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Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.392799, Longitude: -95.838675


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adamson, Ann  Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964903 7_families 
2 Adamson, Blanche (Twin)  21 May 1904Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964904 7_families 
3 Adamson, Hazel  5 Jun 1902Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964902 7_families 
4 Adamson, Olive (Twin)  21 May 1904Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964905 7_families 
5 Adamson, Ruth Lucile  Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964907 7_families 
6 Adamson, Stillborn  Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964906 7_families 
7 Keedy, Alma  13 Dec 1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176438 7_families 
8 Keedy, Frances M.  Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176447 7_families 
9 Keedy, Robert L.  1898Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176448 7_families 
10 Keedy, William M.  1905Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176446 7_families 
11 Keedy, Zelda  4 Jun 1903Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176439 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Flora  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176441 7_families 
2 Iva P.  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176449 7_families 
3 Adamson, Alice  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928878 7_families 
4 Adamson, Alice  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928878 7_families 
5 Adamson, Alice  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928878 7_families 
6 Adamson, Andrew Jackson  1870Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928879 7_families 
7 Adamson, Andrew Jackson  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928879 7_families 
8 Adamson, Blanche (Twin)  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964904 7_families 
9 Adamson, Blanche (Twin)  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964904 7_families 
10 Adamson, Hazel  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964902 7_families 
11 Adamson, James  1870Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4814917 7_families 
12 Adamson, James Andrew  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928876 7_families 
13 Adamson, James Andrew  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928876 7_families 
14 Adamson, James Andrew  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928876 7_families 
15 Adamson, James Andrew  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928876 7_families 
16 Adamson, James Boyd  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964900 7_families 
17 Adamson, John Edwin  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928841 7_families 
18 Adamson, John Edwin  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4928841 7_families 
19 Adamson, Margaret A.  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5031783 7_families 
20 Adamson, Mary  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964928 7_families 
21 Adamson, Mary  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964928 7_families 
22 Adamson, Olive (Twin)  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964905 7_families 
23 Adamson, Olive (Twin)  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964905 7_families 
24 Adamson, Sarah Adalene  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964899 7_families 
25 Adamson, Sarah Adalene  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964899 7_families 
26 Crooker, Albert Smith  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964918 7_families 
27 Crooker, Albert Smith  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964918 7_families 
28 Crooker, Anthony A.  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5014033 7_families 
29 Crooker, George W.  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5014032 7_families 
30 Crooker, George W.  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5014032 7_families 
31 Crooker, Grace Ann  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4964919 7_families 
32 Crooker, Mrs. Adela  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5031806 7_families 
33 Fox, David  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5158676 7_families 
34 Fox, Edwin V.  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133375 7_families 
35 Fox, Edwin V.  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133375 7_families 
36 Fox, Emma  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133373 7_families 
37 Fox, Emma  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133373 7_families 
38 Fox, Mary Ann  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133371 7_families 
39 Fox, Mary Ann  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133371 7_families 
40 Fox, Mary Ann  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133371 7_families 
41 Fox, Robert  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I4814918 7_families 
42 Fox, Stella Mae  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5091208 7_families 
43 Fox, William  1880Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133376 7_families 
44 Keedy, Albert L.  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5158675 7_families 
45 Keedy, Albert Lincoln  1900Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133372 7_families 
46 Keedy, Albert Lincoln  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133372 7_families 
47 Keedy, Albert Lincoln  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5133372 7_families 
48 Keedy, Alma  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176438 7_families 
49 Keedy, Alma  1930Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176438 7_families 
50 Keedy, Frances M.  1920Douglas, Nemaha, Nebraska I5176447 7_families 

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