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Clinton, Boone, Indiana


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 39.65716, Longitude: -87.39896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alexander, Eliza E.  Dec 1865Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778849 7_families 
2 Alexander, Eve L.  Aug 1894Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778864 7_families 
3 Alexander, Frank  1868Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778846 7_families 
4 Alexander, Gertrude  1875Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778862 7_families 
5 Alexander, John B.  14 Apr 1872Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778861 7_families 
6 Bennett, Henry Omer  30 Jul 1876Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6680 7_families 
7 Bennett, John Thomas  6 Aug 1845Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14727 7_families 
8 Bennett, Marion L.  1850Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14729 7_families 
9 Bennett, Mary Avis  19 Mar 1848Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6582 7_families 
10 Bennett, Perry  18 Dec 1847Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14728 7_families 
11 Bennett, William S.  11 Jul 1867Clinton, Boone, Indiana I1430 7_families 
12 Curtis, Nellie  Apr 1876Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51965391 7_families 
13 Dale, William Perry  2 Feb 1878Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6317 7_families 
14 Davis, Orvan Kenneth  30 Dec 1910Clinton, Boone, Indiana I52338538 7_families 
15 Griffin, Alva B.  Apr 1897Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778868 7_families 
16 Griffin, Ethel H.  May 1890Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778866 7_families 
17 Griffin, Guy  Aug 1885Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778865 7_families 
18 Griffin, Rayburn Perry  Nov 1893Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778867 7_families 
19 Hardin, Myrtle H.  1896Clinton, Boone, Indiana I41184579 7_families 
20 Hardin, Noble  15 Oct 1885Clinton, Boone, Indiana I41184575 7_families 
21 Hardin, Omer J.  Mar 1889Clinton, Boone, Indiana I41184576 7_families 
22 Lewis, Charles Wesley  6 Aug 1850Clinton, Boone, Indiana I127259 7_families 
23 Lewis, Eliza Telitha  6 Dec 1853Clinton, Boone, Indiana I65018 7_families 
24 Lewis, George  4 Mar 1856Clinton, Boone, Indiana I127255 7_families 
25 Lewis, Isaac Bennett  4 Mar 1856Clinton, Boone, Indiana I127254 7_families 
26 Lewis, John Anderson  18 May 1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I127256 7_families 
27 Lewis, Joseph W.  1 Apr 1862Clinton, Boone, Indiana I119118 7_families 
28 Lewis, Martha Ellen  21 Jul 1849Clinton, Boone, Indiana I127258 7_families 
29 Lewis, Mary Jane  23 Oct 1857Clinton, Boone, Indiana I127253 7_families 
30 Lewis, Robert Grant  20 Jun 1864Clinton, Boone, Indiana I119119 7_families 
31 Lewis, William  18 Jun 1852Clinton, Boone, Indiana I127257 7_families 
32 Luse, Nellie B.  11 Dec 1894Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6496 7_families 
33 Perkins, Osa Maud  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I41184574 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Eliza Ann  21 Mar 1868Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14526 7_families 
2 Anderson, Hiram  10 Nov 1853Clinton, Boone, Indiana I1469 7_families 
3 Bennett, John  4 Sep 1881Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14515 7_families 
4 Bennett, Perry  10 Jun 1908Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14728 7_families 
5 Foresman, William Seth  8 Nov 1992Clinton, Boone, Indiana I72609216 7_families 
6 Lewis, Martha Ellen  1 Aug 1849Clinton, Boone, Indiana I127258 7_families 
7 Perkins, George R.  11 Aug 1882Clinton, Boone, Indiana I41184571 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Matilda  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778869 7_families 
2 Aldrich, Adaline  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6684 7_families 
3 Alexander, Andrew  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778845 7_families 
4 Alexander, Andrew  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778845 7_families 
5 Alexander, Andrew  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778845 7_families 
6 Alexander, Calaway  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778859 7_families 
7 Alexander, Calaway  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778859 7_families 
8 Alexander, Calaway  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778859 7_families 
9 Alexander, Eliza E.  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778849 7_families 
10 Alexander, Eliza E.  1900Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778849 7_families 
11 Alexander, Eliza E.  1910Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778849 7_families 
12 Alexander, Eliza E.  1920Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778849 7_families 
13 Alexander, Eve L.  1900Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778864 7_families 
14 Alexander, Frank  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778846 7_families 
15 Alexander, Frank  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778846 7_families 
16 Alexander, Frank  1900Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778846 7_families 
17 Alexander, Gertrude  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778862 7_families 
18 Alexander, John B.  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778861 7_families 
19 Alexander, Lydia E.  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778847 7_families 
20 Alexander, Nancy Helen  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778860 7_families 
21 Alexander, Rosa Mary  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778853 7_families 
22 Alexander, Rosa Mary  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778853 7_families 
23 Alexander, Serilda A.  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778858 7_families 
24 Alexander, Serilda A.  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I51778858 7_families 
25 Anderson, Alonzo B.  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I57715 7_families 
26 Anderson, Edy Alice  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I135354 7_families 
27 Anderson, Hannah  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I47858 7_families 
28 Anderson, Ida May  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I1590 7_families 
29 Anderson, Luretta Ann  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I95333 7_families 
30 Anderson, Mary Esley Asenath  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I57733 7_families 
31 Anderson, Mary Jane  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I1475 7_families 
32 Anderson, Mary Jane  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I1475 7_families 
33 Anderson, Robert Orville  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I135356 7_families 
34 Anderson, Thomas F.  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I47855 7_families 
35 Beach, Mary  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6256 7_families 
36 Bennett, Adria A.  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I1423 7_families 
37 Bennett, Adria A.  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I1423 7_families 
38 Bennett, Adria Ann  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6589 7_families 
39 Bennett, Adria Ann  1900Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6589 7_families 
40 Bennett, Andrew J.  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I1421 7_families 
41 Bennett, Andrew J.  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I1421 7_families 
42 Bennett, Carrie  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6686 7_families 
43 Bennett, Carson William  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I6802 7_families 
44 Bennett, Catherine  1850Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14513 7_families 
45 Bennett, Catherine  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14513 7_families 
46 Bennett, Catherine  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14513 7_families 
47 Bennett, David Britton  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I3512 7_families 
48 Bennett, Elizabeth Melissa  1880Clinton, Boone, Indiana I3539 7_families 
49 Bennett, Emeline  1860Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14722 7_families 
50 Bennett, Emeline  1870Clinton, Boone, Indiana I14722 7_families 

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