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Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.387778, Longitude: -111.421667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Batty, Lettie  17 Sep 1906Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I920 7_families 
2 Cook, Isabella  5 May 1893Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I24785848 7_families 
3 Davis, Elden Robert  18 Sep 1914Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604738 7_families 
4 Davis, Violet  25 May 1918Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604767 7_families 
5 Gardner, Ada Myrtle  10 Sep 1895Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439105 7_families 
6 Gardner, Albert Delosse  19 Mar 1896Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439106 7_families 
7 Gardner, DeVar Roe  23 Aug 1935Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604769 7_families 
8 Gardner, Ellsworth L.  26 Sep 1913Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439110 7_families 
9 Gardner, Emeda  21 Jun 1909Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604764 7_families 
10 Gardner, Ethel  20 Apr 1899Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439107 7_families 
11 Gardner, Fred Rulon  1 Oct 1901Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439108 7_families 
12 Gardner, George Albert  4 Feb 1872Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439104 7_families 
13 Gardner, Glenn M.  24 Sep 1919Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45578007 7_families 
14 Gardner, Mack  1 Oct 1931Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604763 7_families 
15 Gardner, Orval  30 Oct 1903Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439109 7_families 
16 Gardner, Violet  13 Nov 1934Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604768 7_families 
17 Graham, Mildred  24 Aug 1921Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604736 7_families 
18 Jacobson, J. D.  30 Apr 1918Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604735 7_families 
19 Keeler, Sarah Edith  7 Sep 1876Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439126 7_families 
20 Kerby, Isabella  12 Jan 1870Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439085 7_families 
21 Lamb, Vivien  30 Jun 1915Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604733 7_families 
22 Logie, Silas James  14 Mar 1859Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I3657 7_families 
23 Moore, Sarah Ann  23 May 1880Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I43569131 7_families 
24 Penrod, Ada Ellen  5 Aug 1876Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439079 7_families 
25 Penrod, Dean Juan  14 Sep 1900Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439095 7_families 
26 Penrod, Deloss Wells  10 Aug 1874Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439080 7_families 
27 Penrod, Ellen  24 May 1908Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439087 7_families 
28 Penrod, Eva Elmina  12 Jun 1878Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439081 7_families 
29 Penrod, Francis Abraham  6 Sep 1893Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439086 7_families 
30 Penrod, Harriett Dot  22 Nov 1898Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45421568 7_families 
31 Penrod, Lavon  8 Oct 1905Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439092 7_families 
32 Penrod, Louise  5 Apr 1905Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45055321 7_families 
33 Penrod, Mabel  4 Jul 1897Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45055315 7_families 
34 Penrod, Madella  21 Mar 1899Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45055317 7_families 
35 Penrod, Ora Minerva  13 Aug 1880Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439082 7_families 
36 Penrod, Owen Keller  15 Aug 1897Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439094 7_families 
37 Penrod, Paul  15 Sep 1902Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439089 7_families 
38 Penrod, Vera  16 Nov 1902Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439091 7_families 
39 Penrod, William  30 Sep 1896Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45421567 7_families 
40 Pickup, George Melvin  20 Jan 1873Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439120 7_families 
41 Pickup, Olive Laurina  24 Aug 1871Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439124 7_families 
42 Sabey, Barta  18 Dec 1915Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604729 7_families 
43 Sabey, Charles G.  27 Dec 1917Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604730 7_families 
44 Sabey, Colleen  19 Feb 1939Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604734 7_families 
45 Sabey, Ellis Berdell  30 Jan 1914Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604728 7_families 
46 Sabey, Ellis Clark  23 Aug 1892Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604727 7_families 
47 Sabey, Nola  12 Dec 1919Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604731 7_families 
48 Sabey, Stanley D.  7 Mar 1924Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604732 7_families 
49 Sabin, Eva Thelma  18 Oct 1901Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439113 7_families 
50 Stewart, Malinda  15 Jun 1880Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I8273825 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Durfee, Ellen Elizabeth  6 May 1925Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25347112 7_families 
2 Gardner, Mack  14 Jan 1932Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604763 7_families 
3 Gardner, Orval  8 May 1970Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439109 7_families 
4 Gardner, Violet  13 Nov 1934Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604768 7_families 
5 Graham, Mildred  30 Oct 1990Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604736 7_families 
6 Penrod, Abraham  26 Dec 1893Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439078 7_families 
7 Penrod, Ada Ellen  15 Jun 1951Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439079 7_families 
8 Penrod, Ora Minerva  23 May 1881Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439082 7_families 
9 Sabey, Charles G.  19 Aug 1986Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604730 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, Violet  28 Mar 1996Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604767 7_families 
2 Durfee, Ellen Elizabeth  9 May 1925Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25347112 7_families 
3 Edwards, Thora  7 Nov 1972Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604756 7_families 
4 Ercanbrack, Julia Ruth  Nov 1995Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604755 7_families 
5 Gardner, Ada Myrtle  5 Jun 1929Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439105 7_families 
6 Gardner, Ellsworth L.  21 Feb 1986Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439110 7_families 
7 Gardner, Emeda  22 Apr 2002Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604764 7_families 
8 Gardner, Ethel  13 Jul 1991Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439107 7_families 
9 Gardner, Fred Rulon  23 Feb 1966Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439108 7_families 
10 Gardner, Ida May  Nov 1918Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604741 7_families 
11 Gardner, Mack  16 Jan 1932Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604763 7_families 
12 Gardner, Orval  11 May 1970Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439109 7_families 
13 Gardner, Violet  14 Nov 1934Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604768 7_families 
14 Graham, Mildred  2 Nov 1990Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604736 7_families 
15 Kilburn, Sally Ann  14 Jul 1940Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25576910 7_families 
16 Penrod, David Abraham  7 Oct 1949Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25439083 7_families 
17 Sabey, Charles G.  22 Aug 1986Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604730 7_families 
18 Sabey, Ellis Clark  13 Jan 1941Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604727 7_families 
19 Taylor, Bliss C.  15 Mar 2005Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604766 7_families 
20 Taylor, Georgia Rose  7 Jun 1989Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604762 7_families 
21 Taylor, Robert Ephraim  4 Jan 1924Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25505301 7_families 
22 Taylor, Wayne Clark  23 Jun 2000Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604765 7_families 
23 Wall, Amasa  10 Oct 1966Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I45604753 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Taylor, Robert Ephraim  1900Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I25505301 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Move    Person ID   Tree 
1 Logie, Charles Joseph Gordon  Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah I431 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gardner / Davis  19 Oct 1934Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah F15155105 7_families 
2 Gardner / Edwards  12 Jun 1928Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah F15155100 7_families 
3 Gardner / Taylor  15 Aug 1928Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah F15155103 7_families 
4 Mitchell / Penrod  28 Jan 1916Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah F14954768 7_families 
5 Sabey / Gardner  19 Feb 1913Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah F15155087 7_families 
6 Sabey / Lamb  15 Dec 1933Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah F15155088 7_families 
7 Taylor / Gardner  29 Feb 1928Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah F15155104 7_families 
8 Taylor / Kilburn  20 Dec 1884Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah F8272641 7_families 
9 Wall / Gardner  21 Apr 1920Wallsburg, Wasatch, Utah F15155098 7_families