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Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.766467, Longitude: -72.673165

Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 41.766467, Longitude: -72.673165

Tree: Stewart
City/Town : Latitude: 41.7637111, Longitude: -72.6850932

Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 41.7637111, Longitude: -72.6850932

Tree: Harris
City/Town : Latitude: 41.7637111, Longitude: -72.6850932


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1669Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I14457211 7_families 
2 Atwood, Harold Vincent  20 Jun 1909Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I57513613 7_families 
3 Atwood, Vivian  18 Sep 1910Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I57513614 7_families 
4 Bigelow, Elizabeth  Abt 1606Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165661 7_families 
5 Bliss, Elizabeth  1640Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30753 Stewart 
6 Brown, Francis Logee  6 Jun 1925Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I72997522 7_families 
7 Butler, Abigail  Abt 1654Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165671 7_families 
8 Butler, Anna  6 Dec 1685Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165630 7_families 
9 Butler, Daniel  1650Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165667 7_families 
10 Butler, Elizabeth  1643Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165665 7_families 
11 Butler, Elizabeth  1667Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165553 7_families 
12 Butler, Hannah  1652Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165669 7_families 
13 Butler, Hannah  Abt 1663Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165532 7_families 
14 Butler, Hope  1674Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165651 7_families 
15 Butler, John  1676Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165652 7_families 
16 Butler, Joseph  1648Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165672 7_families 
17 Butler, Margaret  1678Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165655 7_families 
18 Butler, Mary  1635Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165662 7_families 
19 Butler, Mary  1669Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165649 7_families 
20 Butler, Nathaniel  1641Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165664 7_families 
21 Butler, Samuel  1639Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165663 7_families 
22 Butler, Samuel  Abt 1665Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165634 7_families 
23 Butler, Sarah  Abt 1682Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165659 7_families 
24 Butler, Susanna  1680Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165657 7_families 
25 Butler, Thomas  1637Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165628 7_families 
26 Butler, Thomas  Abt 1661Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165632 7_families 
27 Cadwell, Abigail  26 Nov 1670Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165540 7_families 
28 Cadwell, Edward  1 Nov 1660Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165552 7_families 
29 Cadwell, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1672Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165542 7_families 
30 Cadwell, Hannah  22 Aug 1677Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165545 7_families 
31 Cadwell, Mary  8 Jan 1659Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165535 7_families 
32 Cadwell, Mathew  5 Oct 1668Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165538 7_families 
33 Cadwell, Mehitabel  12 Jan 1680Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165556 7_families 
34 Cadwell, Samuel  30 Apr 1675Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165543 7_families 
35 Cadwell, Thomas  5 Dec 1662Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165531 7_families 
36 Cadwell, William  14 Jul 1665Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165537 7_families 
37 Cole, Ella Amelia  27 Jul 1841Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I137299 7_families 
38 Cole, Ella Amelia  27 Jul 1841Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I137299 Churchill 
39 Day, John  1645Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30525 Stewart 
40 Day, Sarah  1640Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30518 Stewart 
41 Day, Thomas  1635Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30524 Stewart 
42 Gardiner, John Lyon  19 Apr 1661Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I14457208 7_families 
43 Gillett, Elizabeth  1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30847 Stewart 
44 Gunn, Joseph  19 Apr 1665Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30520 Stewart 
45 Hitchcock, Hannah  1645Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30800 Stewart 
46 Hubbard, Esther  4 Dec 1675Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165637 7_families 
47 Hunting, Ella  2 Oct 1875Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I83521 7_families 
48 Hunting, James S.  29 Jul 1874Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I83520 7_families 
49 Kellog, Lydia  21 Jul 1792Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I390 Harris 
50 Merrill, Abigail  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165325 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brownson, Sarah  1629Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30492 Stewart 
2 Merrill, Abigail  16 May 1742Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165325 7_families 
3 Merrill, Daniel  25 Apr 1714Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165362 7_families 
4 Merrill, Hepzibah  27 Apr 1712Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165360 7_families 
5 Merrill, Israel  1752Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165315 7_families 
6 Merrill, Lois  4 May 1740Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165322 7_families 
7 Merrill, Marianna  28 Feb 1748Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165328 7_families 
8 Merrill, Mary  19 Jan 1718Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165363 7_families 
9 Merrill, Moses  31 Jan 1703Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165354 7_families 
10 Merrill, Rosanna  20 Apr 1744Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165326 7_families 
11 Merrill, Ruth  11 Jan 1707Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165358 7_families 
12 Merrill, Samuel  19 Jan 1746Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165327 7_families 
13 Merrill, Susanna  25 Aug 1700Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165352 7_families 
14 Selden, Esther  3 Mar 1650Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30596 Stewart 
15 Selden, John  26 Mar 1647Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30593 Stewart 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigelow, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1691Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165661 7_families 
2 Brennan, Martin J.  30 Jan 1988Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I77101588 7_families 
3 Brownson, Dorcas  10 May 1697Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30493 Stewart 
4 Brownson, Mary  1670Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30505 Stewart 
5 Burgess, Henry  7 Apr 1859Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I86604 Burgess 
6 Butler, Elizabeth  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165553 7_families 
7 Butler, Joseph  30 Aug 1731Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165636 7_families 
8 Butler, Richard  6 Aug 1684Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165660 7_families 
9 Butler, Thomas  1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165628 7_families 
10 Cadwell, Thomas  9 Oct 1694Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165533 7_families 
11 Clark, Mary Sophia  Abt 1970Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I48057568 7_families 
12 Clark, Mary Sophia  Abt 1970Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I99056 Burgess 
13 Day, John  29 Apr 1730Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30525 Stewart 
14 Day, Robert  16 Oct 1648Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30522 Stewart 
15 Day, Thomas  27 Dec 1711Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30524 Stewart 
16 Gardiner, David  10 Jul 1689Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I813159 7_families 
17 Gillett, Joseph  9 Jul 1745Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30848 Stewart 
18 Gunn, Jasper  12 Jan 1671Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30557 Stewart 
19 Hale, Martha  Aft 25 Jun 1695Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6166742 7_families 
20 Hitchcock, Luke  1 Nov 1659Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30801 Stewart 
21 Merrill, Daniel  16 Feb 1699Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165351 7_families 
22 Merrill, Daniel  1750Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165349 7_families 
23 Merrill, Israel  15 Oct 1784Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165320 7_families 
24 Merrill, John  18 Jul 1712Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I596949 7_families 
25 Peck, Paul  23 Dec 1695Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6166741 7_families 
26 Pratt, John  15 Jul 1655Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165523 7_families 
27 Pratt, John  23 Nov 1689Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165511 7_families 
28 Sampson, Emerson Foster  15 Jul 1960Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I48057567 7_families 
29 Sampson, Emerson Foster  15 Jul 1960Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I99055 Burgess 
30 Selden, Esther  1651Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30596 Stewart 
31 Selden, John  1650Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30593 Stewart 
32 Selden, Thomas  1655Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30591 Stewart 
33 Stebbing, Edith  24 Oct 1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30523 Stewart 
34 Stebbing, Edward  19 Aug 1668Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30532 Stewart 
35 Stebbins, Edward  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165582 7_families 
36 Stebbins, Elizabeth  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165534 7_families 
37 Stone, Samuel  20 Jul 1663Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165696 7_families 
38 Stone, Sarah  1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165725 7_families 
39 Stone, Sarah  1688Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6168942 7_families 
40 Tough, Frances  Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165584 7_families 
41 Wadsworth, William  Bef 18 Oct 1675Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165710 7_families 
42 Wakeman, John  Oct 1661Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30611 Stewart 
43 Wakeman, Priscilla  1659Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I30610 Stewart 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigelow, Elizabeth  26 Feb 1657Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165661 7_families 
2 Butler, Richard  6 Aug 1684Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I6165660 7_families 

World War II Enlistment Records

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    World War II Enlistment Records    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Robert L.  12 Oct 1942Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut I157091 Burgess 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ames / Watrous  20 May 1919Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F70452 Burgess 
2 Atwood / Culton  18 Oct 1908Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F19271983 7_families 
3 Butler / Hubbard  1694Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908146 7_families 
4 Forbes / Merrill  9 Mar 1769Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908021 7_families 
5 Gaylord / Stebbins  22 Apr 1648Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908130 7_families 
6 Goodman / Merrill  1764Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1907980 7_families 
7 Goodrich / Marvin  4 Oct 1648Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1913730 7_families 
8 Goodrich / Marvin  4 Oct 1648Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1913732 7_families 
9 Humphrey / Merrill  1762Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908005 7_families 
10 Marsh / Ellison  6 May 1667Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F14128 Stewart 
11 Marsh / Ford  7 Oct 1664Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F14133 Stewart 
12 Merrill / Haynes  1717Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F10922937 7_families 
13 Merrill / Pratt  18 Jan 1698Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F1908017 7_families 
14 Merrill / Watson  23 Sep 1663Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F216563 7_families 
15 Williams / Sherman  16 Feb 1854Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut F30154846 7_families