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Fairfield, Somerset, Maine


Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 44.5884052, Longitude: -69.5986469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackwell, Chloe  17 Aug 1788Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132715 Burgess 
2 Blackwell, Dennis  1793Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132717 Burgess 
3 Blackwell, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1796Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132713 Burgess 
4 Blackwell, Mary  1789Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132716 Burgess 
5 Blackwell, Sarah  10 Nov 1784Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132714 Burgess 
6 Blackwell, William  1795Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132719 Burgess 
7 Burgess, Alfred  Abt 1825Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134643 Burgess 
8 Burgess, Alvah  22 Oct 1802Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134583 Burgess 
9 Burgess, Asa  23 Jul 1777Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87828 Burgess 
10 Burgess, Asa S.  10 Dec 1821Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134641 Burgess 
11 Burgess, Asa S.  20 Jun 1823Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134642 Burgess 
12 Burgess, Benjamin F.  18 Nov 1812Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134627 Burgess 
13 Burgess, Bethuel  19 Oct 1805Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134635 Burgess 
14 Burgess, Charles M.  3 May 1840Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134598 Burgess 
15 Burgess, Cynthia  10 Nov 1782Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87829 Burgess 
16 Burgess, Cynthia  8 Jan 1813Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134638 Burgess 
17 Burgess, Deborah G.  19 May 1818Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134640 Burgess 
18 Burgess, Eber  29 Jan 1812Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134587 Burgess 
19 Burgess, Gracia  13 Oct 1807Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134624 Burgess 
20 Burgess, James Harvey  10 Mar 1811Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134626 Burgess 
21 Burgess, Joshua  1 Mar 1805Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134584 Burgess 
22 Burgess, Josiah  11 Mar 1820Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134588 Burgess 
23 Burgess, Julia Ann  9 May 1816Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134614 Burgess 
24 Burgess, Lois  14 Jul 1806Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134623 Burgess 
25 Burgess, Marcia E.  13 Mar 1836Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134597 Burgess 
26 Burgess, Sarah (Twin)  25 Jan 1770Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87824 Burgess 
27 Burgess, Sarah G.  30 Aug 1816Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134639 Burgess 
28 Burgess, Stephen  25 Jul 1768Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87823 Burgess 
29 Burgess, Stephen D.  1 Aug 1809Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134625 Burgess 
30 Burgess, Susan E.  19 Feb 1833Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134596 Burgess 
31 Burgess, Susanna  14 Jan 1807Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134585 Burgess 
32 Burgess, Temperance (Twin)  25 Jan 1770Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87825 Burgess 
33 Burgess, Thomas  2 Aug 1773Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87826 Burgess 
34 Burgess, Thomas A.  16 Feb 1810Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134637 Burgess 
35 Burgess, William E.  31 Jan 1807Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134636 Burgess 
36 Fuller, Annis  20 Jun 1749Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87822 Burgess 
37 Kelley, Carrie Ella  14 Aug 1858Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I148875 Burgess 
38 Kelley, Lillian Crie  2 Nov 1879Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I148877 Burgess 
39 Kelly, Edbert  Nov 1856Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I148871 Burgess 
40 Kelly, Herbert  Nov 1856Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I148873 Burgess 
41 Kenrick, Alice  7 Nov 1883Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I194691 Burgess 
42 Kenrick, Maud  12 Feb 1880Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I194690 Burgess 
43 Mendel, Hannah  17 Feb 1794Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132491 Burgess 
44 Mendel, Lydia  11 Sep 1796Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132493 Burgess 
45 Mendel, Lydia  8 Feb 1801Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132494 Burgess 
46 Mendel, Phebe  5 Feb 1790Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132487 Burgess 
47 Mendel, Sylvia  10 Oct 1804Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132495 Burgess 
48 Mendel, Thankful  15 Nov 1791Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132488 Burgess 
49 Rolfe, William M.  8 May 1829Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I978059 Burgess 
50 Rollins, Henry Weston  8 Feb 1911Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I194694 Burgess 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ayer, Carroll Albert  10 May 1950Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I978371 Burgess 
2 Blackwell, Sarah  1860Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134609 Burgess 
3 Burgess, Asa  10 May 1861Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87828 Burgess 
4 Burgess, Asa S.  Abt 1822Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134641 Burgess 
5 Burgess, Charles M.  22 Aug 1842Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134598 Burgess 
6 Burgess, Joseph  7 Jun 1859Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87814 Burgess 
7 Burgess, Josiah  12 Dec 1828Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87399 Burgess 
8 Burgess, Thankful  16 Apr 1847Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87382 Burgess 
9 Burgess, Thomas  1820Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I87402 Burgess 
10 Crie, Mary Jane  25 Sep 1912Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I148335 Burgess 
11 Jones, Reuben  9 Sep 1872Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132489 Burgess 
12 Kelley, Lillian Crie  1947Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I148877 Burgess 
13 Kelly, Henry  27 Apr 1900Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I148870 Burgess 
14 Mendel, Deborah  1841-1860Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132485 Burgess 
15 Mendel, Hannah  1865Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132491 Burgess 
16 Mendel, John  2 Aug 1846Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132481 Burgess 
17 Mendel, Lydia  30 Mar 1800Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132493 Burgess 
18 Mendel, Lydia  6 Jun 1809Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132494 Burgess 
19 Mendel, Phebe  9 Feb 1861Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132487 Burgess 
20 Mendel, Thankful  16 Sep 1870Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132488 Burgess 
21 Quigley, John William  13 Apr 1973Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I194472 Burgess 
22 Rollins, Fred Weston  26 Dec 1965Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I148878 Burgess 
23 Tozier, Reuben  1886Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132492 Burgess 
24 Turner, Elizabeth  1855Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I134582 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Tozier, Eugene Mendel  Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132505 Burgess 
2 Tozier, Wilbur  Fairfield, Somerset, Maine I132510 Burgess 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blackwell / Burgess  23 Nov 1806Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F32634 Burgess 
2 Blackwell / Stanley  24 Apr 1814Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F48013 Burgess 
3 Brown / Rollins  29 May 1939Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F70503 Burgess 
4 Burgess / Blackwell  1805Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F48680 Burgess 
5 Burgess / Burgess  14 Apr 1803Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F32633 Burgess 
6 Burgess / Turner  1802Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F48672 Burgess 
7 Jones / Mendel  2 Sep 1833Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F47947 Burgess 
8 Kenrick / Kelley  19 Feb 1879Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F54255 Burgess 
9 Lawrence / Mendall  29 Nov 1804Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F47945 Burgess 
10 Rollins / Kelley  23 Oct 1907Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F54256 Burgess 
11 Sawyer / Mendel  1812Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F47946 Burgess 
12 Tozier / Mendel  18 Oct 1830Fairfield, Somerset, Maine F47948 Burgess