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Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.330824, Longitude: -71.207014

Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 42.330824, Longitude: -71.207014

Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 42.3370413, Longitude: -71.20922139999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Gilbert Humphrey  26 Dec 1897Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I22242265 7_families 
2 Atwood, Nellie Isabella  19 Aug 1868Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I40119002 7_families 
3 Becker, Louisa Sophia  8 May 1866Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I1572280 Burgess 
4 Child, Phebe  22 Oct 1775Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I65506115 7_families 
5 Drew, Emeline W.  1860Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144856 Churchill 
6 Drew, Herbert Watson  1864Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144857 Churchill 
7 Drew, Robert Morgan  1904Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144862 Churchill 
8 Drew, Virginia  1897Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144861 Churchill 
9 Field, Helen Prosser  10 Dec 1883Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097926 7_families 
10 Hall, Dorothy  11 Dec 1699Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6189764 7_families 
11 Harris, John  14 Oct 1720Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6165868 7_families 
12 Leatherbee, Carol  2 Jun 1912Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097883 7_families 
13 Leatherbee, Doris  26 Jan 1906Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097881 7_families 
14 Leatherbee, Helen  17 Jan 1905Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097888 7_families 
15 Robins, Emma J.  9 Jun 1858Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I56434398 7_families 
16 Starr, Ruth  Abt 1634Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6180662 7_families 
17 Terry, Emily Gregg  2 Jul 1854Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I22242615 7_families 
18 Wason, Barbara  27 Nov 1928Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I71799 7_families 
19 Wason, Barbara  27 Nov 1928Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I71799 Churchill 
20 White, Charlotte Louise  9 Sep 1899Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I63726464 7_families 
21 White, James Mattocks  24 Apr 1904Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I63726466 7_families 
22 Wilson, Hannah  Abt 1697Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6175383 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Venila E.  21 Apr 1885Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I40119003 7_families 
2 Baker, Reuben Rich  Abt 1893Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I40120108 7_families 
3 Burgess, Linda Swain  26 Jul 1982Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I149291 Burgess 
4 Burgess, Linda Swain  26 Jul 1982Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I16381333 7_families 
5 Burrows, Lowell Anderson  24 Oct 1938Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I24814472 7_families 
6 Douglas, Ella  10 Dec 1975Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097929 7_families 
7 Leatherbee, Harriet Williams  24 Oct 1923Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097870 7_families 
8 Leighton, Stanley Winthrop  3 Aug 1981Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097911 7_families 
9 Stone, Ebenezer  4 Oct 1754Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I6183098 7_families 
10 Tirrell, Winthrop  15 Apr 1932Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I15975 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wason, Barbara  Oct 1999Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I71799 7_families 
2 Wason, Barbara  Oct 1999Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I71799 Churchill 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clark, Harriet  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I513 7_families 
2 Clark, Harriet  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I513 Churchill 
3 Drew, Bertha V.  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I126028 7_families 
4 Drew, Bertha V.  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I126028 Churchill 
5 Drew, Charles Acton  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I509 7_families 
6 Drew, Charles Acton  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I509 Churchill 
7 Drew, Charles S.  1860Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144842 Churchill 
8 Drew, Charles S.  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144842 Churchill 
9 Drew, Emeline W.  1860Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144856 Churchill 
10 Drew, Herbert Watson  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144857 Churchill 
11 Drew, Herbert Watson  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144857 Churchill 
12 Drew, Herbert Watson  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144857 Churchill 
13 Drew, Mary A.  1860Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144855 Churchill 
14 Drew, Mrs. Mabel V.  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144860 Churchill 
15 Drew, Robert Morgan  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144862 Churchill 
16 Drew, Thomas  1860Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I945 Churchill 
17 Drew, Thomas  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I945 Churchill 
18 Drew, Thomas B.  1860Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144854 Churchill 
19 Drew, Thomas B.  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144854 Churchill 
20 Drew, Virginia  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I144861 Churchill 
21 Field, Helen Prosser  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097926 7_families 
22 Field, Helen Prosser  1930Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097926 7_families 
23 Field, Helen Prosser  1940Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097926 7_families 
24 Kennedy, John William  1900Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097893 7_families 
25 Leatherbee, Carol  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097883 7_families 
26 Leatherbee, Carol  1930Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097883 7_families 
27 Leatherbee, Doris  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097881 7_families 
28 Leatherbee, Doris  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097881 7_families 
29 Leatherbee, Frederic William  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097877 7_families 
30 Leatherbee, Frederic William  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097877 7_families 
31 Leatherbee, Frederic William  1930Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097877 7_families 
32 Leatherbee, Harriet C.  1900Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097876 7_families 
33 Leatherbee, Helen  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097888 7_families 
34 Leatherbee, Helen  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097888 7_families 
35 Leighton, Walter Leatherbee  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097906 7_families 
36 Leighton, Walter Leatherbee  1930Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097906 7_families 
37 Leighton, Walter Leatherbee  1930Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097906 7_families 
38 Leighton, Walter Leatherbee  1940Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097906 7_families 
39 Mattocks, Margaret  1900Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I63726461 7_families 
40 Mattocks, Margaret  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I63726461 7_families 
41 Mattocks, Margaret  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I63726461 7_families 
42 Shute, Mary Chauncy Cushing  1860Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I954 Churchill 
43 Shute, Mary Chauncy Cushing  1880Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I954 Churchill 
44 Weatherbee, Alice Maude  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097880 7_families 
45 Weatherbee, Alice Maude  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097880 7_families 
46 Weatherbee, Alice Maude  1930Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I88097880 7_families 
47 White, Charlotte Louise  1900Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I63726464 7_families 
48 White, Charlotte Louise  1910Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I63726464 7_families 
49 White, Charlotte Louise  1920Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I63726464 7_families 
50 White, James Gardner  1900Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts I63726460 7_families 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Atwood / Hedger  25 Nov 1867Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F13326622 7_families 
2 Leighton / Field  15 Nov 1912Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts F30010144 7_families