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Heber City, Wasatch, Utah


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 40.505589858606044, Longitude: -111.41046524047852

Tree: Stewart
City/Town : Latitude: 40.50820023696324, Longitude: -111.4126968383789

Tree: Harris
City/Town : Latitude: 40.5066667, Longitude: -111.4122222


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Batty, Celeste Vilate  3 Nov 1878Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I25439156 7_families 
2 Bowen, Mark David  18 Sep 1944Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I41032464 7_families 
3 Broadhead, Patricia Lynn  27 Aug 1944Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I88299446 7_families 
4 Bronson, Charles  1 Feb 1894Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623172 7_families 
5 Carroll, James Franklin  3 Mar 1870Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I359 Harris 
6 Clyde, Robert Earl  29 Jan 1893Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623126 7_families 
7 Clyde, William Earl  29 Jan 1893Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623127 7_families 
8 Gardner, Larry L.  30 Aug 1943Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604770 7_families 
9 Giles, Thomas Earl  17 Dec 1914Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100722 7_families 
10 Huggard, Jeremy Will  25 Jan 1977Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I88299464 7_families 
11 Maxfield, Brett Richard  19 Mar 1956Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I29660772 7_families 
12 McMullin, Thomas Heber  8 Oct 1893Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I41032373 7_families 
13 Moulton, Dewey  7 May 1898Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623040 7_families 
14 Moulton, George Franklin  19 Mar 1863Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I533 Harris 
15 Moulton, John Ephraim  16 Sep 1860Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I532 Harris 
16 Murdock, Josephine  20 Aug 1883Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623171 7_families 
17 Reed, Patricia Ruth  29 Nov 1928Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623092 7_families 
18 Sabey, Dixie Joleen  5 Oct 1940Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604739 7_families 
19 Sabey, Lynn J.  21 Oct 1950Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604737 7_families 
20 Sellers, Sadie Amber  31 Jul 1912Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I43569126 7_families 
21 Van Wagoner, Boyd Frank  12 Dec 1924Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623046 7_families 
22 Van Wagoner, Floretta R.  6 Dec 1926Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623049 7_families 
23 Young, Margaret Jane  4 Aug 1879Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623029 7_families 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Giles, Geneva  1 Aug 1915Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623222 7_families 


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bronson, Charles  1 May 1894Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623172 7_families 
2 Chamberlain, Timothy Jay  26 Jun 1981Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I38298090 7_families 
3 Davis, Elden Robert  28 Jul 1980Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604738 7_families 
4 Davis, Violet  24 Mar 1996Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604767 7_families 
5 Denton, Sarah  7 Jul 1888Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I372 Harris 
6 Evans, Virginia  15 Aug 2006Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I88097946 7_families 
7 Gardner, Ada Myrtle  2 Jun 1929Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I25439105 7_families 
8 Gardner, Ellsworth L.  18 Feb 1986Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I25439110 7_families 
9 Huggard, Craig K.  22 Aug 2012Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I88299447 7_families 
10 Huggard, Donald R.  12 Mar 1988Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45759 7_families 
11 Karren, Myrtle Mary  2 Mar 1977Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I37944841 7_families 
12 Leavitt, Dale James  20 May 1988Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I38298101 7_families 
13 Moulton, John Ephraim  3 Feb 1915Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I532 Harris 
14 Moulton, Joseph  6 Mar 1935Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I526 Harris 
15 Moulton, Mary Ann  31 Oct 1868Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I528 Harris 
16 Moulton, Thomas  17 Apr 1892Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I371 Harris 
17 Moulton, William Denton  14 Jul 1883Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I527 Harris 
18 Sabey, Ellis Berdell  30 Jul 1982Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604728 7_families 
19 Sabey, Lynn J.  10 Nov 1989Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604737 7_families 
20 Sonderegger, Emma Cecelia  15 Feb 1960Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28774 Stewart 
21 Sonderegger, Lena Ida  4 Nov 1976Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28773 Stewart 
22 Sonderegger, Minnie  22 Nov 1968Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28772 Stewart 
23 Taylor, Georgia Rose  3 Jun 1989Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604762 7_families 
24 Van Wagoner, Clarissa  11 Nov 1972Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623020 7_families 
25 Van Wagoner, John  20 Dec 1928Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19622930 7_families 
26 Van Wagoner, Luella  24 May 1975Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623025 7_families 
27 Van Wagoner, Nancy Jane  18 Jan 1973Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I19623024 7_families 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, Elden Robert  30 Jul 1980Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604738 7_families 
2 Denton, Sarah  10 Jul 1888Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I372 Harris 
3 Giles, Thomas Earl  1 Feb 2000Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100722 7_families 
4 Moulton, Charlotte  27 May 1940Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I362 Harris 
5 Moulton, Thomas  20 Apr 1892Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I371 Harris 
6 Sabey, Barta  29 Dec 2001Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604729 7_families 
7 Sabey, Ellis Berdell  3 Aug 1982Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604728 7_families 
8 Sabey, Nola  18 May 2004Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I45604731 7_families 
9 Thomas, Arvilla  10 Mar 2000Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100720 7_families 
10 Thomas, Grace  23 Apr 1994Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100721 7_families 
11 Thomas, Mary Thelma  26 Feb 1994Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I28100719 7_families 
12 Watkins, George Tranham  Jan 1953Heber City, Wasatch, Utah I31625 Stewart 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bronson / White  11 Oct 1905Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F6398817 7_families 
2 Chamberlain / Ross  29 Nov 1924Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F12661317 7_families 
3 Davis / Sabey  27 Apr 1938Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F15155091 7_families 
4 Giles / LuvellaProvost  24 Feb 1909Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F6398829 7_families 
5 Pickup / Batty  16 Oct 1902Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F8222847 7_families 
6 Schear / Bronson  20 Nov 1905Heber City, Wasatch, Utah F6398812 7_families