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Died Young



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adelaide Princess of Franks  12 MayDied Young I1188 Ireland 
2 Charles Prince Of France  Died Young I12035 Stewart 
3 Charles Prince of France  Died Young I1920 Ireland 
4 Enrique Prince Of Castile  Died Young I10350 Stewart 
5 Enrique Prince of Castile  Died Young I1499 Ireland 
6 Etienne Prince Of France  Died Young I9854 Stewart 
7 Henry Prince Of France  Died Young I12034 Stewart 
8 Henry Prince of France  Died Young I1919 Ireland 
9 Burbank, Timothy  Died Young I2457 Burbank 
10 Burgess, Joseph  Died Young I87262 Burgess 
11 Burgess, Ruth  Died Young I95663 Burgess 
12 Burgess, Ruth  Died Young I76179708 7_families 
13 Cassidy, Andrew  Died Young I61498 7_families 
14 Castile, Matilda Princess Of  Died Young I10355 Stewart 
15 Castile, Matilda Princess Of  Died Young I1503 Ireland 
16 Castile, Sancha Princess Of  Died Young I10356 Stewart 
17 Castile, Sancha Princess Of  Died Young I1504 Ireland 
18 Champagne, Humbert De Count Of Virtus  Died Young I12071 Stewart 
19 Champagne, Humbert De Count of Virtus  Died Young I1954 Ireland 
20 Duff, Ann  Died Young I25790974 7_families 
21 Duff, Ann  Died Young I25964099 7_families 
22 Duff, Mary  Died Young I25790711 7_families 
23 Ellis, Joel  Died Young I603477 7_families 
24 Eyre, Daughter  Died Young I6000263 7_families 
25 Eyre, Daughter  Died Young I26148645 7_families 
26 France, Alphonse, Prince Of  Died Young I9848 Stewart 
27 France, Daughter, Princess Of  Died Young I9999 Stewart 
28 France, Jean, Prince Of  Died Young I9849 Stewart 
29 France, Philippe Dagobert, Prince Of  Died Young I9852 Stewart 
30 Francs, Hugues  Died Young I26635 Stewart 
31 Francs, Hugues  Died Young I5328 Ireland 
32 Franks, Rothaide, Princess Of  Died Young I1187 Ireland 
33 Germany, Conrad Of  Died Young I26762 Stewart 
34 Germany, Conrad of  Died Young I5342 Ireland 
35 Gordon, Janet  Died Young I25790671 7_families 
36 Gordon, Janet  Died Young I25963796 7_families 
37 Gordon, Jean  Died Young I25790670 7_families 
38 Gordon, Jean  Died Young I25963795 7_families 
39 Gordon, John  Died Young I25790672 7_families 
40 Gordon, John  Died Young I25963797 7_families 
41 Gordon, Katherine  Died Young I25790669 7_families 
42 Gordon, Katherine  Died Young I25963794 7_families 
43 Holmes, Son  Died Young I126620 7_families 
44 Holmes, Son  Died Young I126620 Churchill 
45 Kingman, Child  Died Young I64057 7_families 
46 Kingman, Child  Died Young I64058 7_families 
47 Loveless, John Thomas  18 Aug 1839Died Young I24785292 7_families 
48 Mann, Michael  Died Young I17969 7_families 
49 Montgomery, Roger  Died Young I1751 Ireland 
50 Morrison, Arnold  Died Young I62944 7_families 

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