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Chicago, Cook, Illinois


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.850033, Longitude: -87.6500523

Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 41.850033, Longitude: -87.6500523

Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 41.850033, Longitude: -87.6500523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Maude  7 Jul 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I148264 Burgess 
2 Anderson, Maude  7 Jul 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14392192 7_families 
3 Anderson, Ruth Gladys  09 Jul 1919Chicago, Cook, Illinois I4964913 7_families 
4 Atwood, Alice Cora  15 Oct 1854Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242225 7_families 
5 Atwood, Burton Homer  29 Oct 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242215 7_families 
6 Atwood, Wallace Walter  1 Oct 1872Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242214 7_families 
7 Beardsley, Robert Forbes Winslow  18 Jun 1868Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364538 7_families 
8 Beers, Clara Ida  Aug 1855Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242369 7_families 
9 Blake, Mabel Clara  22 Dec 1887Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56622758 7_families 
10 Blue, Yvonne  9 May 1911Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814551 7_families 
11 Bradley, Harriet Towle  2 Apr 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242217 7_families 
12 Bressner, Lawrence Arthur  3 Sep 1945Chicago, Cook, Illinois I101965 Burgess 
13 Burgess, Kenneth Farwell  16 Jul 1919Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16388934 7_families 
14 Burgess, Kenneth Farwell  16 Jul 1919Chicago, Cook, Illinois I156892 Burgess 
15 Burrows, Elizabeth Ellen  28 Sep 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814479 7_families 
16 Caddock, Raymond  12 Jun 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I59595 7_families 
17 Childs, Clara Edith  30 Mar 1881Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242370 7_families 
18 Childs, Madeleine Trowbridge  31 Aug 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242371 7_families 
19 Clayton, Camilla Belle  12 Aug 1881Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364552 7_families 
20 Clayton, Robert F. Winslow  16 Jun 1874Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364551 7_families 
21 Coghlan, Son  13 Feb 1939Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56711697 7_families 
22 David, Geraldine  6 Dec 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16388933 7_families 
23 David, Geraldine  6 Dec 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I156891 Burgess 
24 David, Hazel Geraldine  6 Dec 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I145388 Burgess 
25 David, Hazel Geraldine  6 Dec 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16377430 7_families 
26 Davis, Lauretta Camille  23 Mar 1889Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481076 7_families 
27 Deacon, Dorothy Winslow  16 Nov 1916Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364561 7_families 
28 Delano, Harry George  24 Oct 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois I177103 Burgess 
29 Farrar, Florence  23 Nov 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I4324263 7_families 
30 French, Anna Sarah  21 Nov 1858Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36755348 7_families 
31 French, Ellie S.  1859Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36755349 7_families 
32 French, Henry Dearborn  23 Apr 1863Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36686091 7_families 
33 French, Mary Thorpe  2 Apr 1857Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36755347 7_families 
34 Goggin, William Michael  12 Oct 1860Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481066 7_families 
35 Goggin, William Noble  20 Mar 1890Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481069 7_families 
36 Goggin, William Noble  15 Jan 1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678893 7_families 
37 Henson, Sheila Anne  18 Nov 1948Chicago, Cook, Illinois I84605 7_families 
38 Holt, Marcia Louise  27 Feb 1923Chicago, Cook, Illinois I89106698 7_families 
39 Lincoln, Abraham  14 Aug 1873Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24182194 7_families 
40 Lincoln, Jesse Harlen  6 Nov 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24182185 7_families 
41 Malon, Raymond Ernest  16 Mar 1892Chicago, Cook, Illinois I101982 Burgess 
42 Matthews, Fannie Valeda  1855Chicago, Cook, Illinois I131493 Burgess 
43 Mulford, Edward Mortimer  12 Jul 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678885 7_families 
44 Mulford, Frances Marion  1904Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678888 7_families 
45 Mulford, Hilliard Nelson  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678886 7_families 
46 Mulford, Margery S.  1890Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678884 7_families 
47 Mulford, Ruth  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24678887 7_families 
48 Nichols, James D.  1845Chicago, Cook, Illinois I63726439 7_families 
49 Ray, William Augustus  Abt 1839Chicago, Cook, Illinois I63726426 7_families 
50 Reynolds, Dorothy Catherine  23 Jun 1905Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79622 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Amos  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I21097823 7_families 
2 Atwood, Albert Eugene  11 Aug 1952Chicago, Cook, Illinois I89106390 7_families 
3 Atwood, Lucia Elvira  25 Sep 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22241426 7_families 
4 Atwood, Mary Catherine  8 Apr 1895Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242202 7_families 
5 Bennett, Addie D.  1 Apr 1921Chicago, Cook, Illinois I66833509 7_families 
6 Bressner, Lawrence Arthur  5 Sep 1945Chicago, Cook, Illinois I101965 Burgess 
7 Burch, Besse Beatrice  20 Feb 1938Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242165 7_families 
8 Burgess, Charles Frederick Ph.D.  13 Feb 1945Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16388797 7_families 
9 Burgess, Charles Frederick Ph.D.  13 Feb 1945Chicago, Cook, Illinois I156755 Burgess 
10 Burgess, Kenneth Farwell LL.B.  24 May 1965Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16388799 7_families 
11 Burgess, Kenneth Farwell Ll.B.  24 May 1965Chicago, Cook, Illinois I156757 Burgess 
12 Childs, Clara Edith  Sep 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois I22242370 7_families 
13 Clayton, Robert F. Winslow  30 Jun 1917Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364551 7_families 
14 Clifford, Sarah Melvina  29 Nov 1886Chicago, Cook, Illinois I36755346 7_families 
15 Coghlan, Son  13 Feb 1939Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56711697 7_families 
16 Draper, Harriette  1 Nov 1859Chicago, Cook, Illinois I35231051 7_families 
17 Ellis, Susan  10 Apr 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15349536 7_families 
18 Goggin, William Michael  7 Jul 1932Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481066 7_families 
19 Goggin, William Noble  30 Apr 1955Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481069 7_families 
20 Guernsey, Adeline  9 Aug 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I17127516 7_families 
21 Harris, Zelpha  21 May 1968Chicago, Cook, Illinois I38298127 7_families 
22 Hunting, C Fred  2 Nov 1906Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79645 7_families 
23 Hunting, Matilda L  21 Oct 1885Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79634 7_families 
24 Hunting, Moses Solomon  11 Nov 1898Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79642 7_families 
25 Jones, Anna Maria  11 Oct 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15349632 7_families 
26 Kinsley, Frank  Nov 1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois I132190 Burgess 
27 Lathrop, Caroline Susan  9 Aug 1909Chicago, Cook, Illinois I15349543 7_families 
28 Lincoln, Thomas "Tad"  14 Jul 1871Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24182246 7_families 
29 Loggie, Constance Fayle  1925-1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I18242 7_families 
30 Loggie, Margery Margaret  1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois I18236 7_families 
31 Miller, William  Aft 1925Chicago, Cook, Illinois I18282 7_families 
32 Morse, Henry Eugene  1866Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56622744 7_families 
33 Morse, Ruth Lamira  23 Feb 1896Chicago, Cook, Illinois I56622713 7_families 
34 Mulford, Edgar Theodore  23 Feb 1950Chicago, Cook, Illinois I72549 7_families 
35 Noble, Vennellia Jane  30 May 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481063 7_families 
36 Reynolds, Mark H  14 Jul 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79633 7_families 
37 Stensby, Elenor Delores  2 Nov 1986Chicago, Cook, Illinois I38334900 7_families 
38 Winslow, Harriet Newell  31 Dec 1893Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364525 7_families 
39 Winslow, Isabella Holt  19 May 1933Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364526 7_families 
40 Winslow, John Pitard  27 Apr 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364518 7_families 
41 Winslow, Sumner Mandeville  15 Jun 1891Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364523 7_families 
42 Winslow, Susan Dusenberry  14 Jul 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364520 7_families 
43 Wise, Joseph Albert  Apr 1943Chicago, Cook, Illinois I72275 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Reynolds, Mark H  16 Jul 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I79633 7_families 
2 Winslow, John Pitard  28 Apr 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364518 7_families 
3 Winslow, Sumner Mandeville  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I54364523 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I61907377 7_families 
2 Mary  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I177177 Burgess 
3 Mary  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I177178 Burbank 
4 Beall, Norman E.  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I89106403 7_families 
5 Bishop, Emily Dilman  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I125951 Burgess 
6 Bishop, Emily Dilman  1910Chicago, Cook, Illinois I125952 Burbank 
7 Blue, Robert Bruce M.D.  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814467 7_families 
8 Blue, Robert Bruce M.D.  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814467 7_families 
9 Blue, Yvonne  1880Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814551 7_families 
10 Blue, Yvonne  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814551 7_families 
11 Bowers, Muriel Irene  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1572411 Burgess 
12 Coghlan, Malachy John  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481077 7_families 
13 Cover, Lucien  1870Chicago, Cook, Illinois I94390282 7_families 
14 Delano, Emery Dwight  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I98733 Burgess 
15 Delano, George Aquilla  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I98742 Burgess 
16 Delano, Harry George  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I177103 Burgess 
17 Gilman, Melvin Edward  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1572410 Burgess 
18 Goggin, Eleanor Rose  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I14481075 7_families 
19 McBride, Paul Jennings  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I83524293 7_families 
20 McBride, Paul Jennings  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois I83524293 7_families 
21 McNamara, Ella Agnes  1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois I177102 Burgess 
22 Read, Harriet  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814548 7_families 
23 Read, Harriet  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I24814548 7_families 
24 Snow, Grace Melvina  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1547 7_families 
25 Snow, Grace Melvina  1940Chicago, Cook, Illinois I1547 7_families 
26 Thornton, Harold Irvine  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I31837119 7_families 
27 Thornton, Mrs. Lillian  1930Chicago, Cook, Illinois I31837132 7_families 
28 Tribble, Arthur Lee  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I126000 7_families 
29 Tribble, Arthur Lee  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I126000 Burgess 
30 Tribble, Arthur Lee  1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I126001 Burbank 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lyman, William Cullen M.D.  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I16381829 7_families 
2 Lyman, William Cullen M.D.  Chicago, Cook, Illinois I149787 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passport    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tribble, Arthur Lee  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I126000 7_families 
2 Tribble, Arthur Lee  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I126000 Burgess 
3 Tribble, Arthur Lee  2 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook, Illinois I126001 Burbank 

World War 1 Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War 1 Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Robertson, William Everett  12 Sep 1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois I191582 Burgess 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Quinn  1918Chicago, Cook, Illinois F16 7_families 
2 Atwood / Bradley  22 Sep 1900Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248290 7_families 
3 Atwood / FitzGerald  3 Jun 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7247988 7_families 
4 Atwood / Last  14 Jun 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248262 7_families 
5 Atwood / Stevenson  20 Oct 1903Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248291 7_families 
6 Beall / Atwood  31 Aug 1905Chicago, Cook, Illinois F30374319 7_families 
7 Beckwith / Lincoln  10 Nov 1897Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7820077 7_families 
8 Childs / Beers  30 Jan 1876Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248346 7_families 
9 Deacon / Clayton  3 Mar 1915Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211022 7_families 
10 Goggin / Noble  20 Jan 1886Chicago, Cook, Illinois F4633847 7_families 
11 Gustin / Hall  23 Nov 1927Chicago, Cook, Illinois F28012 7_families 
12 Heckendorn / Reynolds  16 Oct 1937Chicago, Cook, Illinois F30400 7_families 
13 Holmes / Duvall  Chicago, Cook, Illinois F3498 7_families 
14 Kinsley / Burgess  1 Jun 1905Chicago, Cook, Illinois F47829 Burgess 
15 Markham / Dana  17 May 1876Chicago, Cook, Illinois F21557961 7_families 
16 Marquardt / Atwood  Jan 1902Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248343 7_families 
17 Morgan / Winslow  9 Oct 1875Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211015 7_families 
18 Myers /   Oct 1919Chicago, Cook, Illinois F29264187 7_families 
19 Pitt / Atwood  29 Oct 1855Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248288 7_families 
20 Rowley / Flink  5 Jan 1921Chicago, Cook, Illinois F37479 Burgess 
21 Sternberg / Holloway  18 Oct 1938Chicago, Cook, Illinois F12739237 7_families 
22 Thomas / Winslow  14 Feb 1874Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211018 7_families 
23 Tirrell / Butler  14 Sep 1899Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7221 7_families 
24 Tirrell / Herlihy  Sep 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois F31037 7_families 
25 Tyrrell / Webb  30 Jun 1909Chicago, Cook, Illinois F6386 7_families 
26 Weise / Atwood  22 Oct 1901Chicago, Cook, Illinois F7248289 7_families 
27 Winslow / Bristoe  1 Jan 1876Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211009 7_families 
28 Winslow / Wagner  3 Apr 1865Chicago, Cook, Illinois F18211014 7_families 
29 Witt / Meldrum  26 Oct 1944Chicago, Cook, Illinois F14763696 7_families