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Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts


Tree: Burgess
City/Town : Latitude: 41.886628, Longitude: -70.930929


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alden, Gustavus Oliver  2 Sep 1830Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I129801 Burgess 
2 Beals, Deborah Thompson  17 Jul 1842Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131595 Burgess 
3 Benson, Mercy  1723Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I87412 Burgess 
4 Burgess, Amarantha Jane  24 Mar 1824Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131537 Burgess 
5 Burgess, Bradford C.  3 Apr 1838Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131594 Burgess 
6 Burgess, Charity Leonard  4 Feb 1827Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131567 Burgess 
7 Burgess, Charlotte C.  1864Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131582 Burgess 
8 Burgess, Clarence W.  9 Dec 1847Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131604 Burgess 
9 Burgess, David H.  23 Sep 1845Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131603 Burgess 
10 Burgess, Elijah Franklin  11 Dec 1834Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131576 Burgess 
11 Burgess, Ellen James  5 Sep 1866Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131583 Burgess 
12 Burgess, Elmina Francis  18 Oct 1833Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131568 Burgess 
13 Burgess, Eva H.  1868Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131584 Burgess 
14 Burgess, Frederick Otis  3 Apr 1831Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131571 Burgess 
15 Burgess, George W.  23 Jun 1859Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131580 Burgess 
16 Burgess, Harriet Wing  12 Nov 1832Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131575 Burgess 
17 Burgess, Hattie W.  1869Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131585 Burgess 
18 Burgess, J. H. Clifford  29 Nov 1836Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I103824 Burgess 
19 Burgess, James  Abt 1799Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I87667 Burgess 
20 Burgess, John Francis  9 Aug 1828Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I103819 Burgess 
21 Burgess, Joseph Blake  13 Jun 1833Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I103821 Burgess 
22 Burgess, Joseph Blake  14 Jan 1835Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I103822 Burgess 
23 Burgess, Leonard S.  21 Sep 1843Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131602 Burgess 
24 Burgess, Leslie F.  1872Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131586 Burgess 
25 Burgess, Lonatta  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131581 Burgess 
26 Burgess, Lucy Holmes  19 Dec 1818Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130551 Burgess 
27 Burgess, Lucy P.  1875Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131587 Burgess 
28 Burgess, Mabel P.  1875Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131609 Burgess 
29 Burgess, Marshall P.  11 Feb 1850Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131607 Burgess 
30 Burgess, Nancy White  29 Apr 1820Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130552 Burgess 
31 Burgess, Sarah Elizabeth  15 Jul 1841Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131598 Burgess 
32 Burgess, Sarah White  31 Mar 1817Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130549 Burgess 
33 Burgess, Thomas Alanson  14 Aug 1822Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I130556 Burgess 
34 Churchill, Ellen M.  12 Aug 1843Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131542 Burgess 
35 Churchill, Fredrick Lee  1906Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I186556 Burgess 
36 Churchill, George Atwood  26 Sep 1819Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131538 Burgess 
37 Coomer, Elizabeth  1721Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70389 Burgess 
38 Ellis, John  18 Sep 1714Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70388 Burgess 
39 Ellis, Matthew  7 Mar 1719Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70390 Burgess 
40 Ellis, Rebecca  1 Jul 1721Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70394 Burgess 
41 Ellis, Samuel  22 Oct 1716Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70391 Burgess 
42 Fuller, Bathsheba  19 Jan 1725Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70397 Burgess 
43 Harlow, Hepzibah Burgess  20 Dec 1812Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134704 Burgess 
44 Harlow, Sally  Abt 1791Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134689 Burgess 
45 Harlow, Samuel  16 Sep 1783Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134700 Burgess 
46 Harlow, Samuel  25 Aug 1814Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134703 Burgess 
47 Kraus, Frank Curtis  3 May 1911Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99120 Burgess 
48 Leach, Orrin M.  Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I101533 Burgess 
49 Long, Bathsheba Churchill  21 Jan 1813Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131031 Burgess 
50 Long, Betsey  31 Aug 1796Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131024 Burgess 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Hannah  2 Aug 1741Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I87364 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, Bradford C.  7 Aug 1900Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131594 Burgess 
2 Burgess, David H.  28 Aug 1863Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131603 Burgess 
3 Burgess, Elijah  2 Dec 1872Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I105602 Burgess 
4 Burgess, Gilbert  28 Jan 1899Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I125668 Burgess 
5 Burgess, Harriet Wing  21 Mar 1909Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131575 Burgess 
6 Burgess, James H.  19 Jun 1909Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131577 Burgess 
7 Burgess, Samuel (Twin)  15 May 1783Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I87375 Burgess 
8 Burgess, Stephen  14 Apr 1839Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I87636 Burgess 
9 Burgess, William H.  2 Apr 1912Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I132091 Burgess 
10 Churchill, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1753Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2050 Burgess 
11 Coomer, Elizabeth  3 Mar 1781Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70389 Burgess 
12 Ellis, Captain Joel  21 Jun 1763Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9991 Burgess 
13 Ellis, Rebecca  19 Jun 1782Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I70394 Burgess 
14 Harlow, Hepzibah Burgess  10 Aug 1813Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I134704 Burgess 
15 Manter, Alice Spooner  29 Sep 1979Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I99115 Burgess 
16 Mehurin, Nancy H.  24 Sep 1905Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I184780 Burgess 
17 Perry, John Barker  7 Jul 1903Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I98832 Burgess 
18 White, Sarah  7 Apr 1825Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I103806 Burgess 
19 Wing, Betsey L.  8 Aug 1876Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I105603 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, James H.  22 Jun 1909Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131577 Burgess 
2 Churchill, Elizabeth  Apr 1753Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2050 Burgess 
3 Ellis, Captain Joel  Jun 1763Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I9991 Burgess 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackmer, Alice Havey  1910Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I124116 Burgess 
2 Bradford, Lydia Drew  1910Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I153841 Burgess 
3 Burgess, Charlotte C.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131582 Burgess 
4 Burgess, Ellen James  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131583 Burgess 
5 Burgess, Eva H.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131584 Burgess 
6 Burgess, George W.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131580 Burgess 
7 Burgess, Hattie W.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131585 Burgess 
8 Burgess, James H.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131577 Burgess 
9 Burgess, Leslie F.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131586 Burgess 
10 Burgess, Lonatta  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131581 Burgess 
11 Burgess, Lucy P.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131587 Burgess 
12 Burgess, Mabel P.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131609 Burgess 
13 Burgess, Marshall P.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131607 Burgess 
14 Burgess, Mrs. Cordelia F.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131608 Burgess 
15 Burgess, Sarah Ann  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86769 Burgess 
16 Churchill, Fredrick Lee  1910Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I186556 Burgess 
17 Churchill, John Darling  1910Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I186553 Burgess 
18 Drew, Adelia  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I881 Burgess 
19 Drew, Sally Ann  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I217 Burgess 
20 Drew, Sally Ann  1865Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I217 Burgess 
21 Eddy, Harriet Elizabeth  1910Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I175336 Burgess 
22 Jenney, Ellen A.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131578 Burgess 
23 Jenny, Joshua Cushman  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I86772 Burgess 
24 Jenny, Sarah M.  1880Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I131579 Burgess 
25 Nye, Lydia Gorham  1910Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I152836 Burgess 
26 Robbins, Heman  1910Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I175333 Burgess 
27 Wilbur, Anna Eliza  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7841 Burgess 
28 Wilbur, Anna Eliza  1865Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7841 Burgess 
29 Wilbur, Carrie May  1865Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I10212 Burgess 
30 Wilbur, Lucien  1855Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I221 Burgess 
31 Wilbur, Lucien  1860Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I221 Burgess 
32 Wilbur, Lucien  1865Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts I221 Burgess 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Manter  1 Jul 1909Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36546 Burgess 
2 Anderson / Perry  4 Sep 1912Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F67377 Burgess 
3 Burgess / Beals  4 Jul 1861Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47627 Burgess 
4 Burgess / Burgess  1874Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47632 Burgess 
5 Burgess / Goss  3 Nov 1853Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47620 Burgess 
6 Burgess / Harlow  22 Apr 1813Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48698 Burgess 
7 Burgess / Jenney  7 Mar 1858Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47622 Burgess 
8 Burgess / Pierce  7 Nov 1822Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F38718 Burgess 
9 Burgess / Raymond  25 Oct 1796Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48049 Burgess 
10 Burgess / Thomas  28 Oct 1832Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F1194 Burgess 
11 Burgess / Thomas  13 Oct 1839Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F32388 Burgess 
12 Burgess / Wing  2 May 1830Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F38720 Burgess 
13 Churchill / Burgess  2 Mar 1842Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47613 Burgess 
14 Ellis / Fuller  13 Dec 1756Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F27571 Burgess 
15 Ellis / Thomas  9 May 1757Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F27572 Burgess 
16 Gill / Sears  16 Oct 1895Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F67460 Burgess 
17 Harlow / Burgess  12 May 1811Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F48699 Burgess 
18 Harlow / Burgess  19 Aug 1861Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F47629 Burgess 
19 McMann / Sampson  25 Dec 1894Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36503 Burgess 
20 Perry / Shaw  11 Jul 1883Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F67375 Burgess 
21 Sampson / Leonard  25 Nov 1852Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F36479 Burgess 
22 Wilbur / Drew  4 Nov 1857Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts F221 Burgess