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Limerick, Limerick, Ireland


Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 52.67638208083924, Longitude: -8.63525390625

Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 52.679712548518395, Longitude: -8.6407470703125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aiofe  Abt 215Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I532 Ireland 
2 Coel I Of Coilus, King of Britain  120Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I485 Ireland 
3 Coel I of Coilus, King of Britain  120Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I26382758 7_families 
4 Conn King of Ireland  Abt 100Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I539 Ireland 
5 Dein (Dan) King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I415 Ireland 
6 Eachtach  Abt 130Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I538 Ireland 
7 Eanbrotha King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I421 Ireland 
8 Eithrial Monarch of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I424 Ireland 
9 Eithue  Abt 100Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I540 Ireland 
10 Eochaid King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I427 Ireland 
11 Eoghan (Owen)  Abt 340Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I523 Ireland 
12 Erca  Abt 380Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I4617 Ireland 
13 Felim "The Lawgiver" King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I541 Ireland 
14 Fiacha "Of The White Oxen" King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I544 Ireland 
15 Fionn Prince of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I553 Ireland 
16 Fionnliath King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I619 Ireland 
17 Fionnloach Prince of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I556 Ireland 
18 Follain King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I423 Ireland 
19 Giallchadh King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I412 Ireland 
20 Maon King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I417 Ireland 
21 Mrs. Eoghan  Abt 340Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I757 Ireland 
22 Muiron  Abt 240Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I529 Ireland 
23 Muredach Prince of Ireland  Abt 380Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I520 Ireland 
24 Simorgoill King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I420 Ireland 
25 Tighearnmas King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I422 Ireland 
26 Bhreagh, Cobthach Caol King of Ireland, 69Th King  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I403 Ireland 
27 Bolgach, Muredach King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I409 Ireland 
28 Breac, Cimeon King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I410 Ireland 
29 Buidh, Eochaidh King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I406 Ireland 
30 Burnham, Mary Josephine  7 Mar 1891Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I7345212 7_families 
31 Casfiacalach, Olioll King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I400 Ireland 
32 Cole, Mrs. Son of  185Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I26402216 7_families 
33 Cole, Mrs. Son Of  185Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I761 Ireland 
34 Cole, Son of King  185Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I533 Ireland 
35 Cole, Son of King  185Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I26382846 7_families 
36 Conal  Abt 600Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I2630 Ireland 
37 Dearg, Lughaidn Riebdarg King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I549 Ireland 
38 Deegan, Anne (Twin)  1866Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597683 7_families 
39 Deegan, Ellen  1861Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597679 7_families 
40 Deegan, John  Abt 1864Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597681 7_families 
41 Deegan, Joseph (Twin)  1866Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597682 7_families 
42 Deegan, Mary  17 Mar 1850Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10432710 7_families 
43 Deegan, Sarah  Abt 1863Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I10597680 7_families 
44 Eambad, Blathlethta King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I398 Ireland 
45 Eambad, Easemhaim Prince of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I558 Ireland 
46 Eambad, Roighneim Prince of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I557 Ireland 
47 Ean Fhear, Art King of Ireland  Abt 130Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I537 Ireland 
48 Faidh, Irial Monarch of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I425 Ireland 
49 Feidhlioch, Eochaidh King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I551 Ireland 
50 Fhathach, Iarn Gleo King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I401 Ireland 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Conn King of Ireland  123Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I539 Ireland 
2 Eithue  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I540 Ireland 
3 Eoghan (Owen)  405Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I523 Ireland 
4 Felim "The Lawgiver" King of Ireland  110Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I541 Ireland 
5 Fiacha "Of The White Oxen" King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I544 Ireland 
6 Inne  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I526 Ireland 
7 Muiron  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I529 Ireland 
8 Muredach Prince of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I520 Ireland 
9 Carduff, Earthum  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I527 Ireland 
10 Clare, Sir Thomas de Lord of Thomond, Inchequin And Youghae  Feb 1287-1288Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I1275 Ireland 
11 Cruthach, Caesair Princess of France  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I405 Ireland 
12 Ean Fhear, Art King of Ireland  165Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I537 Ireland 
13 Fiachtnach, Feredach "The True" King of Ireland  0036Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I546 Ireland 
14 Liffechar, Cairbre King of Ireland  285Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I535 Ireland 
15 Macart, Cormac King of Ireland  256Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I536 Ireland 
16 Mor, Niall King of Ireland  378Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I524 Ireland 
17 Moyvone, Eochy King of Ireland  357Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I525 Ireland 
18 Srabhteine, Fiacha King of Ireland  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I531 Ireland 
19 Teachdmar, Tuathal King of Ireland  106Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I542 Ireland 
20 Tireach, Murdeach King of Ireland  326Limerick, Limerick, Ireland I528 Ireland 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F519 Ireland 
2 /   Abt 120Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F510 Ireland 
3 /   Abt 360Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F432 Ireland 
4 /   Abt 400Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F431 Ireland 
5 / Siluria  Abt 175Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F8520709 7_families 
6 / Siluria  Abt 175Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F493 Ireland 
7 Burgess / O'Donnell  Abt 1852Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F47693 Burgess 
8 Cole / Cole  Abt 205Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F8520789 7_families 
9 Cole / Cole  Abt 205Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F441 Ireland 
10 Ean Fhear /   Abt 150Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F509 Ireland 
11 Feidhlioch /   Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F518 Ireland 
12 Gratton / Moran  24 Feb 1854Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F4309538 7_families 
13 Liffechar / Liffechar  Abt 215Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F440 Ireland 
14 Macart / Macart  Abt 186Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F442 Ireland 
15 Macmurchada / Leinster  1100Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F70 Ireland 
16 Mor / Mor  Abt 320Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F434 Ireland 
17 More / Cruthach  Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F530 Ireland 
18 Moyvone /   Abt 290Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F435 Ireland 
19 Moyvone / Carduff  Abt 305Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F436 Ireland 
20 O'toole / O'Byrne  Abt 1100Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F5 Ireland 
21 O'toole / O'toole  1005Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F86 Ireland 
22 O'toole / O'toole  1028Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F88 Ireland 
23 O'toole / O'toole  1050Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F89 Ireland 
24 O'toole / O'toole  1075Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F7 Ireland 
25 Srabhteine /   Abt 235Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F438 Ireland 
26 Teachdmar /   Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F512 Ireland 
27 Tireach /   Abt 265Limerick, Limerick, Ireland F437 Ireland