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London, Middlesex, England


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 51.50874245880332, Longitude: -0.17578125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anthony, Charles  1587London, Middlesex, England I6181199 7_families 
2 Anthony, Francis  16 Apr 1550London, Middlesex, England I6181210 7_families 
3 Baker, Christina  1634London, Middlesex, England I18244882 7_families 
4 Barcroft, Charles  1609London, Middlesex, England I6787 Ireland 
5 Beaufort, Eleanor  Abt 1431London, Middlesex, England I6336 Ireland 
6 Boswell, Charles Arnold  5 Sep 1866London, Middlesex, England I303826 7_families 
7 Braswell, Robert  1611London, Middlesex, England I6760 Ireland 
8 Carpenter, John  1372London, Middlesex, England I598156 7_families 
9 Carpenter, Mrs. Christina  1337London, Middlesex, England I2337594 7_families 
10 Carpenter, Richard  1335London, Middlesex, England I2337593 7_families 
11 Church, Richard  6 Feb 1610London, Middlesex, England I6065641 7_families 
12 England, Gunhild, Princess Of  Abt 1055London, Middlesex, England I18966 Stewart 
13 England, Gytha Haroldsdottir Princess Of  Abt 1053London, Middlesex, England I16903 Stewart 
14 Foxwell, Richard  Abt 1609London, Middlesex, England I3830496 7_families 
15 Friedlander, James Sampson  1840London, Middlesex, England I1691008 7_families 
16 Goddard, Child  Abt 1659London, Middlesex, England I6183026 7_families 
17 Goddard, Edward  Abt 1661London, Middlesex, England I6183025 7_families 
18 Goddard, Joseph  13 Jul 1656London, Middlesex, England I6183029 7_families 
19 Jackson, Anne  5 May 1604London, Middlesex, England I2508639 7_families 
20 Jackson, Christofer  17 Aug 1593London, Middlesex, England I2520809 7_families 
21 Jackson, Dorety  21 Apr 1611London, Middlesex, England I2520795 7_families 
22 Jackson, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1593London, Middlesex, England I2520848 7_families 
23 Jackson, Myles  28 Jun 1607London, Middlesex, England I2520796 7_families 
24 Kempton, Lettice  Abt 1629London, Middlesex, England I598490 7_families 
25 Kempton, Manasseh  Abt 1627London, Middlesex, England I598489 7_families 
26 Larkin, Mary Ann  31 Mar 1841London, Middlesex, England I11168266 7_families 
27 Oliphant, Richard  21 Jan 1801London, Middlesex, England I6163648 7_families 
28 Sermon, John Lloyd  25 Jan 1848London, Middlesex, England I40120677 7_families 
29 Slack, Caroline  1837London, Middlesex, England I4651306 7_families 
30 Smith, Thomas  1589London, Middlesex, England I3930 Harris 
31 Spencer, Mrs. Thurston De  Abt 1126London, Middlesex, England I72 Ireland 
32 Spencer, Thurston De  1122London, Middlesex, England I71 Ireland 
33 Spencer, Walter de Lord Despenser  Abt 1148London, Middlesex, England I73 Ireland 
34 Young, Thomas  1575London, Middlesex, England I6163212 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Potter, Elizabeth  27 Nov 1609London, Middlesex, England I6181248 7_families 
2 Potter, George  9 Dec 1618London, Middlesex, England I6181242 7_families 
3 Potter, John  17 Oct 1613London, Middlesex, England I6181245 7_families 
4 Potter, John  26 Dec 1620London, Middlesex, England I6181241 7_families 
5 Potter, Martha  18 Oct 1611London, Middlesex, England I6181246 7_families 
6 Potter, Marye  17 Jun 1610London, Middlesex, England I6181247 7_families 
7 Potter, Nathaniel  7 Oct 1622London, Middlesex, England I6181344 7_families 
8 Potter, Rebeckah  29 Oct 1615London, Middlesex, England I6181244 7_families 
9 Potter, William  2 Mar 1616London, Middlesex, England I6181243 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anthony, Francis  26 May 1623London, Middlesex, England I6181210 7_families 
2 Braswell, Richard  13 Dec 1641London, Middlesex, England I6765 Ireland 
3 Chase, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1624London, Middlesex, England I6068071 7_families 
4 Chase, Sara  2 May 1624London, Middlesex, England I6068069 7_families 
5 Gaunt, Thomas  23 Dec 1599London, Middlesex, England I44845557 7_families 
6 Howe, Jane  26 May 1623London, Middlesex, England I6181209 7_families 
7 Logie, Charlotte  27 Apr 1893London, Middlesex, England I58616 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ethelswida (Alswitha) Queen Of England  London, Middlesex, England I4543 Stewart 
2 Ethelswida (Alswitha) Queen Of England  London, Middlesex, England I13420 Wicker 
3 Ethelswida (Alswitha) Queen of England  London, Middlesex, England I26383120 7_families 
4 Ethelswida (Alswitha) Queen of England  London, Middlesex, England I699 Ireland 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baker / Farrar  1630London, Middlesex, England F5886795 7_families 
2 Brewster / Love  Bef 1593London, Middlesex, England F215520 7_families 
3 Kiev / England  1074London, Middlesex, England F8501 Stewart 
4 Lawson / Atwood  24 Dec 1885London, Middlesex, England F7248293 7_families 
5 Marshall / Clare  Aug 1189London, Middlesex, England F931 Stewart 
6 Marshall / Clare  Aug 1189London, Middlesex, England F72 Ireland 
7 Sanborn / Sanborn  Abt 1555London, Middlesex, England F1844283 7_families 
8 Smale / Jones  20 Jul 1884London, Middlesex, England F110758 7_families