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Winnett, Petroleum, Montana


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 47.012284, Longitude: -108.347546


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Frances Marion  1892Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I44716 7_families 
2 Anderson, Lloyd  1902Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I44718 7_families 
3 Anderson, Marion Grant  1928Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I43881 7_families 
4 Anderson, Wallace Peterson  1899Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I44719 7_families 
5 Atwood, Nellie  Jun 1864Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I89119 7_families 
6 Bell, Muriel Frances  25 Jun 1946Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I41212 7_families 
7 Betts, May  1890Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18055 7_families 
8 Boltenhouse, Lillian  Apr 1905Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I42716 7_families 
9 Bremner, Alfred  1898Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I61562 7_families 
10 Bremner, Ruby Isabella  Abt 1897Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18747 7_families 
11 Cameron, Elspeth  8 Mar 1947Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I61724 7_families 
12 Crosbie, Keith Ernest  22 Apr 1949Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I61703 7_families 
13 Currier, Inez  20 Nov 1919Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I65360 7_families 
14 Davidson, Mary  Abt 1853Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18035 7_families 
15 Davidson, Susan Heather  1951Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I61719 7_families 
16 Dickie, Alexandra  10 Sep 1865Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18043 7_families 
17 Dickson, Henderson  1900Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I123848 7_families 
18 Drysdale, Frances May  2 Jun 1875Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I152 7_families 
19 Fayle, Elmer George Patrick  17 Mar 1945Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I82138 7_families 
20 Flett, Mary Jane  1865Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18042 7_families 
21 Fraser, Lorne Danforth  1 Jul 1922Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I82165 7_families 
22 Hamilton, Alexander L.  1866Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I84833 7_families 
23 Hamilton, Alma Catherine  25 Oct 1876Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I84837 7_families 
24 Hamilton, Margaret L.  1862Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I84832 7_families 
25 Joudry, Louisa  Abt 1830Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I39921 7_families 
26 Kerr, Janet Elizabeth  1912Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18299 7_families 
27 Leslie, Michael Donald  13 Mar 1962Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I71553 7_families 
28 Loggie, Ira George  25 Sep 1899Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18089 7_families 
29 Macknight, Jane M.  11 Dec 1868Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I49158 7_families 
30 Macwilliam, Alvin Norman  1908Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I51955 7_families 
31 McKnight, J. Gordon  1922Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I53705 7_families 
32 McLean, John Wishart  13 Jun 1911Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I98327 7_families 
33 Morrison, Arnold  Abt 1874Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I62944 7_families 
34 Morrison, Bruce Creighton  23 Oct 1885Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18418 7_families 
35 Morrison, Clara  2 Nov 1891Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I62945 7_families 
36 Morrison, George  5 Mar 1928Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I52370 7_families 
37 Morrison, Harold Alexander  19 Oct 1875Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I45091 7_families 
38 Morrison, Harvey Joseph  1900Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I51308 7_families 
39 Morrison, Leslie Ann  1954Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I44944 7_families 
40 Morrison, Ruth  1924Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I19036 7_families 
41 Orr, Ruth  1910Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18016 7_families 
42 Robertson, Belmore Minnie  1875Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I82143 7_families 
43 Sanderson, Sarah Isabella  Mar 1839Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I95910 7_families 
44 Simpson, James M.  11 May 1865Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I61520 7_families 
45 Skillen, Kathryn Ann  1960Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I43872 7_families 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, William Royce  31 Oct 1985Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I43896 7_families 
2 Boltenhouse, Lillian  13 Sep 1905Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I42716 7_families 
3 Loggie, Cecil Audrey Lorne  1981Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18012 7_families 
4 Loggie, John Dickinson  1967Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18061 7_families 
5 Logie, Janet Simpson  1935Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18347 7_families 
6 McLean, John Wishart  24 Jun 1911Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I98327 7_families 
7 Orr, Ruth  1986Winnett, Petroleum, Montana I18016 7_families 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Haley  Abt 1922Winnett, Petroleum, Montana F17617 7_families 
2 Boltenhouse / Ferguson  16 Jul 1900Winnett, Petroleum, Montana F17474 7_families 
3 Loggie / Frost  1 Jun 1910Winnett, Petroleum, Montana F8394 7_families 
4 Loggie / McDonald  Abt 1866Winnett, Petroleum, Montana F8350 7_families 
5 Logie / Betts  Abt 1910Winnett, Petroleum, Montana F8061 7_families 
6 Logie / Fraser  12 Nov 1912Winnett, Petroleum, Montana F8183 7_families 
7 McKnight / Bell  29 Oct 1863Winnett, Petroleum, Montana F8353 7_families 
8 McKnight / Sewell  Abt 1896Winnett, Petroleum, Montana F7047 7_families 
9 McLean / Murray  Winnett, Petroleum, Montana F28227 7_families