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Salem, Essex, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.51117, Longitude: -70.90942

Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 42.51954, Longitude: -70.8967155

Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 42.51117, Longitude: -70.90942

Tree: Stewart
City/Town : Latitude: 42.51954, Longitude: -70.8967155

Tree: Ireland
City/Town : Latitude: 42.51954, Longitude: -70.8967155

Tree: Burbank
City/Town : Latitude: 42.51954, Longitude: -70.8967155


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwood, Anne A.  2 Sep 1860Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I40119000 7_families 
2 Atwood, Mrs. Mercy E.  Aug 1852Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I40120268 7_families 
3 Bartholomew, Abigail  6 Oct 1650Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29729 Stewart 
4 Bartholomew, Abraham  8 Nov 1646Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29743 Stewart 
5 Bartholomew, Eleazer  29 Jul 1649Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29744 Stewart 
6 Bartholomew, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1654Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29746 Stewart 
7 Bartholomew, Hannah  12 Feb 1642Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29741 Stewart 
8 Bartholomew, Henry  10 May 1657Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29747 Stewart 
9 Bartholomew, John  10 Nov 1644Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29742 Stewart 
10 Bartholomew, William  2 Oct 1652Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29745 Stewart 
11 Bartoll, Margaret  11 Feb 1682Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596964 7_families 
12 Barton, Mary  5 Oct 1715Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29727 Stewart 
13 Beauvais, Armand Joseph  24 May 1918Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I59783 7_families 
14 Bradford, Annah  22 Nov 1831Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75032755 7_families 
15 Bradford, Benjamin  8 Aug 1826Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75032753 7_families 
16 Churchill, Arthur C.  6 Apr 1871Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131548 Burgess 
17 Churchill, Edgar L.  12 Nov 1848Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131545 Burgess 
18 Churchill, Florence A.  1864Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131541 Burgess 
19 Churchill, Horace F.  7 Apr 1851Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131546 Burgess 
20 Churchill, Lillian M.  15 May 1878Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131550 Burgess 
21 Churchill, William T.  10 May 1872Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131549 Burgess 
22 Conkling, Benjamin  1638Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I63165 7_families 
23 Conkling, Cornelius  1636Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813150 7_families 
24 Conkling, Elizabeth  18 May 1649Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813154 7_families 
25 Conkling, Hester  1651Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813155 7_families 
26 Conkling, Hester  1651Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I63169 7_families 
27 Conkling, Jeremiah  1634Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I810712 7_families 
28 Conkling, John  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813156 7_families 
29 Corwin, Penelope  7 Aug 1670Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513818 7_families 
30 Corwin, Susanna  10 Dec 1672Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513819 7_families 
31 Darling, Rebecca  Abt 1673Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I595961 7_families 
32 Darling, Rebecca  Abt 1673Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I2346 Burbank 
33 French, Jessie Ruth  20 Apr 1919Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I82303 7_families 
34 Graves, Elizabeth  6 Aug 1645Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000871 7_families 
35 Gray, Hannah  30 Nov 1674Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5999621 7_families 
36 Hadlock, James  1655Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5844768 7_families 
37 Harvey, Sarah  11 Oct 1678Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6168626 7_families 
38 Haskell, John  1648Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I3789029 7_families 
39 Herbert, Abigail  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000883 7_families 
40 Herbert, Abigail  6 May 1653Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000899 7_families 
41 Herbert, Bridget  11 May 1687Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000872 7_families 
42 Herbert, Elizabeth  6 May 1653Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000898 7_families 
43 Herbert, Elizabeth  1678Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000879 7_families 
44 Herbert, Jeremiah  9 Aug 1683Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000881 7_families 
45 Herbert, Joanna  23 Feb 1651Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000896 7_families 
46 Herbert, Joanna  1676Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000878 7_families 
47 Herbert, John  24 Jan 1642Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000891 7_families 
48 Herbert, Joseph  7 May 1648Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000870 7_families 
49 Herbert, Joseph (Twin)  13 Jul 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000884 7_families 
50 Herbert, Marie  27 Nov 1641Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000889 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Conkling, Cornelius  2 Jul 1637Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813150 7_families 
2 Conkling, Hester  1640-1641Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813155 7_families 
3 Conkling, Jacob  18 May 1649Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813153 7_families 
4 Conkling, Lewis  30 Apr 1643Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813152 7_families 
5 Herbert, Joseph  7 May 1648Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6000870 7_families 
6 Hutchinson, Abigail  25 Dec 1636Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166788 7_families 
7 Hutchinson, Hannah  20 Jan 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166817 7_families 
8 Hutchinson, John  May 1643Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166790 7_families 
9 Maury, Jonathan  2 Apr 1637Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I599459 7_families 
10 Moore, Benjamin  25 Aug 1668Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6182532 7_families 
11 Page, Rebecca  16 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5993819 7_families 
12 Page, Samuel  16 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6037987 7_families 
13 Page, Thomas  1 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5993820 7_families 
14 Page, Thomas  1 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6037989 7_families 
15 Towne, Joseph  3 Sep 1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17981748 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartholomew, Abigail  2 Sep 1702Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29729 Stewart 
2 Bartholomew, Henry  22 Nov 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29740 Stewart 
3 Bell, Jane Cook  25 Jul 1995Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I38510814 7_families 
4 Bosworth, Alice  26 Nov 1694Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166783 7_families 
5 Bradford, Benjamin  26 Aug 1829Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75032753 7_families 
6 Burgess, William  23 Nov 1865Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I105598 Burgess 
7 Cloutman, Hannah  26 Aug 1849Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75032752 7_families 
8 Conkling, Cornelius  21 Mar 1668Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813150 7_families 
9 Corwin, George  3 Jan 1685Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513817 7_families 
10 Corwin, Penelope  28 Dec 1690Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513818 7_families 
11 Corwin, Susanna  Bef 22 Oct 1696Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513819 7_families 
12 Darling, George  Bef 9 Oct 1693Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I645267 7_families 
13 Hadlock, James  3 Dec 1687Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166808 7_families 
14 Holmes, Ephraim  22 Sep 1891Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I188216 Burgess 
15 Holmes, Ephraim  22 Sep 1891Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I75026074 7_families 
16 Hutchinson, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1688Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166794 7_families 
17 Hutchinson, Richard  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166780 7_families 
18 Kempton, Ephraim  1712Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596191 7_families 
19 Lauder, Mary  1638-1639Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I813149 7_families 
20 Marston, John  25 Apr 1761Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89485812 7_families 
21 Mattoon, Louise Jerusha  31 Jan 1882Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I7847 7_families 
22 Merrill, Daniel  27 Jun 1717Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596951 7_families 
23 North, Susannah  19 Jul 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I5844737 7_families 
24 Peterschen, Martha Emily  1 Jul 1969Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I38510813 7_families 
25 Pierce, Lucy  13 Sep 1881Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I105599 Burgess 
26 Putnam, Edward  10 Mar 1747Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166679 7_families 
27 Putnam, Nathaniel  23 Jul 1700Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166793 7_families 
28 Reeves, John  Aft 1681Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I596762 7_families 
29 Scudder, Elizabeth  1 sep1682Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29739 Stewart 
30 Scudder, Margery  9 Apr 1655Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I7012 Ireland 
31 Scudder, Mrs. Elizabeth  Sep 1665Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29749 Stewart 
32 Scudder, Thomas  1657Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29748 Stewart 
33 Tirrell, Frederick Benton  11 Dec 1903Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I16061 7_families 
34 Tirrell, Maude Westley  4 Sep 1877Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17193 7_families 
35 Tirrell, Nettie M.  5 Apr 1877Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I14832 7_families 
36 Tirrell, Russell Courtney  2 Feb 1955Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17434 7_families 
37 Tirrell, Viola A.  15 Feb 1883Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I14835 7_families 
38 Towne, Mary  22 Sep 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17981717 7_families 
39 Towne, Rebecca  19 Jul 1692Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I17981709 7_families 
40 Walcott, Elizabeth  12 Jul 1702Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513849 7_families 
41 Walcott, Josiah  4 Jan 1691Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513850 7_families 
42 Walcott, Josiah  9 Feb 1729Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89513848 7_families 
43 Willoughby, Mary  7 Jan 1758Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29725 Stewart 
44 Willoughby, Nehemiah  6 Nov 1702Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I29730 Stewart 
45 Winslow, Elizabeth  20 Sep 1761Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I89485766 7_families 
46 Winslow, Kenelem  13 Sep 1672Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I621442 7_families 
47 Young, William  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6163876 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hutchinson, Richard  Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I6166780 7_families 
2 Winslow, Kenelem  Sep 1672Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I621442 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Amarantha Jane  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131537 Burgess 
2 Churchill, Arthur C.  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131548 Burgess 
3 Churchill, Benjamin Atwood  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131555 Burgess 
4 Churchill, Bertha Irene  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131554 Burgess 
5 Churchill, Florence A.  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131541 Burgess 
6 Churchill, George Atwood  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131538 Burgess 
7 Churchill, Harry Greenleaf  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131557 Burgess 
8 Churchill, Horace F.  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131546 Burgess 
9 Churchill, Lillian M.  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131550 Burgess 
10 Churchill, Nellie L.  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131558 Burgess 
11 Churchill, William T.  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131549 Burgess 
12 Hersey, Martha Millett  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131553 Burgess 
13 Hersey, Sarah A.  1880Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I131547 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Darling, George  9 Oct 1693Salem, Essex, Massachusetts I645267 7_families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bartholomew / Scudder  5 May 1664Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F13747 Stewart 
2 Barton / Willoughby  10 May 1710Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F13745 Stewart 
3 Bradford / Cloutman  Abt 1816Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F25442805 7_families 
4 Burbank / Darling  3 Jul 1695Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F215921 7_families 
5 Burbank / Darling  3 Jul 1695Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F1053 Burbank 
6 Churchill / Hersey  7 Apr 1851Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F47616 Burgess 
7 Cloyes / Towne  Abt 1682Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F5860843 7_families 
8 Corwin / Winslow  22 Sep 1669Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F30471899 7_families 
9 Hadlock / Hutchinson  19 May 1652Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F1903883 7_families 
10 Hutchinson / Archer  Oct 1668Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F1908571 7_families 
11 Kempton / Hodges  27 Sep 1782Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F216572 7_families 
12 Lincoln / Lyford  1650Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F7769622 7_families 
13 Lyde / Corwin  29 Nov 1694Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F30471905 7_families 
14 Mulford / Mulford  Abt 1640Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F24847 7_families 
15 Tirrell / Piper  23 Apr 1876Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F7150 7_families 
16 Walcott / Corwin  19 Feb 1685Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F30471904 7_families 
17 Watson / Marston  22 Sep 1756Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F30460107 7_families 
18 Willoughby / Bartholomew  2 Jan 1672Salem, Essex, Massachusetts F13746 Stewart