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Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.990931, Longitude: -71.463079

Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 42.9956397, Longitude: -71.45478909999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gibbs, Janet  8 Nov 1920Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I54172797 7_families 
2 Heath, Jesse  13 Nov 1887Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14130 7_families 
3 Hill, John Franklin  18 Jul 1860Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I90098406 7_families 
4 Horn, Melvin F.  22 Dec 1904Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I978088 Burgess 
5 McDermott, Alice  17 May 1893Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7345219 7_families 
6 Osgood, Irma Sarah  27 Oct 1899Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I978074 Burgess 
7 Osgood, James Grant  4 Jun 1902Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I978075 Burgess 
8 Perry, William A.  22 Oct 1848Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I56434379 7_families 
9 Reynolds, Alfred John  18 Oct 1879Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7345217 7_families 
10 Reynolds, Alfred William  25 Jul 1857Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7345261 7_families 
11 Reynolds, Helena Lena Belle  29 Dec 1881Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7345263 7_families 
12 Reynolds, John  8 Nov 1855Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7345258 7_families 
13 Reynolds, Stephen Caswell  Oct 1861Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7345264 7_families 
14 Robie, Isadore Mary  6 Mar 1881Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16826 7_families 
15 Sprague, Waldo Whitman  27 Aug 1877Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I56434401 7_families 
16 Stevens, Caroline Mary  12 Jul 1859Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I12359090 7_families 
17 Stevens, Elmer Everett Ellsworth  4 May 1861Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I12359061 7_families 
18 Terrill, Perley Clark  20 Jan 1880Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16808 7_families 
19 Tirrell, Arthur Nathan  15 Dec 1857Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14051 7_families 
20 Tirrell, Blanch M.  30 Jun 1878Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14080 7_families 
21 Tirrell, Charles F.  8 Apr 1849Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14047 7_families 
22 Tirrell, Florence Inez  1 Mar 1905Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I81035 7_families 
23 Tirrell, George H.  6 Jul 1854Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14073 7_families 
24 Tirrell, Harry A.  26 Nov 1865Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14053 7_families 
25 Tirrell, Irving John  13 Nov 1886Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16789 7_families 
26 Tirrell, Mary E.  1 Mar 1860Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14052 7_families 
27 Tirrell, Nathan Arthur  27 Jan 1882Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16788 7_families 
28 Tirrell, Ruth Anne Florence  3 Sep 1881Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14081 7_families 
29 Tirrell, Walter A.  11 Feb 1880Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16787 7_families 
30 Tirrell, Walter H.  10 May 1855Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14050 7_families 
31 Tirrell, William J.  18 Jun 1850Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14048 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Dorcas  20 Oct 1903Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13759 7_families 
2 Atwood, Frederic Reuel  4 Feb 1962Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I22241715 7_families 
3 Bruins, Edward  Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I149082 Burgess 
4 Colby, Lucretia P.  11 Jul 1861Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14070 7_families 
5 Cota, Clara Melvina  12 Feb 1913Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16786 7_families 
6 Herbert, Jeremiah  May 1743Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I6000881 7_families 
7 Jordan, Inez E.  10 Feb 1931Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16793 7_families 
8 Marston, Benjamin  22 May 1754Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I89470346 7_families 
9 Merrill, Sally J.  14 Oct 1887Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I14046 7_families 
10 Reynolds, Stephen Caswell  25 Jul 1863Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I7345264 7_families 
11 Robbins, Lena E.  7 Mar 1903Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I978066 Burgess 
12 Robbins, Lena Etta  7 Mar 1903Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I2166968 Burgess 
13 Skilling, Priscilla Mary  19 Feb 1917Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I148714 Burgess 
14 Tirrell, Edgar Clinton  17 Jul 1955Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16835 7_families 
15 Tirrell, Florence Inez  9 Jun 1948Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I81035 7_families 
16 Tirrell, Sarah Lucille  08 Nov 1990Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16836 7_families 
17 Tirrell, Walter A.  7 Sep 1880Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I16787 7_families 
18 Tyrrell, Alvin F.  26 Jan 1862Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13771 7_families 
19 Whittemore, Helen  20 Oct 1915Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I13767 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Frances Elizabeth  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I90098405 7_families 
2 Hill, Beatrice A.  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I90098412 7_families 
3 Hill, Brice W.  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I90098411 7_families 
4 Hill, Harold C.  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I90098409 7_families 
5 Hill, Helen L.  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I90098410 7_families 
6 Hill, John Franklin  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I90098406 7_families 
7 Hill, Marion A.  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I90098413 7_families 
8 Luce, Mary Belinda  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I978050 Burgess 
9 Osgood, Irma Sarah  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I978074 Burgess 
10 Osgood, Leah Maora  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I978073 Burgess 
11 Osgood, Perley Porter  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I978065 Burgess 
12 Robbins, Lena Etta  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I2166968 Burgess 
13 Sweat, Adelaide Laura  1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire I978072 Burgess 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Tirrell / Clark  6 Dec 1878Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F6609 7_families 
2 Tirrell / Cota  22 May 1879Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F6602 7_families 
3 Tirrell / Merrill  19 Apr 1848Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F1004 7_families 
4 Tirrell / Robie  21 Mar 1900Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire F6616 7_families