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Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.944745, Longitude: -71.514771


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Alfred  20 Apr 1811Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602945 7_families 
2 Atwood, Caroline  1 Feb 1841Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602956 7_families 
3 Atwood, Clarinda  12 Jul 1822Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602952 7_families 
4 Atwood, Daniel Gordon  12 Apr 1812Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602946 7_families 
5 Atwood, Daniel Webster  25 Jun 1846Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602958 7_families 
6 Atwood, David  24 Mar 1779Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602917 7_families 
7 Atwood, David  15 Dec 1815Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602948 7_families 
8 Atwood, Eliza Jane  25 Jun 1805Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602927 7_families 
9 Atwood, Eliza Morrison  9 Dec 1838Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602955 7_families 
10 Atwood, Gordon Proctor  27 Jun 1878Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602966 7_families 
11 Atwood, Hannah  11 Dec 1802Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602939 7_families 
12 Atwood, Isaac Brooks  17 Apr 1824Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602953 7_families 
13 Atwood, James  4 Nov 1817Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602949 7_families 
14 Atwood, Jane Gordon  21 Aug 1819Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602951 7_families 
15 Atwood, John  Jul 1781Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602918 7_families 
16 Atwood, John  23 Dec 1808Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602943 7_families 
17 Atwood, Joseph Bell  13 Feb 1804Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602940 7_families 
18 Atwood, Julia Ann  10 Jan 1844Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602957 7_families 
19 Atwood, Mary Bell  28 Jun 1804Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602941 7_families 
20 Atwood, Olive  8 Feb 1807Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602942 7_families 
21 Atwood, Sarah  Abt 1814Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602947 7_families 
22 Atwood, Stephen  19 May 1790Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602921 7_families 
23 Atwood, Submit Walker  5 Jul 1783Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602919 7_families 
24 Atwood, Susannah  24 Aug 1810Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602944 7_families 
25 Atwood, Thomas  22 Jul 1785Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602920 7_families 
26 Atwood, William Hiram  12 Sep 1818Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602950 7_families 
27 Atwood, Zaccheus  31 Aug 1792Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602922 7_families 
28 Bailey, Mary  20 Dec 1808Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I15349291 7_families 
29 Barr, Margaret Ann  24 Mar 1815Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602954 7_families 
30 Bell, Mary  12 Apr 1781Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602938 7_families 
31 Boynton, Sarah Jane  6 Dec 1847Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14095 7_families 
32 Gardner, Amos  25 Apr 1794Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71067 7_families 
33 Gardner, Amos Jones  25 Oct 1775Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71059 7_families 
34 Gardner, Betty (Betsey) Elizabeth  15 Jul 1783Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71063 7_families 
35 Gardner, Hulda  12 Jul 1791Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71066 7_families 
36 Gardner, Jacob  1 Oct 1779Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71061 7_families 
37 Gardner, John  15 Jul 1785Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71064 7_families 
38 Gardner, Laban  Oct 1781Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71062 7_families 
39 Gardner, Molly  15 Aug 1777Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71060 7_families 
40 Gardner, Phebe  20 Apr 1789Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71065 7_families 
41 Gardner, Sarah  25 Feb 1774Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I71058 7_families 
42 Manning, Jacob Warren  20 Feb 1826Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I63534404 7_families 
43 McAllister, John Gilman  9 Dec 1841Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I17121 7_families 
44 Reynolds, Edward Francis  21 Jun 1884Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7345265 7_families 
45 Tirrell, Arthur Quincy  2 Jun 1852Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14049 7_families 
46 Tirrill, Harriet  7 Jan 1795Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6943 7_families 
47 Tyrrell, Agnes Nancy  11 Nov 1781Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6921 7_families 
48 Tyrrell, Hughenos  28 Jan 1784Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6922 7_families 
49 Tyrrell, John  3 Mar 1773Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6917 7_families 
50 Tyrrell, Joseph  13 Mar 1775Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6918 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Daniel Gordon  22 Nov 1890Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57602946 7_families 
2 Atwood, Isaac  15 Mar 1836Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57531181 7_families 
3 Chubbuck, Hannah Mrs.  10 Aug 1798Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I57531187 7_families 
4 Gardner, Ezekiel  18 Apr 1828Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I63257813 7_families 
5 Gurney, Sarah  5 Sep 1783Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I2000 7_families 
6 Tirrell, Arthur Quincy  22 Oct 1852Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14049 7_families 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Bell  21 Sep 1802Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F19305075 7_families 
2 Barr / Atwood  Abt 1839Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F19305084 7_families 
3 Bursiel / Atwood  5 Dec 1901Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F19305087 7_families 
4 Spaulding / Atwood  7 May 1829Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F19305078 7_families 
5 Tirrell / Boynton  29 Jun 1875Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F3938 7_families 
6 Tyrrell / McInnes  Abt 1771Bedford, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F894 7_families