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Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 42.18512, Longitude: -70.73615

Tree: Churchill
City/Town : Latitude: 42.18512, Longitude: -70.73615

Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 42.18512, Longitude: -70.73615

Tree: Leftwich
City/Town : Latitude: 42.1959348, Longitude: -70.725874


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barns, Anna  26 Sep 1765Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57262665 7_families 
2 Bisbee, Katie Cora Fuller  2 Mar 1876Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I76459225 7_families 
3 Bisbee, Katie Cora Fuller  2 Mar 1876Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I181269 Burgess 
4 Briggs, Mary  1682Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2489439 7_families 
5 Brooks, Margaret  4 Aug 1814Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I8291 7_families 
6 Brown, Julia N.  9 Jul 1841Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15945 7_families 
7 Bryant, John  17 Aug 1644Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I603437 7_families 
8 Church, Charles  Mar 1684Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I31220 Burgess 
9 Clapp, Helena  25 Nov 1828Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15881 7_families 
10 Cobb, Hannah  5 Oct 1639Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3244464 7_families 
11 Cobb, Mary  24 Mar 1637Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I605975 7_families 
12 Collamore, Thomas  19 Feb 1709Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6165908 7_families 
13 Dwelley, Mary  29 Mar 1682Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3617821 7_families 
14 Ford, Hannah  23 Dec 1717Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16275803 7_families 
15 Foxwell, Martha  24 Mar 1638Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3831675 7_families 
16 Gross, Emma Warren  27 Feb 1851Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I132861 Burgess 
17 Gross, Emma Warren  27 Feb 1851Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16364903 7_families 
18 Gross, Emma Warren  27 Feb 1851Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I22284640 7_families 
19 Hayes, Mary Eleanor  25 Dec 1862Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17287 7_families 
20 Holbrook, Thomas  24 Jun 1713Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I40120711 7_families 
21 Johnson, Margaret  22 Dec 1659Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2489395 7_families 
22 Kempton, Ephraim  1 Oct 1649Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I596191 7_families 
23 Kempton, Joanna  29 Sep 1646Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I596189 7_families 
24 Kempton, Manasseh  1 Jan 1652Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I596192 7_families 
25 Kempton, Ruth  24 Sep 1654Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I596970 7_families 
26 Lewis, Ephraim  23 Jul 1641Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3279496 7_families 
27 Litchfield, Alfred Billings  14 Dec 1836Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I13908 7_families 
28 Litchfield, Alfred Clifton  26 Jan 1871Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I13911 7_families 
29 Litchfield, Arthur Leslie  26 Aug 1866Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I13909 7_families 
30 Litchfield, Emma Grace  10 Oct 1868Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I13910 7_families 
31 Litchfield, Josie Wilma  5 Oct 1876Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I13913 7_families 
32 Litchfield, Mary Frances Bell  20 Nov 1867Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17366 7_families 
33 Litchfield, Percy Tirrell  18 Dec 1872Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I13912 7_families 
34 Parker, Nathaniel  8 Mar 1661Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1887568 7_families 
35 Perry, Thomas  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I729503 7_families 
36 Perry, Thomas  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2468942 7_families 
37 Randall, Susanna  1738Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I14971677 7_families 
38 Rogers, Lois  27 Aug 1671Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1887569 7_families 
39 Starr, Comfort  1644Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6180634 7_families 
40 Starr, Comfort  15 Nov 1644Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6180678 7_families 
41 Starr, Elizabeth  7 Jun 1646Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6180632 7_families 
42 Starr, Samuel  3 Nov 1641Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6180637 7_families 
43 Stockbridge, Elizabeth  6 Mar 1738Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485851 7_families 
44 Tilden, Josephine  6 Sep 1846Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I15949 7_families 
45 Tirrell, Lottie Richmond  02 Mar 1886Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I17367 7_families 
46 Torrey, David  4 Jan 1688Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16244541 7_families 
47 Torrey, Elizabeth  11 Aug 1717Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16279064 7_families 
48 Torrey, Rachel  7 Mar 1713Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16264093 7_families 
49 Torrey, Sarah  9 Feb 1660Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16244574 7_families 
50 Torrey, Stephen  Jan 1711Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16264157 7_families 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bishop, Nathaniel  3 Jul 1715Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I89485833 7_families 
2 Johnson, Margaret  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2489395 7_families 
3 Kempton, Ephraim  8 Apr 1649Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I717229 7_families 
4 Kempton, Joanna  9 Nov 1645Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I717227 7_families 
5 Kempton, Manasseh  9 Feb 1650Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I717230 7_families 
6 Kempton, Patience  21 Nov 1647Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I717228 7_families 
7 Lapham, Rebekah  15 Mar 1645Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860814 7_families 
8 Lewis, Edward  9 May 1640Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3279231 7_families 
9 Lewis, John  11 Mar 1637Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3279230 7_families 
10 Lincoln, Isaac  21 Oct 1691Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I24076069 7_families 
11 Lincoln, Jacob  23 May 1708Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I24182237 7_families 
12 Lombard, Abigail  26 May 1678Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I729494 7_families 
13 Starr, Comfort  7 Jun 1646Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6180678 7_families 
14 Starr, Elizabeth  7 Jun 1648Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6180632 7_families 
15 Vaughn, Mary  1 Jul 1660Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9860817 7_families 
16 Warren, James  3 Aug 1718Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16277730 7_families 
17 Warren, Nehemiah  31 Oct 1731Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I16244202 7_families 
18 Whiston, Bathsheba  1 Jul 1660Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I636432 7_families 
19 Whiston, Bathsheba  1 Jul 1660Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2375871 7_families 
20 Whiston, Increase  10 Aug 1656Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I729476 7_families 
21 Whiston, Increase  10 Aug 1656Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2468915 7_families 
22 Whitcomb, Josuah  1654Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I467 Leftwich 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brooks, William  Bef 24 Jan 1682Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I729479 7_families 
2 Bryant, John  20 Nov 1684Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3241923 7_families 
3 Burbank, Elizabeth Homer  Jun 1968Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I191604 Burgess 
4 Burbank, Elizabeth Homer  Jun 1968Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I62298186 7_families 
5 Burbank, Elizabeth Homer  Jun 1968Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I75029462 7_families 
6 Hanford, Elizabeth  9 Oct 1711Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I729526 7_families 
7 Hatherly, Timothy  24 Oct 1666Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I729541 7_families 
8 Jones, Sarah  Aft 17 Feb 1701Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I24076074 7_families 
9 Kempton, Ephraim  5 May 1645Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I596186 7_families 
10 Kempton, Ephraim  Bef 1 Oct 1649Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I717229 7_families 
11 Kempton, Joanna  Bef Sep 1646Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I717227 7_families 
12 Kempton, Manasseh  Bef 1 Jan 1651Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I717230 7_families 
13 Kempton, Patience  1 Jul 1648Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I717228 7_families 
14 Lewis, Mary  2 Jul 1655Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I3241921 7_families 
15 Lincoln, Elizabeth  14 Sep 1724Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I24182236 7_families 
16 Lincoln, Isaac  15 Jan 1771Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I24076069 7_families 
17 Lincoln, Jacob  14 Sep 1724Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I24182237 7_families 
18 Lincoln, Mordecai  28 Nov 1727Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I24076168 7_families 
19 Lincoln, Sarah  7 Jul 1754Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I24076067 7_families 
20 Little, Ephraim  24 Nov 1717Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18348948 7_families 
21 Little, Hannah  13 May 1710Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18365912 7_families 
22 Parker, William  1684Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I598071 7_families 
23 Parker, William  1684Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2337510 7_families 
24 Peterson, Isaac  1785Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I735 7_families 
25 Peterson, Isaac  1785Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I735 Churchill 
26 Rawlins, Joanna  21 May 1656Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I596188 7_families 
27 Rawlins, Joanna  21 May 1656Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2335627 7_families 
28 Rogers, Lois  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1887569 7_families 
29 Sturtevant, Mary  10 Feb 1717Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18348955 7_families 
30 Tilden, Stephen  22 Aug 1711Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18367353 7_families 
31 Tirrell, Alonzo  4 Oct 1858Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I6996 7_families 
32 Wade, Nicholas  1662Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I729527 7_families 
33 Whitcomb, Catherine Katherine  26 May 1644Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I455 Leftwich 
34 Whitcomb, Mary  Abt 1695Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I469 Leftwich 
35 Whitcomb, Robert  25 Dec 1704Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I459 Leftwich 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Little, Ephraim  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18348948 7_families 
2 Parker, William  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I598071 7_families 
3 Parker, William  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2337510 7_families 
4 Sturtevant, Mary  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I18348955 7_families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Drew, Joseph Shertliff  1850Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1074 Churchill 
2 Drew, Joseph Shertliff  1860Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1074 Churchill 
3 Drew, Joseph Shertliff  1870Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1074 Churchill 
4 Drew, Joseph Shertliff  1880Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1074 Churchill 
5 Drew, Theodore Clement  1850Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1337 Churchill 
6 Drew, Theodore Clement  1860Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1337 Churchill 
7 Drew, Theodore Clement  1870Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1337 Churchill 
8 Drew, Theodore Clement  1910Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1337 Churchill 
9 Prouty, Lucy White  1850Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1077 Churchill 
10 Prouty, Lucy White  1860Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1077 Churchill 
11 Prouty, Lucy White  1870Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1077 Churchill 
12 Prouty, Lucy White  1880Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1077 Churchill 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Belcher / Peterson  2 Mar 1760Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F24752 7_families 
2 Belcher / Peterson  2 Mar 1760Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F24752 Churchill 
3 Bryant / Hiland  Apr 1664Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1071536 7_families 
4 Bryant / Randall  4 Sep 1766Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F4815949 7_families 
5 Bryant / Witherell  22 Dec 1657Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1071535 7_families 
6 Cole / Lincoln  29 Dec 1720Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7827508 7_families 
7 Cole / Tilson  23 Dec 1652Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1275812 7_families 
8 Ford / Stetson  28 Mar 1691Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1914557 7_families 
9 Josselyn / Stockbridge  4 Nov 1676Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1914108 7_families 
10 Kempton / Rawlins  28 Jan 1644Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F216250 7_families 
11 Kempton / Reeves  7 Nov 1673Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F215122 7_families 
12 Lewis /   Abt 1662Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1085713 7_families 
13 Lewis / Fuller  1635Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1071531 7_families 
14 Litchfield / Tirrell  1 Jan 1865Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3909 7_families 
15 Lombard / Warren  19 Sep 1672Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5280933 7_families 
16 Morton / Kempton  22 Dec 1664Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F215130 7_families 
17 Nichols / Whiston  25 May 1663Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F263951 7_families 
18 Nichols / Whiston  25 May 1663Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F767614 7_families 
19 Parker / Rogers  Abt 1688Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F658201 7_families 
20 Perry / Whiston  2 May 1671Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F263955 7_families 
21 Perry / Whiston  2 May 1671Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F767618 7_families 
22 Rawlins / Sylvester  4 Sep 1652Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F251168 7_families 
23 Rawlins / Sylvester  4 Sep 1652Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F754831 7_families 
24 Robinson / Hanford  26 Sep 1636Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F263961 7_families 
25 Robinson / Hanford  26 Sep 1636Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F767624 7_families 
26 Shurtleff / Gross  16 Jun 1872Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48054 Burgess 
27 Shurtleff / Gross  16 Jun 1872Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5323433 7_families 
28 Shurtleff / Gross  16 Jun 1872Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7262845 7_families 
29 Tilden / Little  15 Jan 1662Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5966972 7_families 
30 Tirrell / Litchfield  17 May 1885Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F7237 7_families 
31 Tirrell / Thayer  8 Mar 1815Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F3650 7_families 
32 Torrey / Warren  12 Jun 1710Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F5281153 7_families 
33 Wade / Hanford  1638Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F263962 7_families 
34 Wade / Hanford  1638Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F767625 7_families