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Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Asa  10 Dec 1756Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I87214 Burgess 
2 Burgess, Charles  7 Nov 1760Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I61162 Burgess 
3 Burgess, Daniel  25 Jun 1803Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86605 Burgess 
4 Burgess, Ellen M.  10 Mar 1837Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86616 Burgess 
5 Burgess, Frank S. M.D.  13 Aug 1826Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86614 Burgess 
6 Burgess, Harriet Frances  14 Feb 1818Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86611 Burgess 
7 Burgess, Henry  30 Apr 1801Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86604 Burgess 
8 Burgess, Horace M. D.  15 May 1824Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86613 Burgess 
9 Burgess, Jared W.  Apr 1828Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86548 Burgess 
10 Burgess, Jesse (Jason)  22 Dec 1758Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I61161 Burgess 
11 Burgess, Jesse S.  1790Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86587 Burgess 
12 Burgess, John  18 Jul 1767Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I61165 Burgess 
13 Burgess, John D.  28 Nov 1820Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86612 Burgess 
14 Burgess, Julia  16 Mar 1808Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86606 Burgess 
15 Burgess, Lydia  27 Dec 1762Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I61163 Burgess 
16 Burgess, Mowrey  20 Nov 1787Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86585 Burgess 
17 Burgess, Nathan G.  26 Oct 1813Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86607 Burgess 
18 Burgess, Sally Gay  24 Mar 1824Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86608 Burgess 
19 Burgess, Sarah Greene  19 Jul 1829Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86615 Burgess 
20 Burleigh, George Shepard  26 Mar 1821Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86700 Burgess 
21 Dyer, William  25 Oct 1802Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86617 Burgess 
22 Dyer, William G.  14 Jan 1837Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86618 Burgess 
23 Kingsbury, Abbie  Abt 1818Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86299 Burgess 
24 Sabin, Avis  Abt 1755Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6183870 7_families 
25 Sabin, Elizabeth  1760Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6183868 7_families 
26 Sabin, Israel  1752Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6183872 7_families 
27 Sabin, Josiah  15 Apr 1747Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6183908 7_families 
28 Sabin, Nathaniel  1759Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6183869 7_families 
29 Sabin, William  Abt 1749Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6183873 7_families 
30 Sabin, William  1755Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6183871 7_families 
31 Shepard, Mehitable  11 Sep 1735Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I61128 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Mercy  29 Nov 1741Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I61175 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Joseph  Aft 5 Jan 1757Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I61125 Burgess 
2 Burgess, Mowrey  29 Jun 1856Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86585 Burgess 
3 Burgess, Nathan  10 Aug 1825Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86583 Burgess 
4 Burgess, Susan Greene  5 May 1837Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I86610 Burgess 
5 Sabin, Israel  1760Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6168558 7_families 
6 Sabin, Israel  13 Jan 1761Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6183878 7_families 
7 Snow, Thankful  Aft 17 Mar 1755Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I61126 Burgess 
8 Welch, James  Bef 22 Nov 1726Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut I6169479 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ames / Burgess  14 May 1840Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut F32325 Burgess 
2 Burgess / Burgess  Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut F32256 Burgess 
3 Burgess / Gay  11 Dec 1800Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut F32315 Burgess 
4 Burgess / Shepard  21 Mar 1756Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut F24104 Burgess 
5 Dyer / Burgess  19 Oct 1835Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut F32324 Burgess 
6 Spaulding / Burgess  27 Nov 1760Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut F37408 Burgess