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Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.7142665, Longitude: -72.6525922


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bordman, Samuel  7 Jul 1668Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165555 7_families 
2 Dix, Sarah  1658Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165754 7_families 
3 Francis, Abigail  14 Feb 1660Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165789 7_families 
4 Francis, Abigail  8 Mar 1695Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165745 7_families 
5 Francis, Daniel  18 Sep 1700Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165749 7_families 
6 Francis, Hannah  15 Feb 1703Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165530 7_families 
7 Francis, James  1 Mar 1662Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165791 7_families 
8 Francis, James  13 Oct 1685Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165733 7_families 
9 Francis, John  4 Sep 1658Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165726 7_families 
10 Francis, John  12 Oct 1684Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165728 7_families 
11 Francis, Joseph  9 Nov 1698Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165755 7_families 
12 Francis, Mary  11 Oct 1656Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165787 7_families 
13 Francis, Mary  26 May 1689Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165738 7_families 
14 Francis, Mercy  24 Jan 1710Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165752 7_families 
15 Francis, Prudence  24 Jan 1708Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6168948 7_families 
16 Francis, Robert  6 Nov 1653Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165786 7_families 
17 Francis, Robert  13 Feb 1692Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165744 7_families 
18 Francis, Robert  25 Jan 1697Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165747 7_families 
19 Francis, Sarah  15 Aug 1664Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165792 7_families 
20 Francis, Sarah  6 Mar 1705Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165751 7_families 
21 Francis, Siberance  23 Aug 1687Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165736 7_families 
22 Francis, Thomas  4 Feb 1690Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165740 7_families 
23 Goodrich, Elizabeth  2 Nov 1645Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180689 7_families 
24 Goodrich, Hannah  3 Feb 1659Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180716 7_families 
25 Goodrich, John  5 Sep 1647Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180688 7_families 
26 Goodrich, Jonathon  Abt 1665Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180682 7_families 
27 Goodrich, Joseph  10 Jan 1653Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180685 7_families 
28 Goodrich, Mary  13 Nov 1651Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165673 7_families 
29 Goodrich, Son  5 Jul 1670Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180681 7_families 
30 Goodridge, John  20 May 1653Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180684 7_families 
31 Hale, Elizabeth  31 Aug 1617Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6166725 7_families 
32 Hale, Mary  8 Oct 1609Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6166729 7_families 
33 Topping, John  1636Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I1164867 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Belcher, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1682Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6181289 7_families 
2 Chatterton, Mercy  13 Oct 1745Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165727 7_families 
3 Edwards, Elizabeth  5 Jul 1670Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180690 7_families 
4 Edwards, Thomas  27 Jul 1683Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180643 7_families 
5 Francis, John  28 Dec 1711Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165726 7_families 
6 Francis, Mrs. Joane .  19 Jan 1705Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165785 7_families 
7 Francis, Robert  25 Mar 1695Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165744 7_families 
8 Francis, Robert  2 Jan 1712Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165784 7_families 
9 Francis, Susannah  23 Apr 1734Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165796 7_families 
10 Goodrich, John  6 Apr 1660Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180693 7_families 
11 Goodrich, Mary  18 Jun 1735Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165673 7_families 
12 Goodrich, Son  5 Jul 1670Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180681 7_families 
13 Goodrich, William  1675-1676Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180654 7_families 
14 Goodrich, William  1 Jul 1678Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180656 7_families 
15 Goodridge, John  5 Sep 1730Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180684 7_families 
16 North, John  6 Aug 1682Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6165794 7_families 
17 Smith, Mary  19 Jan 1712Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6166732 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Goodrich, William  1676Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut I6180654 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Butler / Goodrich  1667Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1908158 7_families 
2 Francis / Chatterton  16 Jan 1683Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1908094 7_families 
3 Goodrich / Edwards  1645Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1913879 7_families 
4 Goodrich / Foote  4 Apr 1674Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1913761 7_families 
5 Goodridge / Allen  28 Mar 1678Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1913751 7_families 
6 Hale / Smith  1642Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1908561 7_families 
7 North / Francis  15 Apr 1671Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1908203 7_families 
8 Rose / Goodrich  1664Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut F1913758 7_families