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Canterbury, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chilton, Christian  26 Jul 1600Canterbury, Kent, England I54388713 7_families 
2 Chilton, Elizabeth  14 Jul 1594Canterbury, Kent, England I54388711 7_families 
3 Chilton, Ingle  29 Apr 1599Canterbury, Kent, England I54388708 7_families 
4 Chilton, James (Mayflower)  1563Canterbury, Kent, England I54388703 7_families 
5 Chilton, James  22 Aug 1596Canterbury, Kent, England I54388712 7_families 
6 Chilton, James  1 Sep 1602Canterbury, Kent, England I54388714 7_families 
7 Chilton, Jane  8 Jun 1589Canterbury, Kent, England I54388706 7_families 
8 Chilton, Joel  Abt 1590Canterbury, Kent, England I54388710 7_families 
9 Chilton, Mary  Abt 1592Canterbury, Kent, England I54388707 7_families 
10 Chilton, Mary (Mayflower)  1605Canterbury, Kent, England I54178065 7_families 
11 Furner, Susanna  Abt 1564Canterbury, Kent, England I54388704 7_families 
12 Mahieu, Hester  1592Canterbury, Kent, England I3621881 7_families 
13 Mahieu, Mrs. Jennie  Abt 1562Canterbury, Kent, England I3622178 7_families 
14 Roper, Agnes  Abt 1370Canterbury, Kent, England I159125 Wicker 
15 Roper, Agnes  Abt 1390Canterbury, Kent, England I159015 Wicker 
16 Roper, Edmund  Abt 1360Canterbury, Kent, England I159120 Wicker 
17 Roper, John  Abt 1362Canterbury, Kent, England I159124 Wicker 
18 Roper, Mrs. Catherine  Abt 1380Canterbury, Kent, England I159121 Wicker 
19 Roper, Ralph  Abt 1331Canterbury, Kent, England I159122 Wicker 
20 Roper, Rudolph  Abt 1341Canterbury, Kent, England I159129 Wicker 
21 Simmons, Mrs. Sarah  1616Canterbury, Kent, England I3765747 7_families 
22 Wattmer, Frances  1565Canterbury, Kent, England I30022 Stewart 
23 Wynne, Peter  1593Canterbury, Kent, England I30021 Stewart 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Badlesmere, Bartholomew De  14 Apr 1322Canterbury, Kent, England I20550 Stewart 
2 Coppin, Martha  8 Mar 1632Canterbury, Kent, England I30020 Stewart 
3 Roper, Edmund  11 Dec 1433Canterbury, Kent, England I159120 Wicker 
4 Roper, Ralph  1402Canterbury, Kent, England I159122 Wicker 
5 Wynne, Peter  30 May 1638Canterbury, Kent, England I30021 Stewart 
6 Wynne, Robert  6 Sep 1609Canterbury, Kent, England I30023 Stewart 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Mahieu / Conart  1604Canterbury, Kent, England F1203010 7_families 
2 Roper / Roper  Abt 1401Canterbury, Kent, England F58042 Wicker 
3 Wynne / Coppin  12 Aug 1620Canterbury, Kent, England F13825 Stewart 
4 Wynne / Wattmer  1590Canterbury, Kent, England F13826 Stewart