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Liberty, Butler, Ohio


Tree: 7_families
Location : Latitude: 40.8806112, Longitude: -82.8855961


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Lily E.  1869Liberty, Butler, Ohio I11844103 7_families 
2 Bennett, Zella  28 Aug 1876Liberty, Butler, Ohio I11844104 7_families 
3 Long, Homer G.  23 Sep 1899Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243884 7_families 
4 Mulford, Herbert L.  14 Nov 1892Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243828 7_families 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Benson Cory  1870Liberty, Butler, Ohio I11844101 7_families 
2 Bennett, Benson Cory  1880Liberty, Butler, Ohio I11844101 7_families 
3 Bennett, David  1870Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14351 7_families 
4 Bennett, David  1880Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14351 7_families 
5 Bennett, Lily E.  1870Liberty, Butler, Ohio I11844103 7_families 
6 Bennett, Lily E.  1880Liberty, Butler, Ohio I11844103 7_families 
7 Bennett, Mrs. Elenora  1880Liberty, Butler, Ohio I11844105 7_families 
8 Bennett, Rosella  1870Liberty, Butler, Ohio I11844102 7_families 
9 Bennett, Zella  1880Liberty, Butler, Ohio I11844104 7_families 
10 Gorsuch, Viola J.  1900Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243880 7_families 
11 Gorsuch, Viola J.  1910Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243880 7_families 
12 Gorsuch, Viola J.  1920Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243880 7_families 
13 Gorsuch, Viola J.  1930Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243880 7_families 
14 Long, Charles E.  1900Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243877 7_families 
15 Long, Charles E.  1910Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243877 7_families 
16 Long, Charles E.  1920Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243877 7_families 
17 Long, Charles E.  1930Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243877 7_families 
18 Long, Elmer Brown  1900Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243883 7_families 
19 Long, Elmer Brown  1910Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243883 7_families 
20 Long, Homer G.  1900Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243884 7_families 
21 Long, Homer G.  1910Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243884 7_families 
22 Long, Homer G.  1920Liberty, Butler, Ohio I14243884 7_families 
23 Meredith, Belinda Gorsuch  1870Liberty, Butler, Ohio I55580 7_families 
24 Meredith, Belinda Gorsuch  1880Liberty, Butler, Ohio I55580 7_families