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Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho


Tree: 7_families
Latitude: 43.469722, Longitude: -111.965833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cook, Lavaughn Lords  19 Oct 1909Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I30875229 7_families 
2 Cook, Weston Omer  8 Jul 1917Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159306 7_families 
3 Empey, Monta  7 May 1922Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I30875239 7_families 
4 Molen, Anna Bernice  3 Jan 1914Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159323 7_families 
5 Molen, Belva Ann  28 Mar 1901Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159300 7_families 
6 Molen, Blanche Irene  5 Feb 1898Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159275 7_families 
7 Molen, Donald F.  2 Oct 1899Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159276 7_families 
8 Molen, Earl Simpson  23 Mar 1903Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159286 7_families 
9 Molen, Ephraim Sterling  3 Jul 1913Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159304 7_families 
10 Molen, Francis Perry  21 May 1907Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159302 7_families 
11 Molen, Genevieve  23 Feb 1897Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159298 7_families 
12 Molen, Iola  12 Nov 1910Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159303 7_families 
13 Molen, Lawrence Wesley  1 Feb 1901Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159280 7_families 
14 Molen, Russell Clinton  8 Oct 1909Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159294 7_families 
15 Molen, Sarah Artella  4 Sep 1904Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159301 7_families 
16 Molen, Vera Gladys  3 May 1900Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159299 7_families 
17 Molen, Vernal Leslie  23 Jun 1905Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159289 7_families 
18 Poulsen, Ethel  7 Apr 1908Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28966269 7_families 
19 Rhodes, Child  1913Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28966222 7_families 
20 Rhodes, Delta  28 Nov 1917Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28897379 7_families 
21 Rhodes, Lola  6 Feb 1909Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28966221 7_families 
22 Rhodes, Marjie Johanna  9 Apr 1916Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28966223 7_families 
23 Rhodes, Merton Franklin  29 Jun 1907Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28897377 7_families 
24 Rhodes, Verda Elizabeth  9 Oct 1911Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28897376 7_families 
25 Ricks, Derrald Francis  3 May 1903Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38053656 7_families 
26 Ricks, Emma Lavonda  10 Apr 1911Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28966242 7_families 
27 Ricks, Emma Lavonda  10 Apr 1911Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38122462 7_families 
28 Ricks, Geneva  29 Nov 1916Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38122464 7_families 
29 Ricks, Geneva Dortha  2 Jan 1906Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38122460 7_families 
30 Ricks, Ruby Bonita  18 Dec 1913Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38122463 7_families 
31 Robison, Maurice LeRoy  20 Apr 1926Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159326 7_families 
32 Robison, Shirley Yvonne  12 Dec 1928Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159327 7_families 
33 Wallace, Clive Streeter  29 Sep 1918Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159270 7_families 
34 Wright, Keith Walter  14 Jul 1937Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I30875232 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ellingford, Samuel  4 Apr 1895Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I6168883 7_families 
2 Molen, Iola  16 Nov 1910Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159303 7_families 
3 Molen, Lawrence Wesley  8 Jul 1974Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159280 7_families 
4 Molen, Perry  21 Aug 1941Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38122223 7_families 
5 Molen, Reed  2 Jul 1968Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159322 7_families 
6 Rhodes, Child  1913Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28966222 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Empey, Sarah Ann  25 May 1942Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38122227 7_families 
2 Molen, Ernest Lawrence  Oct 1914Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38122226 7_families 
3 Molen, Gwendolyn  27 Apr 1960Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159319 7_families 
4 Molen, Mary Geneva  7 Aug 1965Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38057769 7_families 
5 Molen, Perry  24 Aug 1941Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38122223 7_families 
6 Molen, Reed  6 Jul 1968Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159322 7_families 
7 Molen, Vergia May  7 Jan 1991Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159321 7_families 
8 Ormond, Susie Etta  2 Jan 1938Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I38159318 7_families 
9 Ricks, Emma Lavonda  18 Mar 1950Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho I28966242 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Molen / Empey  21 Feb 1895Ammon, Bonneville, Idaho F12597264 7_families