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Danville, Caledonia, Vermont


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 44.4114954, Longitude: -72.14009


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blanchard, Rebecca  4 Jan 1797Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726405 7_families 
2 Drew, Ada Anise  11 Dec 1839Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030506 7_families 
3 Drew, Almira  20 Dec 1817Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030442 7_families 
4 Drew, Augusta A.  9 Aug 1840Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030490 7_families 
5 Drew, Cynthia June  1836Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030505 7_families 
6 Drew, Dorothy  7 Sep 1821Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030444 7_families 
7 Drew, George R.  15 Nov 1827Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030447 7_families 
8 Drew, Holman R.  25 Nov 1833Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030481 7_families 
9 Drew, Isaac Kimball  7 Dec 1819Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030443 7_families 
10 Drew, Maria T.  4 Feb 1847Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030492 7_families 
11 Drew, Martin Van Buren  4 Feb 1842Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030488 7_families 
12 Drew, Myron Kimball  21 Apr 1823Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030445 7_families 
13 Drew, Ora N.  13 Apr 1844Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030491 7_families 
14 Drew, Sally S.  6 Dec 1825Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030446 7_families 
15 Drew, Sarah Jane  22 Sep 1838Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030489 7_families 
16 Drew, Son  4 Oct 1854Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030494 7_families 
17 Drew, Thaddeus Ward  10 Jan 1825Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030499 7_families 
18 Drew, Theophilus  5 Nov 1829Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030448 7_families 
19 Drew, Warren W.  28 May 1849Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030493 7_families 
20 Drew, William S.  25 Aug 1816Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030441 7_families 
21 Dudley, Joseph  11 Feb 1831Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I22242376 7_families 
22 Fuller, Joseph Colton  Abt 1806Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726427 7_families 
23 Green, Julia  Abt 1838Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726424 7_families 
24 Kelsey, Frank J.  7 Jul 1820Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726417 7_families 
25 Kelsey, George Aaron  13 Jan 1839Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726420 7_families 
26 Kelsey, John F.  Abt 1804Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726416 7_families 
27 Kelsey, Oliver Chandler  1 Feb 1834Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726419 7_families 
28 Kelsey, Sarah  3 Sep 1827Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726418 7_families 
29 Kelsey, Susan Chandler  4 Oct 1843Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726421 7_families 
30 Mattocks, General Charles Porter  11 Oct 1840Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726452 7_families 
31 Porter, Catherine Buel  4 Jun 1810Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726410 7_families 
32 Porter, Martha Osgood  27 Aug 1817Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726413 7_families 
33 Porter, Mary Adams  1 Jan 1815Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726412 7_families 
34 Porter, Rebecca Blanchard  28 Apr 1812Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726411 7_families 
35 Porter, Sarah  29 Aug 1808Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726409 7_families 
36 Randall, Asa Almera  22 Jun 1817Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030458 7_families 
37 Stanton, Erastus Albert  12 May 1826Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030495 7_families 
38 Stanton, Mabel Agnes  17 Dec 1860Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030541 7_families 
39 Ward, Cynthia  24 Mar 1802Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030496 7_families 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blanchard, Captain Peter  25 May 1810Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63593524 7_families 
2 Chandler, Sarah  21 Nov 1836Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63593532 7_families 
3 Drew, Almira  2 Jan 1878Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030442 7_families 
4 Drew, Dorothy  19 Jan 1843Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030444 7_families 
5 Drew, Sally S.  18 Jul 1833Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030446 7_families 
6 Drew, Sarah Jane  3 Mar 1917Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030489 7_families 
7 Norris, Eliza  28 Mar 1880Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030487 7_families 
8 Porter, Aaron  Mar 1860Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I63726408 7_families 
9 Stanton, Erastus Albert  1908Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030495 7_families 
10 Weeks, Betsey Elizabeth  27 Oct 1838Danville, Caledonia, Vermont I56030440 7_families 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carr / Drew  4 Dec 1806Danville, Caledonia, Vermont F18694169 7_families 
2 Dana / Porter  29 Jan 1837Danville, Caledonia, Vermont F21557957 7_families 
3 Kelsey / Porter  13 Dec 1826Danville, Caledonia, Vermont F21557948 7_families 
4 Moore / Kelsey  19 Aug 1849Danville, Caledonia, Vermont F21557950 7_families 
5 Porter / Blanchard  2 Nov 1807Danville, Caledonia, Vermont F21557947 7_families 
6 Randall / Drew  31 Oct 1839Danville, Caledonia, Vermont F18694174 7_families