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Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.224016, Longitude: -71.520445


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Claflin, Julia  25 Jul 1775Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I89106352 7_families 
2 Gardner, Bela  28 Jul 1796Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971686 7_families 
3 Gardner, Eliza  7 Jul 1798Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971688 7_families 
4 Gardner, Emily  20 Apr 1808Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971693 7_families 
5 Gardner, Harriet  22 Jul 1800Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971689 7_families 
6 Gardner, Mary Jane  20 Jun 1811Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971694 7_families 
7 Gardner, Olive  4 Apr 1802Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971690 7_families 
8 Gardner, Penelope Randolph  27 Dec 1790Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971684 7_families 
9 Gardner, Rachel Smith  26 Jan 1806Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971692 7_families 
10 Gardner, Sophie Wakefield  24 Jan 1804Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971691 7_families 
11 Hayden, Elizabeth  1 Feb 1728Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163863 7_families 
12 Howe, Abigail  15 Feb 1731Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164040 7_families 
13 Howe, Abigail  3 May 1765Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163589 7_families 
14 Howe, Ann  25 May 1770Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163998 7_families 
15 Howe, David  17 May 1744Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164043 7_families 
16 Howe, Gotham  23 Jul 1733Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164030 7_families 
17 Howe, Hepsibah  27 Jun 1741Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164031 7_families 
18 Howe, Jotham  23 Jul 1733Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164041 7_families 
19 Howe, Lois  7 Mar 1725Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164029 7_families 
20 Howe, Lois  7 Mar 1729Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164038 7_families 
21 Howe, Martha (Patty)  28 Feb 1768Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163996 7_families 
22 Howe, Nehemiah  6 Dec 1747Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164045 7_families 
23 Howe, Nehemiah  21 Dec 1776Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163999 7_families 
24 Howe, Peter  20 Aug 1724Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164033 7_families 
25 Howe, Peter  11 Oct 1783Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164024 7_families 
26 Howe, Phineas  22 Oct 1735Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163951 7_families 
27 Howe, Phineas  21 Feb 1773Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163955 7_families 
28 Howe, Rhoda  8 Jul 1762Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163958 7_families 
29 Howe, Ruth  31 Mar 1784-1787Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163956 7_families 
30 Howe, Susanna  19 Feb 1764Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163953 7_families 
31 Howe, Thankful  17 Oct 1726Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164036 7_families 
32 McAlpine, Gilman E.  1847Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I16485 7_families 
33 Young, Anna  30 Jul 1766Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163872 7_families 
34 Young, Fanny  8 Nov 1787Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163590 7_families 
35 Young, Ichabod  24 Jul 1768Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163874 7_families 
36 Young, John  6 Mar 1763Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163588 7_families 
37 Young, John  22 May 1791Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163632 7_families 
38 Young, Joseph  7 Apr 1797Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163655 7_families 
39 Young, Joseph J.  21 Mar 1765Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163871 7_families 
40 Young, Nabby  22 Apr 1793Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163592 7_families 
41 Young, Nancy  6 Aug 1786Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163595 7_families 
42 Young, Phinehas Howe  16 Feb 1799Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163677 7_families 
43 Young, Susannah  7 Jun 1795Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163643 7_families 
44 Young, Suzannah  2 Dec 1759Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163866 7_families 
45 Young, William  28 Feb 1761Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163868 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Howe, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1779Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164002 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brigham, Sybil  27 Sep 1807Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164081 7_families 
2 Gardner, Bela  28 Jun 1844Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971686 7_families 
3 Gardner, Olive  7 Oct 1846Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I14971690 7_families 
4 Goddard, Susanna  5 Jan 1837Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163952 7_families 
5 Howe, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1821Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164002 7_families 
6 Howe, John  19 Apr 1740Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6183290 7_families 
7 Howe, Peter  21 Nov 1756Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164027 7_families 
8 Howe, Phineas  19 Sep 1807Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163951 7_families 
9 Howe, Thankful  25 Jan 1766Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6164028 7_families 
10 Young, Joseph  Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163862 7_families 
11 Young, William  16 Apr 1747Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6163875 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Leonard, Marion Edith  1940Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2566629 Burgess 
2 Moody, Miriam Harriett  1940Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2566637 Burgess 
3 Osgood, Clayton Russell  1940Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2566632 Burgess 
4 Osgood, Edward Victor  1940Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2566636 Burgess 
5 Osgood, Emery Perley  1940Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2566633 Burgess 
6 Osgood, Emery Perley  1940Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2566641 Burgess 
7 Osgood, James Grant  1940Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I978075 Burgess 
8 Osgood, Laura Irene  1940Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I2566634 Burgess 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bennett / Sampson  10 Apr 1838Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F36438 Burgess 
2 Bennett / Sampson  10 Apr 1838Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F16029880 7_families 
3 Hayden / Fairbanks  6 Apr 1727Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F1907468 7_families 
4 Hayden / Maynard  18 Jan 1726Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F1907449 7_families 
5 Headen / Fairbanks  22 Feb 1732Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F1907477 7_families 
6 Howe / Goddard  23 Apr 1761Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F1907316 7_families 
7 McAlpine / Tirrell  1 May 1869Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F6464 7_families 
8 Richards / Howe  20 Dec 1781Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F1907487 7_families 
9 Young / Hayden  2 Sep 1759Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F1907315 7_families 
10 Young / Howe  31 Oct 1785Hopkinton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F1907208 7_families