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York, Union, Ohio


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.3988161, Longitude: -83.4536844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bumgartner, Cleo Mary  1886York, Union, Ohio I43204306 7_families 
2 Chandler, Valerius R.  Feb 1869York, Union, Ohio I43204171 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chandler, Abiel Walker  1860York, Union, Ohio I6291363 7_families 
2 Chandler, Abiel Walker  1870York, Union, Ohio I6291363 7_families 
3 Chandler, Anson H.  1870York, Union, Ohio I20890745 7_families 
4 Chandler, Baidee  1870York, Union, Ohio I43204170 7_families 
5 Chandler, Baidee  1900York, Union, Ohio I43204170 7_families 
6 Chandler, Charles Scott  1900York, Union, Ohio I43204298 7_families 
7 Chandler, Charles Scott  1920York, Union, Ohio I43204298 7_families 
8 Chandler, Clara M.  1870York, Union, Ohio I43204167 7_families 
9 Chandler, Clara May  1870York, Union, Ohio I43204172 7_families 
10 Chandler, Clara May  1910York, Union, Ohio I43204172 7_families 
11 Chandler, Clyde S.  1870York, Union, Ohio I43204169 7_families 
12 Chandler, Cora  1900York, Union, Ohio I43204299 7_families 
13 Chandler, Ernest C.  1900York, Union, Ohio I43204297 7_families 
14 Chandler, Ernest T.  1870York, Union, Ohio I43204168 7_families 
15 Chandler, Lawrence L.  1900York, Union, Ohio I43204300 7_families 
16 Chandler, Milton L.  1870York, Union, Ohio I43204173 7_families 
17 Chandler, Milton L.  1880York, Union, Ohio I43204173 7_families 
18 Chandler, Milton L.  1900York, Union, Ohio I43204173 7_families 
19 Chandler, Orange S.  1860York, Union, Ohio I43204164 7_families 
20 Chandler, Valerius R.  1860York, Union, Ohio I43204165 7_families 
21 Chandler, Valerius R.  1870York, Union, Ohio I43204171 7_families 
22 Crabtree, Cary Edward  1930York, Union, Ohio I43204317 7_families 
23 Crabtree, Kinzy  1870York, Union, Ohio I43204316 7_families 
24 Crabtree, Kinzy  1910York, Union, Ohio I43204316 7_families 
25 Fields, Cleo Mollie A.  1920York, Union, Ohio I43204310 7_families 
26 Hanawalt, Sarah Ann  1930York, Union, Ohio I43204322 7_families 
27 Hartman, Laverna M.  1920York, Union, Ohio I43204305 7_families 
28 Johnson, Amanda  1870York, Union, Ohio I43204166 7_families 
29 Johnson, Amanda  1900York, Union, Ohio I43204166 7_families 
30 Jolliffe, Mary Elizabeth  1880York, Union, Ohio I43204296 7_families 
31 Jolliffe, Mary Elizabeth  1900York, Union, Ohio I43204296 7_families 
32 Pierce, Emily Jane (Marinda)  1860York, Union, Ohio I6291372 7_families 
33 Pierce, Emily Jane (Marinda)  1870York, Union, Ohio I6291372 7_families 
34 Pierce, Emily Jane (Marinda)  1880York, Union, Ohio I6291372 7_families