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Washington, Clinton, Indiana


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 38.658665, Longitude: -87.170191


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Priscilla  1860Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24784987 7_families 
2 Brand, Merlin Troy  1920Washington, Clinton, Indiana I72609213 7_families 
3 Brooks, Thomas J.  1860Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24816956 7_families 
4 Foresman, Cecil Ray  1920Washington, Clinton, Indiana I72609214 7_families 
5 Foresman, Jay B.  1920Washington, Clinton, Indiana I72609215 7_families 
6 Foresman, Robert A.  1920Washington, Clinton, Indiana I72449895 7_families 
7 Foresman, William Seth  1920Washington, Clinton, Indiana I72609216 7_families 
8 Ryan, Albert  1860Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817033 7_families 
9 Ryan, Albert  1870Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817033 7_families 
10 Ryan, Alice S.  1860Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817032 7_families 
11 Ryan, Alice S.  1870Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817032 7_families 
12 Ryan, Ida  1860Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817036 7_families 
13 Ryan, Jesse  1860Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24816950 7_families 
14 Ryan, Jesse  1870Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24816950 7_families 
15 Ryan, Jesse  1870Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817037 7_families 
16 Ryan, Jesse  1880Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24816950 7_families 
17 Ryan, Josephine  1860Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817035 7_families 
18 Ryan, Josephine  1870Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817035 7_families 
19 Ryan, Miranda J.  1860Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817034 7_families 
20 Ryan, Miranda J.  1870Washington, Clinton, Indiana I24817034 7_families