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Upland, San Bernardino, California


Tree: 7_families
City/Town : Latitude: 34.0991, Longitude: -117.65098


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bennett, Stella  16 Jun 1941Upland, San Bernardino, California I1479 7_families 
2 Cunningham, Harold Eugene  15 May 1986Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826891 7_families 
3 Davis, Theodore  23 Mar 1998Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826890 7_families 
4 Palmer, Ivan Everett  4 Nov 1926Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826883 7_families 
5 Palmer, Marvin Roy  6 Mar 1997Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826881 7_families 
6 Palmer, Myrtle Ruth  19 Apr 1972Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826888 7_families 
7 Palmer, Nellie Beatrice  9 Feb 1976Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826887 7_families 
8 Palmer, Pearl Christine  10 Jul 1981Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826880 7_families 
9 Palmer, Ralph Herbert  21 Oct 1974Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826889 7_families 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eleanor  1940Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826896 7_families 
2 Bennett, Stella  1920Upland, San Bernardino, California I1479 7_families 
3 Bennett, Stella  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I1479 7_families 
4 Davis, Theodore  1940Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826890 7_families 
5 Miller, George Thomas  1920Upland, San Bernardino, California I1490 7_families 
6 Miller, George Thomas  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I1490 7_families 
7 Miller, Leona Leota  1920Upland, San Bernardino, California I92977598 7_families 
8 Miller, Leona Leota  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I92977598 7_families 
9 Miller, Mary Edith  1920Upland, San Bernardino, California I92626598 7_families 
10 Miller, Mary Edith  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I92626598 7_families 
11 Miller, Mary Edith  1940Upland, San Bernardino, California I92626598 7_families 
12 Palmer, Irene Esther  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826882 7_families 
13 Palmer, Irene Esther  1940Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826882 7_families 
14 Palmer, Ivan Roy  1920Upland, San Bernardino, California I92804014 7_families 
15 Palmer, Ivan Roy  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I92804014 7_families 
16 Palmer, Ivan Roy  1940Upland, San Bernardino, California I92804014 7_families 
17 Palmer, Marvin Roy  1920Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826881 7_families 
18 Palmer, Marvin Roy  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826881 7_families 
19 Palmer, Marvin Roy  1940Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826881 7_families 
20 Palmer, Pearl Christine  1920Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826880 7_families 
21 Palmer, Pearl Christine  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826880 7_families 
22 Palmer, Pearl Christine  1940Upland, San Bernardino, California I92826880 7_families 
23 Piety, Richard Roy  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I93177896 7_families 
24 Piety, Walter Stevens  1930Upland, San Bernardino, California I93177895 7_families