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Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut


Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 41.9817631, Longitude: -72.6506462

Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 41.9817631, Longitude: -72.6506462

Tree: Burbank
City/Town : Latitude: 41.9817631, Longitude: -72.6506462


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Drusilla  3 Apr 1762Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I147935 Burgess 
2 Austin, Drusilla  3 Apr 1762Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I14391863 7_families 
3 Austin, Rachel  Abt 1705Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2628 Burbank 
4 Burbank, Abiah  5 Jan 1732Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2642 Burbank 
5 Burbank, Abraham  8 Sep 1703Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2402 Burbank 
6 Burbank, Abraham  24 Feb 1739Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2645 Burbank 
7 Burbank, Anna  5 Oct 1707Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2412 Burbank 
8 Burbank, Anna  20 Aug 1744Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2647 Burbank 
9 Burbank, Ashbel  11 Nov 1737Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2650 Burbank 
10 Burbank, Ashbel  8 Feb 1743Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2653 Burbank 
11 Burbank, Ashbel  8 Sep 1745Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2654 Burbank 
12 Burbank, Caleb  30 May 1712Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2414 Burbank 
13 Burbank, Caleb  21 Dec 1712Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2406 Burbank 
14 Burbank, Daniel  27 Mar 1744Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2635 Burbank 
15 Burbank, Dinah  16 Jun 1719Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2416 Burbank 
16 Burbank, Ebenezer  5 Aug 1700Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2409 Burbank 
17 Burbank, Ebenezer  5 May 1741Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2633 Burbank 
18 Burbank, Eleanor  4 Apr 1734Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2643 Burbank 
19 Burbank, Ellas  Abt 1750Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2638 Burbank 
20 Burbank, Esther  31 Oct 1739Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2651 Burbank 
21 Burbank, Joannah  19 Aug 1705Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2403 Burbank 
22 Burbank, Joel  Abt 1752Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2639 Burbank 
23 Burbank, John  18 Feb 1701Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2401 Burbank 
24 Burbank, John  6 Jan 1735Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2630 Burbank 
25 Burbank, John  5 Jul 1743Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2634 Burbank 
26 Burbank, Lois  15 Jan 1715Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2407 Burbank 
27 Burbank, Lydia  5 Oct 1710Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2413 Burbank 
28 Burbank, Mary  26 May 1707Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2404 Burbank 
29 Burbank, Mary  3 Apr 1739Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2632 Burbank 
30 Burbank, Mehitable  28 Jul 1729Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2641 Burbank 
31 Burbank, Noah  6 Sep 1713Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2415 Burbank 
32 Burbank, Rachel  22 Jan 1737Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2631 Burbank 
33 Burbank, Ruth  26 May 1741Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2646 Burbank 
34 Burbank, Samuel  15 Sep 1702Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2410 Burbank 
35 Burbank, Seth  Abt 1748Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2637 Burbank 
36 Burbank, Shem  21 May 1736Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2644 Burbank 
37 Burbank, Sibil  18 Feb 1735Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2649 Burbank 
38 Burbank, Sibil  20 Oct 1741Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2652 Burbank 
39 Burbank, Susanna  23 Nov 1695Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2359 Burbank 
40 Burbank, Thankful  3 Sep 1704Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2411 Burbank 
41 Burbank, Theode  2 Oct 1733Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2629 Burbank 
42 Burbank, Theode  Abt 1746Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2636 Burbank 
43 Burbank, Thomas  Abt 1749Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2656 Burbank 
44 Burbank, Timothy  1 Aug 1709Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2405 Burbank 
45 Burbank, Timothy  Abt 1747Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2655 Burbank 
46 Hanchett, Esther  Abt 1713Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2648 Burbank 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burbank, Anna  7 Dec 1710Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2412 Burbank 
2 Burbank, Ashbel  1 Jul 1741Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2650 Burbank 
3 Burbank, Ashbel  15 Nov 1744Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2653 Burbank 
4 Burbank, Caleb  13 Jun 1712Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2414 Burbank 
5 Burbank, Caleb  16 Aug 1716Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2406 Burbank 
6 Burbank, Ebenezer  26 Dec 1722Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2409 Burbank 
7 Burbank, Esther  22 Jun 1741Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2651 Burbank 
8 Burbank, John  1 Jun 1709Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I595965 7_families 
9 Burbank, John  1 Jun 1709Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2350 Burbank 
10 Burbank, John  25 Mar 1729Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I595968 7_families 
11 Burbank, John  25 Mar 1729Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2353 Burbank 
12 Burbank, John  27 May 1741Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2630 Burbank 
13 Burbank, Lydia  22 Oct 1710Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2413 Burbank 
14 Burbank, Rachel  4 Jul 1741Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2631 Burbank 
15 Burbank, Samuel  23 Feb 1721Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2410 Burbank 
16 Burbank, Sibil  30 Jun 1741Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2649 Burbank 
17 Burbank, Theode  11 Jun 1741Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2629 Burbank 
18 Chase, Anne  1691Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I6068055 7_families 
19 Hart, Sarah  19 Aug 1692Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I595972 7_families 
20 Hart, Sarah  19 Aug 1692Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2357 Burbank 
21 Merrill, Susannah  10 Oct 1690Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I595966 7_families 
22 Merrill, Susannah  10 Oct 1690Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2351 Burbank 
23 Sanders, Mehitable  24 Feb 1728Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I595973 7_families 
24 Sanders, Mehitable  24 Feb 1728Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut I2358 Burbank 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Burbank / Austin  3 Jan 1733Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut F1299 Burbank 
2 Burbank / Dwight  31 Jan 1728Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut F1300 Burbank 
3 Burbank / Hanchett  14 May 1733Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut F1301 Burbank