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Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 57.3621118, Longitude: 10.0019738


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christiansen, Johanne  Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166163 7_families 
2 Jensen, Thomas  Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166290 7_families 
3 Nielsen, Anne Marie  1742Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166308 7_families 
4 Sorensen, Maria  29 Aug 1826Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166164 7_families 
5 Thomsen, Christian  13 Sep 1761Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166255 7_families 
6 Thomsen, Hans  1755Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166307 7_families 
7 Thomsen, Inger  1757Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166301 7_families 
8 Thomsen, Inger  1764Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166306 7_families 
9 Thomsen, Kristen  1759Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166302 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Inger Marie  7 Mar 1791Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166315 7_families 
2 Christiansen, Anne  7 Apr 1799Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166263 7_families 
3 Christiansen, Berthe Kirstine  29 Jan 1797Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166262 7_families 
4 Christiansen, Jens Christian  18 Apr 1804Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166265 7_families 
5 Christiansen, Johanne  14 Feb 1802Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166163 7_families 
6 Christiansen, Thomas Christian  25 Jan 1795Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166260 7_families 
7 Hegsted, Hans Christian Sorensen  29 Aug 1830Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166177 7_families 
8 Thomsen, Anders  19 Feb 1752Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166298 7_families 
9 Thomsen, Inger  8 May 1757Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166301 7_families 
10 Thomsen, Inger  8 Jul 1764Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166306 7_families 
11 Thomsen, Jens  28 Apr 1748Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166294 7_families 
12 Thomsen, Kirsten  30 Nov 1749Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166296 7_families 
13 Thomsen, Thomas Christian  2 Jun 1791Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166314 7_families 
14 Thomsen Hogsted, Christen  22 Jul 1759Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166304 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensen, Maren  15 Dec 1823Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166256 7_families 
2 Thomsen, Christian  16 Feb 1842Hogsted, Vrejlev, Hjorring, Denmark I6166255 7_families