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Quebec, Quebec, Canada


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 46.8032826, Longitude: -71.242796

Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 46.8032826, Longitude: -71.242796

Tree: Stewart
City/Town : Latitude: 46.8032826, Longitude: -71.242796

Tree: Ireland
City/Town : Latitude: 46.8032826, Longitude: -71.242796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brideau, Jean  1659Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31191 Stewart 
2 Brideau, Jean Baptiste  30 Sep 1694Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31197 Stewart 
3 Brideau, Jean Hilaire  28 Aug 1692Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31196 Stewart 
4 Brideau, Louise Catherine  28 Jan 1698Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31193 Stewart 
5 Brideau, Marie  25 May 1691Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31175 Stewart 
6 Brideau, Marie Anne  26 Jul 1688Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31195 Stewart 
7 Brideau, Marie Francoise Jeanne  26 Oct 1695Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31194 Stewart 
8 Crete, Francoise  20 Jul 1660Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31205 Stewart 
9 Crete, Jean  23 Apr 1664Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31202 Stewart 
10 Crete, Joseph  30 Apr 1666Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31203 Stewart 
11 Crete, Louis  20 May 1656Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31204 Stewart 
12 Crete, Marguerite  20 Apr 1649Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31201 Stewart 
13 Crete, Marguerite  30 Mar 1663Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31200 Stewart 
14 Dandaique, Claude  2 May 1682Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31174 Stewart 
15 Ford, Gwyllyn Samuel Newton  1 May 1916Quebec, Quebec, Canada I62489958 7_families 
16 Gariepy, Jacques Jean Baptiste  26 Mar 1667Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31018 Stewart 
17 Hoyt, Susan Ida  21 Mar 1879Quebec, Quebec, Canada I80819 7_families 
18 Roderic, Sylvia  1822Quebec, Quebec, Canada I148273 Burgess 
19 Sevestre, Catherine  25 Jul 1644Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6854 Ireland 
20 Sevestre, Charles  20 Nov 1646Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6855 Ireland 
21 Sevestre, Etienne  Abt 1640Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6851 Ireland 
22 Sevestre, Ignace  12 Nov 1636Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6849 Ireland 
23 Sevestre, Jean  1642Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6853 Ireland 
24 Sevestre, Jeanne  29 Dec 1641Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6852 Ireland 
25 Sevestre, Marie Madeleine  2 Jan 1639Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6850 Ireland 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crete, Joseph  2 May 1666Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31203 Stewart 
2 Crete, Marguerite  1 Apr 1663Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31200 Stewart 
3 Gariepy, Genevieve  11 Oct 1663Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31002 Stewart 
4 Gariepy, Jacques Jean Baptiste  2 Apr 1667Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31018 Stewart 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Archambault, Jacqueline  17 Dec 1700Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31165 Stewart 
2 Brideau, Jean  7 Jun 1699Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31191 Stewart 
3 Brideau, Jean Baptiste  30 Oct 1694Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31197 Stewart 
4 Brideau, Jean Hilaire  7 May 1757Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31196 Stewart 
5 Brideau, Louise Catherine  30 Oct 1744Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31193 Stewart 
6 Brideau, Marie Anne  23 sep1722Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31195 Stewart 
7 Brideau, Marie Francoise Jeanne  10 Jun 1723Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31194 Stewart 
8 Crete, Francoise  29 Nov 1702Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31205 Stewart 
9 Crete, Marguerite  16 May 1663Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31201 Stewart 
10 Crete, Marie  10 nov1722Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31192 Stewart 
11 Ferguson, Dudley Olcott  1940Quebec, Quebec, Canada I42543 7_families 
12 Ferguson, Margaret Ann  13 Apr 1894Quebec, Quebec, Canada I18263 7_families 
13 Gariepy, Marie Genevieve  3 Jul 1727Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31023 Stewart 
14 Lacombe, Catherine  13 Aug 1770Quebec, Quebec, Canada I31236 Stewart 
15 Petitpas, Marguerite  13 Sep 1640Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6857 Ireland 
16 Pichon, Marie  3 May 1661Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6847 Ireland 
17 Sevestre, Charles  8 Dec 1657Quebec, Quebec, Canada I6846 Ireland 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brideau / Crete  21 Apr 1678Quebec, Quebec, Canada F14196 Stewart 
2 Gariepy / Oudin  13 Aug 1657Quebec, Quebec, Canada F14166 Stewart 
3 Lance / Allard  20 Nov 1815Quebec, Quebec, Canada F14161 Stewart