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Muston, Dorsetshire, England


Tree: 7_families
Location : Latitude: 50.775384, Longitude: -2.1820719


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Churchill, Anne  1587Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625617 7_families 
2 Churchill, Anne  1587Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32001 Churchill 
3 Churchill, Edith  1589Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625618 7_families 
4 Churchill, Edith  1589Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32002 Churchill 
5 Churchill, Gervais  1597Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625623 7_families 
6 Churchill, Gervais  1597Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32007 Churchill 
7 Churchill, Jane  1591Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625619 7_families 
8 Churchill, Jane  1591Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32003 Churchill 
9 Churchill, Jasper  1607Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625628 7_families 
10 Churchill, Jasper  1607Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32012 Churchill 
11 Churchill, John  1599Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625624 7_families 
12 Churchill, John  1599Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32008 Churchill 
13 Churchill, John  1603Muston, Dorsetshire, England I598493 7_families 
14 Churchill, John  1603Muston, Dorsetshire, England I4877 Churchill 
15 Churchill, John  Abt 1620Muston, Dorsetshire, England I593927 7_families 
16 Churchill, John  Abt 1620Muston, Dorsetshire, England I311 Churchill 
17 Churchill, Matthew  1596Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625621 7_families 
18 Churchill, Matthew  1596Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32005 Churchill 
19 Churchill, Maxillian  1609Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625629 7_families 
20 Churchill, Maxillian  1609Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32013 Churchill 
21 Churchill, Richard  1601Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625625 7_families 
22 Churchill, Richard  1601Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32009 Churchill 
23 Churchill, Robert  1605Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625627 7_families 
24 Churchill, Robert  1605Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32011 Churchill 
25 Churchill, Sarah  1593Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625620 7_families 
26 Churchill, Sarah  1593Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32004 Churchill 
27 Churchill, Thomas  1611Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625630 7_families 
28 Churchill, Thomas  1611Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32014 Churchill 
29 Churchill, William  1521Muston, Dorsetshire, England I593662 7_families 
30 Churchill, William  1521Muston, Dorsetshire, England I46 Churchill 
31 Churchill, William  1613Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625631 7_families 
32 Churchill, William  1613Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32015 Churchill 
33 Meller, Eleanor  1545Muston, Dorsetshire, England I598492 7_families 
34 Meller, Eleanor  1545Muston, Dorsetshire, England I4876 Churchill 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Churchill, John  1601Muston, Dorsetshire, England I625624 7_families 
2 Churchill, John  1601Muston, Dorsetshire, England I32008 Churchill 
3 Churchill, John  31 May 1621Muston, Dorsetshire, England I4875 Churchill 
4 Churchill, John  31 May 1621Muston, Dorsetshire, England I598491 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Churchill / Cruwys  Abt 1539Muston, Dorsetshire, England F214925 7_families 
2 Churchill / Cruwys  Abt 1539Muston, Dorsetshire, England F56 Churchill