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Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.82641, Longitude: -71.12101

Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 41.8139905, Longitude: -71.1203229


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andrews, James  Abt 1746Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239905 7_families 
2 Atwood, Abiel  26 Dec 1806Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55240180 7_families 
3 Atwood, Dolley  4 Jul 1809Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239937 7_families 
4 Atwood, Dorothy  14 Aug 1762Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239926 7_families 
5 Atwood, Esther  19 Feb 1711Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239894 7_families 
6 Atwood, Esther  1 May 1759Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239925 7_families 
7 Atwood, George  Abt 1765Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239942 7_families 
8 Atwood, George B.  Abt 1819Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55240003 7_families 
9 Atwood, Hannah Babbitt  10 Feb 1796Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55240064 7_families 
10 Atwood, Herbert Melville  17 Nov 1853Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55240029 7_families 
11 Atwood, John  7 Feb 1712Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239895 7_families 
12 Atwood, John  9 May 1735Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239910 7_families 
13 Atwood, John  19 Oct 1759Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239902 7_families 
14 Atwood, Joseph  1 Aug 1704Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239892 7_families 
15 Atwood, Mary  29 Oct 1754Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239924 7_families 
16 Atwood, Mary  3 Oct 1801Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239934 7_families 
17 Atwood, Mary Learned  19 Aug 1798Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55240061 7_families 
18 Atwood, Nancy  6 Sep 1806Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239936 7_families 
19 Atwood, Peleg  23 Aug 1724Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239917 7_families 
20 Atwood, Ruth  30 Nov 1749Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239922 7_families 
21 Atwood, Ruth  16 Aug 1794Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239931 7_families 
22 Atwood, Sarah  1 Jan 1753Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239923 7_families 
23 Atwood, Sarah  17 Jan 1799Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239933 7_families 
24 Atwood, Sylvester  1 Jul 1765Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239927 7_families 
25 Atwood, Sylvester  18 Dec 1792Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239930 7_families 
26 Atwood, Thomas Church  29 Sep 1796Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239932 7_families 
27 Atwood, Walter H.  Abt 1788Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239943 7_families 
28 Atwood, William Richmond  4 Jun 1804Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239935 7_families 
29 Austin, Zilpha J.  Abt 1847Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55240013 7_families 
30 Burgess, George Herbert  28 Nov 1867Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I130538 Burgess 
31 Burgess, Harrison G.  23 Jul 1869Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I130539 Burgess 
32 Burgess, Percival Gordon  20 Feb 1864Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I130537 Burgess 
33 Cobb, Emma Josephine  1 Apr 1844Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I130536 Burgess 
34 Simmons, Alfred Franklin  10 Jan 1845Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I13917 7_families 
35 Stephens, Esther  Abt 1781Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239947 7_families 
36 Walker, Sarah W.  23 Mar 1851Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I22242630 7_families 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Hannah Babbitt  24 Jan 1841Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55240064 7_families 
2 Atwood, John  21 May 1749Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239895 7_families 
3 Atwood, John  27 Jun 1755Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239910 7_families 
4 Atwood, John  6 Dec 1803Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239902 7_families 
5 Atwood, Joseph  9 May 1853Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55240060 7_families 
6 Atwood, Peleg  31 Oct 1724Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239917 7_families 
7 Bartlett, Elston  25 Apr 1959Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I194001 Burgess 
8 Bartlett, Elston  25 Apr 1959Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I73191587 7_families 
9 Jones, Benjamin  Bef 5 May 1718Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I62712994 7_families 
10 Richmond, Ruth  13 Nov 1724Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239916 7_families 
11 Walker, Dorothy  4 May 1808Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55239921 7_families 
12 Waterman, Asa  1 May 1861Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts I55240065 7_families 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Austin  23 Dec 1866Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts F18539932 7_families 
2 Atwood / Boothe  26 Sep 1852Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts F18539930 7_families 
3 Atwood / Richmond  27 Aug 1724Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts F18539886 7_families 
4 Atwood / Walker  16 Feb 1748Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts F18539898 7_families 
5 Atwood / Walker  12 Nov 1873Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts F7248422 7_families 
6 Atwood / Whitmarsh  Abt 1785Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts F18539897 7_families 
7 Burgess / Cobb  1 Apr 1863Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts F47242 Burgess