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15203 Hoggard 
10 Hoggard, Francis  28 Mar 1811Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15181 Hoggard 
11 Hoggard, Francis  20 Dec 1840Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15190 Hoggard 
12 Hoggard, Frederick Horace  23 Dec 1896Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15209 Hoggard 
13 Hoggard, George Gabbitas  31 Jan 1802Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I8635 Hoggard 
14 Hoggard, Gertrude Mabel  12 Mar 1890Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15206 Hoggard 
15 Hoggard, Gertrude Mary  1890Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15368 Hoggard 
16 Hoggard, Gladys Irene  1894Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I132885 Hoggard 
17 Hoggard, Gladys Irene  22 Oct 1894Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15208 Hoggard 
18 Hoggard, Harold  30 Oct 1892Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I46808 Hoggard 
19 Hoggard, Harold  30 Nov 1892Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15369 Hoggard 
20 Hoggard, Henry  30 Jul 1820Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I8639 Hoggard 
21 Hoggard, Henry  1847Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15331 Hoggard 
22 Hoggard, Henry  16 Jan 1853Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15196 Hoggard 
23 Hoggard, Horace Bown  1903Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15371 Hoggard 
24 Hoggard, John  10 Apr 1813Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I8638 Hoggard 
25 Hoggard, Lucy  19 Feb 1809Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I8636 Hoggard 
26 Hoggard, Lucy Emma Jane  1888Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I132884 Hoggard 
27 Hoggard, Lucy Emma Jane  8 Jul 1888Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15205 Hoggard 
28 Hoggard, Lucy Weston  13 Nov 1878Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15201 Hoggard 
29 Hoggard, Maria  19 Dec 1803Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I3949 Hoggard 
30 Hoggard, Mary  6 Oct 1842Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15191 Hoggard 
31 Hoggard, Mary Ann  8 Aug 1816Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I8637 Hoggard 
32 Hoggard, Percy Henry  1886Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I132883 Hoggard 
33 Hoggard, Percy Henry  21 Mar 1886Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15204 Hoggard 
34 Hoggard, Sarah  21 Feb 1839Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15189 Hoggard 
35 Hoggard, Susan  1 Mar 1844Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15192 Hoggard 
36 Hoggard, William  17 Sep 1806Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15186 Hoggard 
37 Hoggard, William Weston  1875Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15363 Hoggard 
38 Hoggard, William Weston  31 Oct 1880Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15202 Hoggard 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beaumont, Charles Henry  1 Jan 1838Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I48606 Hoggard 
2 Hoggard, Ann  20 Jan 1850Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15195 Hoggard 
3 Hoggard, Catherine Susan  3 Nov 1867Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I48791 Hoggard 
4 Hoggard, Emma  13 May 1856Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15197 Hoggard 
5 Hoggard, Fanny  1845Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15193 Hoggard 
6 Hoggard, Henry  20 Jan 1853Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15196 Hoggard 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoggard, Emma  1860Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15332 Hoggard 
2 Hoggard, Emma  5 Jan 1860Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15197 Hoggard 
3 Hoggard, Francis  3 May 1819Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15181 Hoggard 
4 Hoggard, Frederick Horace  29 Sep 1898Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15209 Hoggard 
5 Hoggard, Lucy Weston  17 Feb 1879Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15201 Hoggard 
6 Hoggard, Maria  5 May 1805Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I3949 Hoggard 
7 Hoggard, William  24 Nov 1878Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15186 Hoggard 
8 Marshall, Mary  16 Mar 1889Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15194 Hoggard 
9 Ward, Elizabeth (Waer)  26 Oct 1846Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15187 Hoggard 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoggard, William  27 Nov 1878Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15186 Hoggard 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gabbitas, Mary  1841Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I8634 Hoggard 
2 Hoggard, Ann  1861Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15195 Hoggard 
3 Hoggard, Catherine Susan  1871Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I48791 Hoggard 
4 Hoggard, Elinor E.  1881Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I146308 Hoggard 
5 Hoggard, Elinor E.  1891Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I146308 Hoggard 
6 Hoggard, Ethel  1891Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15203 Hoggard 
7 Hoggard, Fanny  1861Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15193 Hoggard 
8 Hoggard, Francis  1841Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15190 Hoggard 
9 Hoggard, George  1841Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I8642 Hoggard 
10 Hoggard, Gertrude Mabel  1891Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15206 Hoggard 
11 Hoggard, Henry  1861Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15196 Hoggard 
12 Hoggard, Henry  1871Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15196 Hoggard 
13 Hoggard, Henry  1881Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15196 Hoggard 
14 Hoggard, Henry  1891Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15196 Hoggard 
15 Hoggard, John  1841Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I3943 Hoggard 
16 Hoggard, Lucy Emma Jane  1891Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15205 Hoggard 
17 Hoggard, Martha  1841Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15188 Hoggard 
18 Hoggard, Percy Henry  1891Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15204 Hoggard 
19 Hoggard, Sarah  1841Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15189 Hoggard 
20 Hoggard, William  1841Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15186 Hoggard 
21 Hoggard, William  1861Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15186 Hoggard 
22 Hoggard, William  1871Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15186 Hoggard 
23 Hoggard, William Weston  1881Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15202 Hoggard 
24 Hoggard, William Weston  1891Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15202 Hoggard 
25 Marshall, Mary  1861Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15194 Hoggard 
26 Marshall, Mary  1871Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15194 Hoggard 
27 Marshall, Mary  1881Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15194 Hoggard 
28 Ward, Elizabeth (Waer)  1841Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15187 Hoggard 
29 Weston, Mary Kate  1881Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15200 Hoggard 
30 Weston, Mary Kate  1891Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15200 Hoggard 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoggard, John  Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I3943 Hoggard 
2 Hoggard, William  Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England I15186 Hoggard 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Beaumont / Hoggard  28 Jan 1838Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England F4263 Hoggard 
2 Camm / Hoggard  12 Mar 1854Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England F6993 Hoggard 
3 Hall / Hoggard  22 Nov 1877Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England F6996 Hoggard 
4 Hoggard / Gabbitas  19 Apr 1803Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England F2035 Hoggard 
5 Hoggard / Weston  Abt 1877Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England F6997 Hoggard 
6 Mourtney / Hoggard  5 Oct 1853Walesby, Nottinghamshire, England F6994 Hoggard