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Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.08316, Longitude: -71.01728

Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 42.08316, Longitude: -71.01728


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Charles Carlton  7 Dec 1900Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22241574 7_families 
2 Atwood, Donald (Twin)  11 May 1885Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22242633 7_families 
3 Atwood, Earle Franklin  4 Mar 1906Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22241575 7_families 
4 Atwood, Loring Howard  28 Jan 1900Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22241573 7_families 
5 Atwood, Olive Stuart  17 Mar 1895Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22242610 7_families 
6 Atwood, Ronald (Twin)  11 May 1885Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22242634 7_families 
7 Atwood, Ruth Beatrice  Abt 1910Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22241576 7_families 
8 Crowell, Chris C.  Abt 1895Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22242611 7_families 
9 Heath, Donald Brigham  8 Nov 1861Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I81140 7_families 
10 Holmes, Ruth Mabel  27 Nov 1869Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17104 7_families 
11 Leach, Morton  1879Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I130307 Churchill 
12 Lees, Ruth Elizabeth  16 Oct 1910Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I83330 7_families 
13 Rice, Arlene Frances  20 Apr 1919Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I80888 7_families 
14 Shurtleff, Ethelle May  24 Feb 1881Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16364907 7_families 
15 Shurtleff, Ethelle May  24 Feb 1881Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22284644 7_families 
16 Tirrell, Doris May  23 May 1898Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16875 7_families 
17 Tirrell, Kathryn Rosabelle  14 Oct 1898Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17103 7_families 
18 Tirrell, Kenneth Paul  29 Jan 1898Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16866 7_families 
19 Tirrell, Marion Irene  9 Jan 1898Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16583 7_families 
20 Tirrell, Martha Josephine  18 Jun 1895Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17310 7_families 
21 Tirrell, Ralph  1913Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17257 7_families 
22 Tirrell, Sarah Rebecca Ph.D.  29 Mar 1893Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17101 7_families 
23 Tirrell, Warren Cedric  30 Nov 1895Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17102 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Mary Lincoln  11 Jul 1927Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I15797 7_families 
2 Atwood, Robert C.  1 Feb 1901Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22241501 7_families 
3 Barry, Evelyn  12 Sep 1955Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17255 7_families 
4 Bates, Minnie Sherman  21 Jun 1953Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16987 7_families 
5 Burgess, Henry  20 Jun 1900Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I86858 Churchill 
6 Dewitt, Mary Louise  19 Jan 1952Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I82900 7_families 
7 Gifford, Anna Mary  15 Dec 1923Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I8493 7_families 
8 Green, Ida A.  10 Jan 1937Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16856 7_families 
9 Howe, Norman Tirrell  1 Mar 1983Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I81483 7_families 
10 Kelliher, Nellie  5 May 1920Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17215 7_families 
11 Lapham, Arthur Dyer  2 Jun 1944Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16666 7_families 
12 Nelson, Katherine H.  17 Aug 1969Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16708 7_families 
13 Paul, Mary Augustus  7 Jun 1903Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I14817 7_families 
14 Presbrey, Hattie Malzena  5 Apr 1930Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16870 7_families 
15 Scott, Hattie E.  29 Jul 1920Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17211 7_families 
16 Shurtleff, Herbert  31 Mar 1882Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16364897 7_families 
17 Shurtleff, Herbert  31 Mar 1882Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22284634 7_families 
18 Sprague, Annie Irene  17 Oct 1953Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16690 7_families 
19 Tirrell, Annie Eastham  18 Sep 1900Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16867 7_families 
20 Tirrell, Blanch Nilsson  26 Feb 1965Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17189 7_families 
21 Tirrell, Charles Newton  15 May 1948Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I14935 7_families 
22 Tirrell, Doris May  11 Sep 1898Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16875 7_families 
23 Tirrell, Edward Presbrey  23 May 1961Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16874 7_families 
24 Tirrell, Edwin Francis  18 Apr 1903Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I8270 7_families 
25 Tirrell, Harry Wilson  9 Dec 1930Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I15828 7_families 
26 Tirrell, Jacob  18 Apr 1875Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I7119 7_families 
27 Tirrell, Kenneth Paul  15 Feb 1899Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16866 7_families 
28 Tirrell, Leon Starr  6 Apr 1931Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I15825 7_families 
29 Tirrell, Lester E.  19 Mar 1932Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I15800 7_families 
30 Tirrell, Nellie Frances  10 Oct 1931Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16652 7_families 
31 Tirrell, Ralph  21 May 1926Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I17257 7_families 
32 Tirrell, Richard Granville  20 Jul 1961Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I13996 7_families 
33 Trask, Experience (Pedy)  2 Apr 1838Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I7115 7_families 
34 Ward, Sybilla  12 Mar 1897Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22241492 7_families 
35 Washburn, Sarah Monroe Barstow  22 Nov 1916Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16364901 7_families 
36 Washburn, Sarah Monroe Barstow  22 Nov 1916Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I22284638 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drew, Theodore Clement  1900Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I1337 Churchill 
2 Green, Ida A.  1900Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I16856 7_families 
3 Leach, Albert  1880Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I130304 Churchill 
4 Leach, Lemuel  1880Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I130298 Churchill 
5 Leach, Louise  1880Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I130306 Churchill 
6 Leach, Morton  1880Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I130307 Churchill 
7 Leach, Susan B.  1880Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I130305 Churchill 
8 Morton, Susan Baker  1880Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I66618 Churchill 
9 Prouty, Lucy White  1900Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I1077 Churchill 
10 Tirrell, William Francis  1900Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets I14807 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Cavanaugh  3 Sep 1922Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets F7248047 7_families 
2 Morse / Atwood  13 Apr 1892Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets F7248424 7_families 
3 Tirrell / Adams  1858Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets F4130 7_families 
4 Tirrell / Belmore  2 Feb 1889Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets F6548 7_families 
5 Tirrell / Holmes  1 Jul 1915Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets F6980 7_families 
6 Tirrell / Kelliher  22 Nov 1893Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets F7160 7_families 
7 Tirrell / Rice  29 May 1941Brockton, Plymouth, Massachussets F7484 7_families