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Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 55.164946185106395, Longitude: 14.9688720703125

Tree: Harris
City/Town : Latitude: 55.160428, Longitude: 14.8668836


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ancher, Jorgen Poulsen  15 May 1673Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I1492 Harris 
2 Ancher, Margrethe Elizabeth  5 Sep 1708Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I1473 Harris 
3 Ancher, Peder  14 Jun 1710Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I1500 Harris 
4 Ancher, Peder  14 Jun 1710Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I4382 Harris 
5 Andersen, Kirsten  1636Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578113 7_families 
6 Christensdatter, Annalena Anna Magdalena  15 Apr 1785Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448808 7_families 
7 Christensdatter, Annicke Catherine  14 Jun 1765Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448796 7_families 
8 Christensdatter, Christiane Marie  24 Jul 1774Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448802 7_families 
9 Christensdatter, Karen Kirstine  30 Sep 1775Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448803 7_families 
10 Christensdatter, Kristine Marie  15 Dec 1771Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448800 7_families 
11 Christensdatter, Margrithe  5 Aug 1764Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448795 7_families 
12 Christensen, Alexander  12 Dec 1779Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448806 7_families 
13 Christensen, Christen  9 Nov 1781Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448807 7_families 
14 Christensen, Hans Jorgen  6 Feb 1767Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448797 7_families 
15 Christensen, Hans Jorgen  17 Nov 1776Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448804 7_families 
16 Christensen, Jens  26 Jul 1778Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448805 7_families 
17 Christensen, Ole  13 Apr 1769Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448798 7_families 
18 Espersen, Hans  1688Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448785 7_families 
19 Jensen, Anders  8 Nov 1756Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I441511 7_families 
20 Pedersen Strange, Peder  26 Aug 1703Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578108 7_families 
21 Rasmussen Stange, Anders  1660Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578115 7_families 
22 Rasmussen Stange, Anna  1658Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578114 7_families 
23 Rasmussen Stange, Bente  1676Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578122 7_families 
24 Rasmussen Stange, Gertrud  1672Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578120 7_families 
25 Rasmussen Stange, Hans  1670Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578119 7_families 
26 Rasmussen Stange, Ingrid  1679Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578124 7_families 
27 Rasmussen Stange, Jens  1665Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578117 7_families 
28 Rasmussen Stange, Margrethe  1678Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578123 7_families 
29 Rasmussen Stange, Ole  1667Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578118 7_families 
30 Rasmussen Stange, Peder  1674Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578121 7_families 
31 Rasmussen Stange, Rasmus  1632Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578106 7_families 
32 Rasmussen Stange, Rasmus  1663Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578116 7_families 
33 Tranbjerg, Christen Hansdatter  3 Sep 1741Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I441534 7_families 
34 Tranbjerg, Maren Kirstine Christensdatter  17 Jan 1773Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448801 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ancher, Elisabeth  4 Sep 1713Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I4383 Harris 
2 Ancher, Else Cathrine  24 Sep 1705Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I4381 Harris 
3 Ancher, Margrethe Elizabeth  5 Sep 1708Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I1473 Harris 
4 Christensdatter, Kirstina  13 Sep 1770Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448799 7_families 
5 Hansen, Anders  26 Nov 1752Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448792 7_families 
6 Hansen, Ane Sophie  26 Mar 1755Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448793 7_families 
7 Hansen, Anne Mette  28 Nov 1734Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448787 7_families 
8 Hansen, Esper  14 Oct 1736Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448788 7_families 
9 Hansen, Hans  8 Mar 1750Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448791 7_families 
10 Hansen, Hans Nielsen  30 Mar 1739Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448789 7_families 
11 Hansen, Jacob  29 Sep 1744Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448790 7_families 
12 Hansen, Margrete  10 May 1733Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448786 7_families 
13 Olesdatter, Annika (Anniche)  28 Oct 1716Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I441546 7_families 
14 Pederdatter Strange, Agnete  1 Oct 1713Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578112 7_families 
15 Pedersen Strange, Christen  21 Jun 1711Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578111 7_families 
16 Pedersen Strange, Hans  1709Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578110 7_families 
17 Pedersen Strange, Mogens  24 Feb 1702Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578107 7_families 
18 Pedersen Strange, Rasmus  13 May 1706Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578109 7_families 
19 Tranbjerg, Annika Catherine Christensdatter  24 Apr 1768Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I441516 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christensdatter, Kristine Marie  26 Jul 1772Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448800 7_families 
2 Christensen, Ole  21 May 1769Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448798 7_families 
3 Espersen, Hans  4 May 1770Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448785 7_families 
4 Hansdatter, Bodil  1758Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I441541 7_families 
5 Hansen, Jacob  30 May 1745Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448790 7_families 
6 Jensdatter, Mette Sophie  20 May 1753Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448718 7_families 
7 Pedersen, Peder (Stange)  1753Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I441540 7_families 
8 Steenberg, Mette Sophie Jacobsen  20 Mar 1749Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448705 7_families 
9 Tranbjerg, Christen Hansdatter  13 Apr 1791Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I441534 7_families 
10 Tranbjerg, Maren Kirstine Christensdatter  3 Apr 1773Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I448801 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersen, Kirsten  Mar 1701Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578113 7_families 
2 Hansdatter, Bodil  17 Sep 1758Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I441541 7_families 
3 Pedersen, Jens (Stange)  Jul 1775Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I441526 7_families 
4 Rasmussen Stange, Rasmus  3 Jan 1706Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark I578106 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anders / Valborg  1720Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark F159794 7_families 
2 Espersen / Hansdatter  Abt 1727Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark F160951 7_families 
3 Ipsen Sydese / Larsdatter  Abt 1746Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark F160933 7_families 
4 Jensen / Jensdatter  24 Sep 1779Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark F164298 7_families 
5 Pedersen / Steenberg  4 May 1744Osterlarsker, Bornholm, Denmark F160945 7_families